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Re: when doves cry / private
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GrAce ashdowne

At his words, Grace stood, a little shocked at his suggestion. ”Honey, there’s no guarantee that Windhelm is safe for our people. We can go undetected, but an entire population?” she questioned gently, slipping her hand in his as they stood and admired the throne room, still as grand and beautiful as ever, even with cobwebs and dust. It was difficult to be in here. Here is where Grace’s life changed, forever. Here is where she would also raise a kingdom from the dead and being heirs into the world. Here, she was home.

Her words were met with a week’s worth of rigorous patrols of the territory. It truly seemed that the invaders had lost all interest in Windhelm once the people who inhabited it were gone. The very thought enraged Grace. She and her people had gone through hell and back to get to safety. Though, she had to admit, the idea of a peaceful realm was one that she knew Henri very much needed. He tended to stress himself out quite a bit fretting over the good and safety of his people, as any good Prince should, but he tended to get obsessive, it seemed. Just like his father.

After a week of constant patrolling and cleaning, Grand and Henri finally laid in their bed for the last night of loneliness. Each other was all they needed. They took time to grieve their precious daughter, who was scheduled to have a grand funeral after the Coronation performed by Alfred and Selena. It felt only right to do good by their princess. Other activities standard to a honeymoon went down as well, as best as Grace could endure it, but overall, they felt their week had been very productive in the idea of bringing their people back to enjoy life in Windhelm once more. And so it was to be.

Nine days after marriage, Grace and Henri kneeled, side by side, in front of Alfred and Selena in the Windhelm throne room as they renounced their thrones and their titles to their son and his wife. It was time a new generation of monarchs stepped up to the plate and Grace felt ready for it. She felt prepared to run a whole kingdom aside the love of her life. Once announced King and Queen Ashdowne of Windhelm, the two new monarchs stood and turned to face their people, each wearing a shiny crown adorned with the official jewel of their nation: an emerald. To hear her people chant her name, Grace beamed. She was going to do right by these people and she was going to protect them and their issues and interests. She was devoted.

Afterwards, alone with Henri, Grace cleared her throat. ”Whenever you’re ready to start... trying to produce an actual heir for heir reasons, just let me know. I will try my hardest to be ready, but please understand if it is difficult for me,” she breathed, holding his hand.

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Re: when doves cry / private
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Henri Earl Ashdowne

After Henri had made his rather spur of the moment idea known, time seemed to fly by at a rapid pace.

The straining amount of both physical and emotional effort that went into clearing both the insides and the outsides of the castle was exhausting. Despite the enormous amounts of energy it took up, he was slightly grateful for this distraction. Although his daytime was filled far too much to let his mind wander, it was his nights that still haunted him.

He had begun to have nightmares, but refused to tell Grace about it. Henri used to have a problem with them as a child, so he just chalked it up to a small rebound. When they became unbearable, he would clamber out of bed and go on for a small stroll around the castle, just to clear his mind so he could become tired again. As much to his knowledge, he'd never awoken his sleeping wife. He knew how she would take this news, so he kept it all to himself. It was best not to concern her with such silliness. Grace had far too much of a burden already than to worry about her husband’s dreams.
Grieving had steadily become easier. Henri truly felt that the wedding had been the final push they needed to begin bettering themselves. Though he was sure he'd never quite be the man he was before.

Those nine additional days passed in as much a blur as everything else. As he'd said time and time again, everything felt incredibly surreal. As he knelled in front of his mother and father, listening to them renounce their titles and bestow them upon himself and his wife, he couldn't help but be in absolute awe of what an incredible turn his life had taken. It had been just under a year, and already he was a completely new person with an equally as new prospective on life. He liked to think he was better for it.

Finally being declared King of Windhelm felt like a dream. As per tradition, Henri addressed his people to promise them the same protection and care his parents had before him. His reign would surely be a special one, especially with his Queen by his side.
When they were finally allowed to be alone together, Grace spoke to him on the topic of an heir. Much as it felt for her, the wound was still a fresh (albeit healing) one.

“I’d never want an heir solely for heir purposes. I’ve felt what that lifestyle carries, and I want none of it for my own. If we do have a child, I would want to keep them just as that for as long as it is fit. It is difficult for me as well, but whatever happens will happen. I’m not pushing for anything.”
He gave a tired chuckle; his slightly bruised eyes were evident of the sleep he’d been lacking. “That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to it, of course.”


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Re: when doves cry / private
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grace ashdowne

Grace felt guilty at the idea of having another baby, especially so soon. She knew that she wouldn't be ready again for a while, but then again, she wasn't ready the first time around. Their daughter had been a surprise. She was rather appreciative that Henri was the rare king that did not want children solely to fill their royal positions someday. He wanted them to be a father to them, to see them grow up into his pride and joy. At this thought, her heart swelled. He would have made such a wonderful father, if God had only given him the chance to be one.

Grace took a deep breath and smiled. They would address their people for the first time as they prepared to lay their daughter to rest in the royal cemetery. At this thought, Grace felt a tad queasy, but once the realization that her husband was also going through it, she began to feel more relaxed. She definitely was not alone.

Going from an abused noblewoman to a mother, to a wife, and then a Queen, all in under a year, was overwhelming for Grace. Although she was used to the poised lifestyle, she was not used to delivering speeches to calm an entire population. She wasn't used to the idea that she herself was vital for the survival of Windhelm, for without her, there were no heirs.

That night, Grace lay in bed alongside Henri, tracing nonsense figures on his bare chest with her fingertips. "Do you think we'll be good rulers?" she asked dreamily, gazing off into space. She suddenly glanced over at him to admire him. Seeing him so tired worried her, but she figured if he wanted to talk, he would talk. She wasn’t going to press. ”Honey... if you ever need it, you know I’m always here by your side. I don’t want you to think that you can’t talk to me,” she murmured gently, moving her hand to touch his cheek gently.

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