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[✓] ascension ★ a warrior's rpg.
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Many moons ago, the original four clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan thrived within the great forest that held them and many generations before. Over time, they began to sink into complete corruption, losing sight of StarClan and finding themselves in the unshakable grasp of The Dark Forest. The clans found themselves in constant recurring bloodshed with no times of peace between the next slaughtering. Only a small few held the hope that StarClan would be with them again, and on a moonless, dreary night, StarClan sent what would be the last omen to one cat from each clan. The recipients urgently spoke to their own respective leaders, begging for changes that would alter the dark path that the clans were heading down. One by one, the leaders brushed off the attempts, dismissing the omens as nothing and sealing their fate.

The chosen few refused to give up, though, and in the following moons, each cat weeded through their clans, gathering the support of those who believed to join them in leaving their families, their friends, their home. After a daunting, long journey full of individual struggles, hardships, and sacrifices, the cats finally made it to what some declared as their own refuge of sorts; a forest where the trees reached to the horizon and almost touched the stars, and water met the clear sky perfectly. Each group settled into their new home, which had plenty of territory to split between the four, and it is there that they established their own new clans and built new camps for themselves. The new clans would become DewClan, EchoClan, IvyClan, and WillowClan respectively.


> we've been in the making since 2016, officially reopening on 10/8/18.
> we're pg-13!
> we have five clans you can choose from; dewclan, echoclan, ivyclan, skyclan, and willowclan, as well as a surprise group in the works!
> we have a ton of high ranks open for audition.
> we have a minimum word count of 150.
> the overall plot is member-driven! you help us decide where to go.


Our Introduction Page!
Clan Information: DewClan, EchoClan, IvyClan, SkyClan, WillowClan
Character Connections


if you have any questions, feel free to contact [ritz.#2454] on discord, register on the site and pm @/admin, @/wolf, or @/valkyrie, OR just contact @ritz. on here!
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