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YOUNG, DUMB, & BROKE — s.u., private
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:55:15 AM »
u rock !
u rock !

He doesn’t know how he ended up here, but he could say as to why. His coach worries that he pushes himself too hard— his lack of social life pushing into his junior year, it’s just not normal for someone as social as he. Yet, he runs at the crack of dawn, sometimes before the sun sets. ”Don’t you think you should be going to parties, meeting new people?” In other words, to not be a loser? Usually, he would have said something along those lines but he got defensive when his social life came into question. Instead, he dismissed it with not wanting any distractions. Right.

He doesn’t want to be here, but he has plenty of time before his 5:30 class and if he were to go back to his dorm he’d easily pick sleep over his calculus. It’s not the people beginning to gather that catches his attention, but the free food. The cheese cubes remind him of somethin’ his grandma set out when he got home after a long day of fifth grade. His intent hadn’t been to stay, but the bellowing voice of his counselor was a subtle confirmation he might not have any other choice, ”Waller, it’s so great for you to join us!” The last time he’d joined her for a session was when he’d been a freshman mid-breakdown before an exam, and she suggested the same thing: friends. Had she been watching him?

Now he straddles the back of one of the wooden chairs, worn adidas tapping against the carpeted floor. As he waits, he multitasks between cheese cubes and his phone. Finally his counselor sits down, laying out a similar speech she laid out to him that one day. About how making friends were apart of the college experience before moving into the activity.

”You will say your name, something about yourself, then tell me what you would have if you were stranded on an island. One thing. Waller, how about you start us off?”

Oh, no. ”Ah, okay.” Placing his plate on the coffee table, he props his arms on the back of the chair. ”My name is Todd, I am majoring in communications, and if I could have one thing on an island, it’d definitely be my shoes.” He lifts his feet to exhibit his Adidas before dropping them.
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