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« on: October 10, 2018, 10:23:57 PM »
To be frank, Flintlock was a ghost town. The previous leader - Markov, was it? - had stepped down and wasn't anywhere to be seen. The place felt deserted, empty and cold. There were still a few members scattered here and there, however who knew how long they would remain. It was about damn time someone fixed that.

The young Eupraxis stepped into the center of the the village, her face stony and cold. She cleared her throat, hoping to gather the attention of whoever else was left in Flintlock. "Everyone!" She called, her voice echoing throughout camp. Even though she was only 17, she could definitely be intimidating. She outwardly appeared very intimidating and gruff, and that was true, to an extent. As odd as it appeared to have a teen seem so stoic and aggressive, it definitely came in handy in situations like this.

"I'm Eupraxis and I'm here to announce some things. Markov is gone and activity has plummeted, that much is obvious. I'm here to amend that, along with colleague, Cain." She began, her tone determined and straightforward. "There's going to be some changes around here to get activity better and to help Flintlock grow stronger as a group and as a family." She cringed internally at the word, however carried on with her speech. "We'll talk about those later, but for now, I wanted to inform everyone in the change of leadership around here," she said.

Prax looked over at the small group, hands clasped behind her back. "Any questions?"

// uhh this is real shitty but i had a long day of class lmfao. also please excuse how crummy prax's profile and tags are, they're a big work in progress. puck stepped down and crows and i are taking over to raise activity and find someone to pass the torch down to

Spoiler: tags - 10/10/18 • show
NAME ; eupraxis mayamoria trevia
   - NICKNAMES ; prax, praxis, maya
GENDER ; woman-aligned agender
   - PRONOUNS ; she/her
SEXUALITY ; lesbian
AGE ; 17
   - BIRTHDAY ; december 19
ALLIANCE ; flintlock lodge
   - RANK ; leader

HEIGHT ; 5'4"
WEIGHT ; 110lbs - 120lbs
DESCRIPTION ; light brown skin and warm brown eyes with thick, dark hair. strong features and a few scattered scars.

POSITIVE ; loyal, smart, moral, quick-witted, independent
NEUTRAL ; introverted, can be stoic, loyal to a fault, won't back down from anything
NEGATIVE ; stubborn, quick to anger, intimidating
ALIGNMENT ; chaotic good

interaction + misc
DIFFICULTY LEVEL ; medium-hard
ATTACK IN ; bold #efbc69or similar
OPEN TO ; nonviolent powerplay, however may not be responded to well

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The two were quite a pair, Eupraxis and Cain. Cain didn't mind that, there was a fire in the teenager that made him feel like he wanted to be better than just.. existing. He'd always just existed here, and now.. he needed to act. His silver bomber jacket was zipped to his chin as he stood next to Eupraxis, taking in the surroundings. Flintlock had been his home through thick or thin - even if Cain had never really considered it to be one. He'd been here during the hustle and bustle, he'd seen things that he didn't care to think much of anymore.

But she was right - this needed to be stronger, like a family. Cain's own issues with his family aside, they needed something to help them. They had to fight for this group and Eupraxis.. she had that fight.

So, here he was, ready to revive a group with a teenager. As she finished speaking, it took a moment for Cain to add on - the world seemed shiny, and his silver jacket was starting to become more of a nuisance as he found himself getting distracted by it. "This is a good place, with good history. We... we hope to circumvent these issues for the greater good. Both for Flintlock, and the rest of the world." Ambitious plans called for people with motivation, and the thirty-three year old was praying that he'd be able to find energy for both.

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