Author Topic: Heal this broken heart -- visitor! O  (Read 209 times)

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Heal this broken heart -- visitor! O
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:15:13 PM »

Panting slightly, the black tom made it to the River Clan border, the sun heavy on his back. Mind whirling, the Thunder Clanner tried his best to be patient and to pull himself together. His blood pumped as the tom searched the river and the surrounding areas for any border patrols. please please please. He eyed the sun, not quite calmed yet to retain a look and act of indifference.
Currently, Thunder clan was...well, lacking in the medicine cat department. And well, he needed to do something about it. Now. Letting out a small growl, the tom began to worry as to why no one had come to see him, or check the borders... maybe they were experiencing some sort of drought too?
"Hey! Um, any River Clanners here? I'd like to talk to you?" He hissed at himself. Why had he phrased that like a question? Why were his words coming out ragged and desperate? Even given great deals of stress, Suneye usually kept his facade of coolness.
"Well, specifically your medicine cat." He continued, thinking that something said was better than nothing. "I have a question from Catusbite regarding herbs."

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Re: Heal this broken heart -- visitor! O
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2018, 07:24:28 PM »
There. There was a scent in the wind, someone unfamiliar... and unwelcome. Lionrunner paused as he headed towards the border of RiverClan, the massive tabby's eyes sweeping the landscape, his nose in the air. There was another cat here. Lionrunner wondered how long they had been here on the border. The scent was fresh from what he could tell, but he couldn't help but kick himself for not patrolling earlier. The cats of the clan were just too busy recently, and a patrol had slipped nearly everyone's mind. He sniffed the air once more, muscles tensed.
The unmistakable scent of ThunderClan hung in the air, and the echo of a voice just barely caught the warrior's ear. ThunderClan; a bunch of dreamers, the lot of them. Lionrunner was often mistaken for a forest cat at gatherings, something he detested. He hoped it was due to his unusually fluffy coat for a river cat, and that the ones saying such things didn't see the traits of the starry-eyed cats in him. He was RiverClan born and bred, as far as anyone was concerned!
Putting his thoughts aside, the tom crouched into a creeping position and headed for a bush of ferns in the direction he had heard the voice, the few other river cats on the patrol following close behind him. Medicine cat, Lionrunner thought, narrowing his eyes through the shadows of the ferns as a sleek black cat came into view. He wouldn't outwardly help another clan in strengthening themselves further, but he wouldn't harm them outside of battle either. If this stranger was looking for the medicine cat, surely it was for something important and it wouldn't hurt to get them some help.
The tabby flicked his tail, signalling the other cats, and stalked out of the ferns towards the ThunderClanner. He couldn't recall the name of the other cat at the moment, but he knew he had seen him at a Gathering once or twice. "You'll not step another paw into our territory until you tell us exactly what you've come for." The tom's voice was low and threatening, and echoed with power. At least, Lionrunner liked to think it did.

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Re: Heal this broken heart -- visitor! O
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2018, 12:13:55 AM »
The day had started out normal enough. Fernheart had woken up before dawn and gone to Aloestar's den, speaking in low tones about their plans for ThunderClan's future. The leader wasn't in the best condition, the drought and starvation taking a heavy toll on the dilute calico. In response to the situation, the newly-made deputy had taken it upon herself to handle most of the responsibilities that usually required the leader's attention, along with her normal duties as deputy. After she had left her leader with a wish of wellness and a prayer to StarClan that the new leader wouldn't lose her first life already, Fernheart had gone about assigning patrols to the few warriors and even fewer apprentices in a well-enough condition that they might be able to hunt.

The progressing drought was often on the lilac point's mind, plaguing her thoughts with fear and anxiety. The stream that had once flown vigorously past ThunderClan's sandy hollow had long dried up, nothing but a cracked streambed left behind. Water had to be brought to camp via moss from the river that separated their territory from RiverClan's. Most patrols she sent out were for hunting or fetching water, the usual border patrols reduced to one instead of the usual three or four. They were lucky if a hunting patrol came back with a bird or two, barely enough to feed the starving ThunderClan. Now, even the birds were starting to drift toward the edges of ThunderClan's territory where water still ran.

It had been nearly sunhigh when the deputy had noticed a specific warrior's absence. Suneye, her leader's brother. It had puzzled the molly initially since she hadn't sent him out on any patrols. Especially since she had practically worked him to the bone the days before on patrol and had been trying to give him a break. Not to mention, she had wanted to give him a chance to go see Aloestar. However, despite all the asking the female did, no word of the dark-pelted warrior came to her ears. She had left camp, leaving a senior warrior in charge in her absence as she went to seek out the tom.

As she followed his scent, however, the mix of feelings plaguing her conscience only grew intenser as she noticed that the scent was growing closer and closer to the RiverClan border. Perhaps he was only going to get a drink? It would make sense, wouldn't it?  She hoped the thought was true. It would save her any trouble of worrying over the younger tom. And it would soothe her anxieties. Still, as deputy and stand-in for Aloestar, she was responsible for her clanmates. So, the molly took to following his scent until finally, she saw the ThunderClan warrior asking about medicine cats to a RiverClan warrior.


The sleek molly snarled at the warrior, prowling up to him and blatantly ignoring the RiverClan warrior. Her long tail lashed behind her, lips peeled back to display her sharp teeth. However, her claws were sheathed, clearly showing that the deputy meant no physical harm. Although she definitely was alright with dealing a score to the warrior's pride. "What in the name of StarClan are you doing? Do you have bees in your brain or something!?" she demanded, green eyes alight with an unmatched fire. Fernheart was truly a ferocious sight once properly angered. Suneye barely stood a chance against her monumental fury.

She cast an apologetic glance at the RiverClanner, then turning her once-again infuriated gaze toward the ThunderClan warrior. Of all the warriors, it had to be Suneye. Of course, he had to make such a mistake, undermining both Fernheart and Aloestar. It did a number to the molly's own pride, to know that he didn't respect her or his sister enough to ask or even tell them. It especially angered her to know that the warrior was putting her in this position, putting ThunderClan into this position. It portrayed them as unruly, leader and deputy unable to keep tabs on even their own warriors.

Surely, once Fernheart was done with him, her peer would have hell to pay.