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She'd scarcely seen James since their last fight, and while he normally glowered for quite a bit after they argued, normally she'd have seen him by now. What if something happened? What if he's hurt? As much anger was still lingering, he was still her friend, and she wasn't going to stop caring about him over something like this. Even if some resentful part of her wanted to just say "fuck him" and leave him to whatever he'd gotten himself into.

But she couldn't do that. For one, that would mean he was right, that she had changed. For two... she really couldn't stand the idea of just abandoning him. So here she was, knocking on people's doors and asking if they'd seen him. Most people seemed surprised, remarked how they hardly saw him without her and now that they thought about it, it did seem weird that she'd been alone for the past few weeks. Some people were sure that they'd seen him, but no one knew where he was.

This was starting to really stress her out. She kept walking through the city, though, muttering curses in French under her breath between doors. How long had it been? The sun was starting to go down, so it must have been a few hours.

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