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CONSPIARCY FACT Sharing a common, emotional bond connects you to an individual or individuals whether you've known them your life or not. dé·jà vu (noun) a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. tedious familiarity. have you ever felt it with something. someone? you've known them before. you know you've known them before, yet you can't figure it out. And yet, life continues for now. Until feeling as if living a life becomes too much. Until something brings you together. Now what? Choosing to drop your life and run away isn't a normal teenage response, but the more you dwell on it, it's suddenly become the only option. In your head? It's late nights under the stars til 2am without any adult supervision, stealing junk food while one of your parties distracts the worker. It's the excitement of knowing the whole world looks for you and you're there but you're not. What it's not? Late nights on the brink of starvation, freezing cold nights, the death of a friend, the discovery that you're something much bigger than yourself. Now, anything but home has become your only option. Good luck with that one.


Four to Five strangers (ages 15-18) has always felt as if they're something more themselves, as if something is buried inside them that they just can't quite reach. They just happen to be connected to each other, this unspoken bond no matter their social status. On a whim, one day they decide to runaway. What was supposed to be an exciting textbook way of self-discovery becomes more complicated as their missing reports turn into a load of conspiracies in national spotlight. Only does it get worse when not only do they discover that their life didn't just start in suburbia, but one of their friends end up dead. As they try and discover their abilities and accept who they were in the lab they got to either learn to trust each other or only break away from each other further.


Gonna start with four and then I'll add two more if necessary. Here is the template credit to apollo. have fun!
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FULL NAME Pepper Evianna Berkovich
ALIAS(S) Harley Daniels
DOB December Sixth, 2001
ZODIAC Sagittarius
POWERS Telekinesis

GENDER Cisgender female
PRONOUNS She/her pronouns

PLACE OF BIRTH Brooklyn, New York
RESIDENCE Where they are lmao

HEIGHT 4'11"
WEIGHT 114lbs

ALIGNMENT Neutral Good
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN English and the three years she learned in Spanish

TRAITS  Kind hearted , hopeless romantic , naive , easily attached , imaginative , obsessive, emotional , impulsive , cheerful , anxious , compassionate , creative , flamboyant , loyal , childish , enthusiastic , oblivious , generous , optimistic , lovable , playful , athletic , sentimental , cute , good , talented , protective over those she cares about but otherwise she wears her heart on her sleeve
MENTAL HEALTH  Pepper suffers from depression and anxiety, something that's been a flickering response to certain predicaments here and there. Often it's left unaided due to her optimistic exterior to where she even has herself convinced that there isn't anything wrong with her though it's quite the opposite. When it comes to others hurting her she learns to take it but when it comes to an extent, I think it's really going to be highlighted in her abilities.

— Has a Brooklyn accent. A lot of people say she kinda sounds like Harley Quinn which they resort to either being cool or super obnoxious.
— honestly, pepper is one of the most pure people you'd ever meet, like she is almost so clueless about the world around her, and maybe that's a good thing because she's also sensitive and when i say sensitive, she'd cry over fucking commercials that aren't even sad, so imagine how she must feel if she hears that there are innocent people are dying.
— pepper is moderately known throughout her grade and while she's well liked, she's also often targeted for bullying due to her navieness and her open obsession to the harknesses and those who's known her since elementary school, know this has been a weird and ongoing things. people think this is weird,,, especially since some people would say that there's nothing interesting about them but she sees them as like,,, gods and therefore if she hears you saying anything rude about them she can go from happy puppy to angry puppy in the matter of fuckin seconds.
— despite this, she does not let boys take advantage of her, at least when it comes to them trying to get her to sleep with them. many times boys have tried to take advantage of her and she's avoided this. being religious, her beliefs rely on no sex before marriage but is into a lot of the romantic stuff that comes with dating. however, when boys learn that she's not into that stuff often times they end up leaving her or breaking her heart.
—  she will honestly give you all of her life. she is such a loyal puppy and she has a problem with this because she often comes back again and again as long as the person stays with her. she doesn't have the strength to leave because she is so dependent on people no matter what they say or do. she falls for people that she believe she can change —  those who are depressed or have problems and she's extremely manipulated by anyone who shows her at least a little vulnerability towards her.
—  and despite the fact she's so protective over the things that she loves (especially the harknesses) she's not protective over herself. not only does she wear her heart on her sleeve and rely on love to make her happy, but she will not defend herself if someone comes at her crazy and sort of brush it off or cry right there. she has low self-esteem and has been known as crybaby since middle school as well, but has been getting increasingly better at hiding it as she grew older.
—  does a lot of fuckin shit with her hair and she likes to be color coordinated so if she dies her hair pink you bet your ass most of her outfits are going to consist of lots of pink, no matter what the color as well as her poor dog's.
—  she acts all sunshines and rainbows,,, but she actually has a lot more going on with her than people realize and it starts with her parents and their complicated ass relationship that she's had to witness for well, almost all of her life, but she acts as if it's all alright.
—   when does that girl not smile other than when she's sad.
—  always smells like sweets and candies like she just came out of a bakery or something. while she does work at a bakery, she is not there 24/7 so people are literally amazed by how good she smells.
—  speaking of that, she's the kid who takes orders to bake stuff for you at school as a way to profit and once it was so well known that the teachers heard about it and threatened her to stop but she does it secretly now and she feels so badass.
—  starts gardens but is so forgetful that she needs someone to remind her or else she will let them die and then be so friggin devastated about it.
—  has a dog named name lady evana harkness the iii, but calls her lady
—  a theater kid since birth
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ooo track
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FULL NAME Valentin Pierre Roux
ALIAS(S) Among Americans, he goes by Val, as he hates the sound of his own French name being mispronounced
DOB February 4th, 2000
ZODIAC Aquarius sun, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising, Aries Lilith, Pisces Venus, Virgo Mars, Gemini Mercury ( im extra )
POWERS heat manipulation
GENDER Val is masculine aligned and has always known that, but he refuses to acknowledge that the western male/female gender binary exists and therefore doesn't identify as male. Labels he feels more comfortable with include trans man(/boy/guy), trans masculine, non binary, masculine-aligned and more softly gendered words like boy and guy.
PLACE OF BIRTH Bastille, Paris
RESIDENCE whermever they live : )
OCCUPATION(S) Val works part time as a delivery boy for Angie's Pizza, he makes $13.45 an hour, which he mostly spends on weed, weed accessories and other various bad ideas (hair dye, etc.)
ALIGNMENT chaotic good/chaotic neutral (depending on the state of his psyche)
MBTI ENFP-T — The Campaigner
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN French and English, thinks in French, prefers French
TRAITS baseline val is passionate, protective, energetic, spunky, witty, bubbly, adventurous, creative quick-witted, dedicated and proud. during manic periods val exhibits impulsivity, promiscuity, hyper confidence/cockiness, a savior complex, a short temper, dauntlessness, violent outbursts, endless energy and extreme stubbornness. during periods of depression val is known to be low energy, self critical, dysphoric, hopeless, wishy-washy, over-medicating, and apathetic
MENTAL HEALTH Val was diagnosed with bipolar when he was nearly 16 following a hospitalization after what was then diagnosed as a terrible manic episode. He's been on a few different medications for regulating his mood swings ever since, but it can still be unpredictable. Sometimes, his line of work can exasperate his mental illness, his depression is on display to thousands of strangers and his manic periods are encouraged by an industry full of drugs and sex and money.
— gay non binary trans guy
— french american babey!!!! he speaks mostly french at home with his mom and loves to talk shit about people in a language they don't understand, especially with other french speakers
— moved from paris when he was eight to escape an abusive father, the trigger was him telling his mom that he thought he was a boy
— favorite drink: respecting women juice
— loves dying his hair, likes being blond and having black hair the most
— giant bottom don't call him out
— also a giant slut
— takes lots of nudes
— aquarius with a taurus moon and a sagittarius rising (also probably aries lilith)
— he'll steal ur boyfriend out of vengeance
— his instragram is iconic
— loves weed
— forgets to shave, it kind of works tho
— loves taking like hour and a half long showers tbh
— also takes like 5 hours to get ready to anything he's always late to everything
— "val our plans were at 6 its 8" "i'm sorry i'm running on gay time"
— loves big sweaters and sweatshirts and baggy jeans and sweat pants and being comfortable
— big punk
— will fucking fight you tbh
— bipolar, diagnosed when he was 15, experiences periods of mania and depression that usually last 2-3 months. depressive episodes include having extremely low motivation, rarely leaving the house, barely speaking english, watching large amounts of youtube videos, bad dysphoria and low self worth. manic episodes include lack of impulse control, violence, savior complex, overconfidence, property destruction, heavy drinking, and impulsive drug use.
— loves his lgbt siblings
— needs to be held
— needs to be topped
— dreams of being the first trans front man of a punk band and spreading a new wave of specifically lgbt punk called "gunk" or gay-punk
— actually this happens and I'm gonna develop this plot line a little more. the band is called PNKFRY (which started as Pink Fury and then PinkFury then PINKFURY then PNKFRY and now everyone thinks its pink fry or punk fry which they don't really care) and val is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, his friend mars is the bassist, his friend ansel is the lead guitarist and his friend stevie is the drummer
— if u call him 'baby boy' or 'sweet boy' or 'good boy' or anything like that? he'll melt into a puddle in ur arms
— also he goes by val because no americans can pronounce 'valentin' correctly, but if you get close to him (especially romantically) he'll take the time to teach you how to pronounce it and then if you start calling him is french name he'll also melt
— lowkey a twink but he'll still fight you
— okay he fucking loves his mom. they escaped an abusive situation together, she believed and encouraged him as soon as he told her he thought he might be a boy, she's always done everything she can to make his life easier, healthier and more enriched. she's also extremely understanding. she's never been the mom who doesn't let his boyfriends sleep over, when he was 17 they had a conversation about marijuana use and she lets him use (in moderation) in the house. she'll always come pick him up from parties, she'll always yell at her insurance to get his testosterone prescription, she's always going to be there for him and he's so deeply grateful for her every day.
— sk8er boi
— him and his mom still try to visit france frequently, her sister and her mom (her dad is dead) still live there and they can often help out with plane tickets and stuff but it can be extremely stressful when you're potentially staying in the same neighborhood as your abusive ex.
— not 100% sure if u want our characters to fill specific powers but I had heat manipulation in mind for val : )
valentin roux.

im eager this looks v good : )
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FULL NAME pharoah celeste bhatti
ALIAS(S) typically just goes by pharoah, though when he was bullied at school people would call him "pharie" - yeah which sounds like "fairy". it was mean but he didn't really care, he even kind of liked the nickname. sometimes his friends might call him "Roe" or "RoRo"
DOB july thirteenth
ZODIAC cancer sun
POWER angel mimicry

GENDER cis-male
PRONOUNS he/him/they
SEXUALITY demisexual panromantic

PLACE OF BIRTH bradford, england
OCCUPATION(S) before they ran off, pharoah was working at an art studio where he would help teach kids the basics of painting and other art forms. also, pharoah was involved with a cult, unbeknownst to most, because they hired him to act as a prophet (they got a hold of his medical history and found out that he claimed to hear "the voice of god", so they exploited a young fifteen year old by threatening him. they made him speak to the people of the cult, convince them to stay and in turn he was paid, somewhat, they didn't pay him often).

WEIGHT 143 lbs
HAIR COLOR black, sometimes he puts blonde in it, but it's naturally black
EYE COLOR a deep brown, it's honestly almost black but then in the sunshine it's like honey.

ALIGNMENT chaotic good
MBTI infp
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN he mainly speaks english, though he does know a few things from the urdu language because of his grandparents, who were born and raised in pakistan.

TRAITS  gentle, sensitive, moody, anxious, soft-spoken, open minded, analytical, intelligent, witty, sweet, compassionate, empathetic, artsy, creative, golden hearted, strong, loyal, masochistic, hero complex, complex, mysterious, quiet but loud
MENTAL HEALTH  diagnosed with schizophrenia (explained in more detail under his hcs)

— pharoah was born into a lower middle class family in bradford, england. his family moved away after his second sister was born, and he was seven years old. they moved to american suburbia and, honestly, pharoah hated it. around the time they moved, pharoah started acting strange, he lashed out and claimed to hear voices, specifically god, speaking to him. when he was taken to the doctors, they diagnosed him with schizophrenia. throughout his life, he was in and out of the local mental institution and was picked on at school because of it. his family liked to send him away when he got bad, didn't want to deal with it. because of their negligence when he wasn't under surveillance at an institution, he got involved in a cult to make money. he was still involved with the cult before he ran away, they forced him to stay, he has wanted out since he got involved.
— he doesn't actually have schizophrenia, it's a symptom of his superpower, he actually is hearing voices but it's because of his powers; he has a death sense among other things and something similar to "angel radio" so, he's not crazy he just doesn't know it.
— he's very soft-spoken and quiet, he's ignored at home a lot and he doesn't feel like he really belongs anywhere so he just stays quiet. he's quite mysterious and he intimidates people at first because they don't know him. when people realize he's harmless, they start harming him. he's been bullied quite a lot.
— he's actually extremely sweet and caring, he is empathetic and loves to help when he can. he has little sisters so he's used to having to take care of people and he likes it. kids seem to love him, even though he's quiet and thinks he's weird and unlovable, they love him; which just shows that he's a good person.
— he is extremely anxious all the time, he always feels like something is after him, or like something bad is going to happen. often times, to make himself calm down, he likes to get high, also he likes getting high while pairing because he comes up with some pretty epic artwork.
— highly intelligent, you can tell just by talking with him. he's very smart and resourceful, can even be quite cunning. he doesn't really like small talk, but he would definitely stay up late at night to watch the stars and talk about your deepest fears.
— probably a philosopher in a past life, and definitely was an astronomer at some point in time. he loves the stars and the heavens and feels so peaceful when it's nighttime.
— deeply loyal to his friends, he'd do anything for them, even sacrifice himself - though that also could be because he's a bit of a masochist. either way, he loves his friends and would follow them to the ends of the earth.
— he seems quiet and stoic, maybe a bit boring, but he's anything but. he's so complex and beautiful okay? he's got depth.
— soooo gentle, like he is all soft smiles, kind touches and angel eyes; he is a sweetheart and, when people get to know him, they realize how special he is
— he's an artsy kid; creative and sensitive, he uses drawing and songwriting as an escape
— tries to be helpful and sweet to everyone; he cares deeply for everyone and just wants everyone safe and happy.
— does not go out of his way to talk to people, he is too anxious for that and can't handle it very well.
pharoah bhatti.
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FULL NAME jayceon oliver jessop.
ALIAS(S) JJ, jay, oli, or jess.
DOB august thirteenth.
POWER health manipulation.
GENDER AMAB, masculine.
PRONOUNS he/him/his.
SEXUALITY sapiosexual, androromantic.
PLACE OF BIRTH atlanta, georgia.
RESIDENCE wherever?
OCCUPATION(S) jayceon doesn't have a job, he doesn't even want to bother trying to find one when he doesn't need it.
HEIGHT five foot eight.
WEIGHT one hundred twenty-five pounds.
EYE COLOR brown.
ALIGNMENT lawful evil.
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN japanese and english.
TRAITS vain, pompous, pretentious, arrogant, blunt, cold, calculative, spiteful, cynical, harsh, mean, brave, reserved, protective, neat, etc.
MENTAL HEALTH undiagnosed for any mental health issues, presumably checks out as fine though.
— rich kid! his mom is the ceo of a big family company, and his dad owns an oil company. he's always lived lavishly and very cozily, every whim and desire of his was met.
— his parents are divorced. they fought a lot while jayceon was growing up, and ultimately got a divorce when he was around eleven or twelve? it was for the best, and even jayceon saw that.
— his parents coddled him a lot, and jayceon found himself seeking excitement. he enjoys getting into trouble, so theft, underage drinking, drug usage, breaking and entering, arson (only once, really), he's done it all.
— his parents have had to pay off so many crimes, media outlets, pissed off suers, everything, for his son, and for them. they have a reputation to uphold, and jayceon wasn't helping.
— really, he was committing all these little crimes so he could meet up with the sheriff's hot son (probably still canon, and still a thing). getting high off of danger and dick ahem.
— basically a bratty fucking asshole? looks down on people and is really arrogant. also very vain, he'd probably have narcissistic personality disorder if he didn't care so much about some people.
— doesn't give a shit about everyone? kinda uses people as pawns and enjoys seeing people hurt and watching their lives crumble. has hooked up with married men before, only to call their wives and put their husbands on blast.
— that said, he has his soft moments, and his soft spots. he will never hurt women or children, and he has good manners. he will go to the ends of the earth for any of his friends, and will defend them to his very last breath.
— it's kind of hard getting to know him and even being his friend, like he is a fucking prick. but once you get past his asshole side, he's actually like? so soft? and it's weird because why and what made him such a dick? i don't even know either. but he can be so so good.
— he's a bit of a neat freak? he's always so organised and on schedule? he also showers at least twice a day, and don't even try stepping into his house with shoes on, and into his room without slippers or socks. only he can go barefoot in there, fuck everyone else and their gross toes.
— skin and bones, doesn't ever eat enough. he's never hungry. despite that, he will fucking crush you with his words in two seconds flat, trust me.
— looooves attention. he could get off on attention (coughs, voyeurism? maybe), honestly? he likes being the talk of the town and having all eyes on him.
— loves his parents so fucking much? it's weird cause he doesn't show it, and he doesn't show much for many people, but he's so affectionate and loving with his parents. loves spending time with them, and you can catch him at his mom or dad's office after school, if he doesn't have plans.
— power to heal people, or completely kill them. except he doesn't exactly know how to kill people yet, aka manifest wounds or illnesses. at least not deadly ones. he has a decent grasp on healing (again, not on major wounds), and can give people a cold and amp it to the flu, if he tries really hard, but he can't do much else yet.
jayceon jessop.
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do we want a plot thread before we start or do we wanna jump right in?
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i don't mind either way!! i like plot threads, but also this thread idea is bomb af and i am ready to start (then again, i really like plot threads lmao) <3 basically i was no help..
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I'd love a plot thread!!

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FULL NAME roislen embris nightegale
[rose-lehn · em-bris · nightengale]
ALIAS(S) rose, em/emby
DOB june 21
ZODIAC cancer
POWER fae mimicry

GENDER cisfemale
PRONOUNS feminine
SEXUALITY bisexual; dislikes labels

PLACE OF BIRTH london, england; has a slight french accent
RESIDENCE wherever
OCCUPATION(S) worked in a butterfly sanctuary for a short time.

HEIGHT 5'7.5"
WEIGHT 115 lbs
HAIR COLOR platinum blonde
EYE COLOR blue-green

MBTI infp
TEMPERAMENT melancholic
LANGUAGE(S) SPOKEN english, french

TRAITS  a true idealist, kind-hearted, hates the responsibility that comes with being royalty but loves the luxury, bit of a philanthropist, excellent eye for fashion, compassionate and loyal friend, strong sense of justice, sense of humor that borders on sarcasm, constantly trying to prove herself to no one, lowkey kinda bratty
MENTAL HEALTH some mental issues, but otherwise undiagnosed and checks out as fine.

— royalty! mom and dad, both royal, married due to political alliance, and had many affairs with the others' knowledge.
— lowkey mentally-screwed due to this situation, lashes out at parents often.
— believes her parents shirked royal duties
— attempts to win her family's love; became the youngest to ever graduate from cambridge university, a world-class painter, olympic gold medalist in archery and equestrian, cover girl for international sophisticate magazine, and social activist.
— speaks french at home
— regularly abuses drugs
— has the mentality "use him, abuse him, and lose him" towards guys she dates, however, has maintained long relationships with girls
— has a huge inferiority complex
— huge plant nerd, studied botany for a lil bit
— dreams of starting a rock n roll band like queen, led zeppelin, etc. named GRLKING
— sweet towards her friends
— spends her days in nature
— has a younger sister named violette, who she calls vivi. her younger sister calls her emby
roislen n.
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this looks really cool!   track if more spots become available.
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