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/ zombie apocalypse au! in the spirit of october lmao. gonna have this stickied for a week as a groupwide event! but tbh if you wanna throw in characters that aren't in bl,,, hell yeah?

Tyd had always known that the world would die bloody. Scientists talk about the end of the universe because human curiosity stretches so far, and on some level, everyone knows that they will never live long enough to see it. So maybe that's why when this broke out, there was chaos and then adrenaline. They didn't get to see Earth sucked into a black hole or swallowed up by the sun, but they got to watch humanity crumble at their feet. The people who couldn't handle it died quickly, for whatever that was worth. The monsters that spread across the world were more feral than the stories could have ever prepared people for. They did not shamble slowly and fall apart at the seams skin bubbled and peeled and they rushed with reckless abandon, bloody mouths wide. It was gross, really. Absolutely disgusting. So it didn't take humanity long to prepare themselves after that. Militias sprouted from the dirt, small groups of heroes that swung in to save children and little old ladies. Even with the world's infrastructure failing, word of them spread. They were folk heroes, myths.

But for every tale of heroism comes another of villainy. Shops closed and people hid away, but there was another type of bravery coursing through the public's veins. An ancient, primal urge to survive, even if the world was against them. Picked locks, broken chains, shattered windows. Looting and destroying led to intimidation, and people joined up with those who could defend themselves. People called them all sorts of things gangs, crews, raiders. That's the one that Tydeus himself is partial to. It sounds more interesting. Whatever their label, they were slowly becoming a viable option for anyone tough enough to pull their own weight. With enough preparation and just the right amount of that fiery, self-destructive urge to destroy shit, they had managed to take back a town. Nothing huge, nothing impressive, but a start. The world was at their feet they could do anything from here.

For now, though, there were still buildings to secure. With his sturdy garrote, a knife, and a few "friends", Tydeus had slipped away from the group with a quiet announcement to check some of the places they had yet to fully explore. All he can hope for is some useful supplies and a lack of zombies, but the world didn't really like him much. The blond doesn't get his hopes up, though he tosses a bright grin over his shoulder at the small group following up. "Think we'll find anything fun? Maybe even some batteries." Now wouldn't that be nice.

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//they're not gonna be a prisoner for this one but they can have been one previously? idk I just want me some good old American Freedom *eagle caws*
//Cat is still edgy tho
//also this is a really dark post directly talking about death. also vague implications of cannibalism? It's fairly subtle so you might not even notice tbh

It's funny how it can start small, isolated, but because it's underestimated the proper precautions aren't taken, enough isn't done to stop it, and what at first seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things turns into a cataclysmic, earth shattering event. It doesn't matter what the event is, really, if it's famine or flood, natural disaster or supernatural curse, anarchy or apocalypse, there will be bloodshed. The more it grows, the more people will resort to their darker impulses. In an emergency it's fight, flight or freeze, after all, and those that didn't flee from the oncoming hordes and weren't consumed by them had only one option.

It wasn't just against the ferals, unfortunately. Perhaps if people had pooled their resources together and joined forces, they could have beat back the tide. But in times like these, people aren't thinking about how they can collectively survive, their brains were ruled by paranoia, fear, desperation. It kept them alive, but it caused brother to distrust brother, and things could only break more from there.

No one man was special. Catalyst had seen plenty of strong people go down, some bravely and others not. Some with glory, doing something noble, but plenty more too were buried in shallow graves after dying mundane deaths. It was nauseating, having to do that, but you couldn't spend too long on graves, not when the ferals were tracking you down. They'd smell the decaying flesh under the dirt and dig it up, buying time for the survivors.

Cat had had to do this so many times they could almost do it without thinking about what they were doing. Almost.

They wondered how long it'd be before the ferals came for this group. Before they had to leave their dead under a thin layer of dirt while they ran for their lives. If they even got to hold a makeshift funeral for them at all. With the way these people lived, walking across the fine edge of a blade, they wouldn't be surprised if holes were never necessary.

(They thought about what their end would be quite a lot. Whether there'd be anyone left to bury them, whether there'd be anything left to bury. Dark thoughts for dark times. They think about it so much it doesn't seem that scary anymore, more of a quiet curiosity. Like what will happen once they die. They don't believe in Heaven. They definitely don't believe in Heaven for people like them.)

Wait. There was a point to this. Right. No one was special, everyone would ultimately suffer one of a few fates, perhaps even two. But when there are only survivors, corpses and ferals, with the likelihood of going from one to the other to the next very high, you wanted to believe that something set you apart. For Cat, they liked believing (well, not liked, the world had't fucked them up so badly that they liked their delusions of grandeur) that they were behind it all. That's why they named themself Catalyst. They liked to imagine that their birth had triggered this, and that perhaps one day, their death would be the end.

What a sick thing to think, literally, surely only an insane person would think that, right? Well, maybe they were. They didn't really believe it, but it was something they thought about to make sense of everything, why hell broke loose the day they were born, and put some meaning into their life and death. So long as they survived, humanity would too. When they died, it would be with everyone else.

The group Catalyst had recently fallen in with was pretty small, only a handful of people led by one Tydeus Something-Or-Other. Honestly, who gave a fug about last names anymore? Certainly not them. But the boy in charge was leading a small expedition out for supplies, and since the last feral encounter (yes he knew Tyd was calling them zombies, but how cliche was that? They liked their name for the creatures much better) had been quite a while ago, and strangely enough Cat was feeling bored. Who knew when you were used to running for your life and living off of adrenaline, a more relaxed pace could be boring? "I think our definitions of fun are different."