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the lollipop guild private
« on: October 14, 2018, 11:26:05 PM »

//I kinda figure they're like older kids - young or mid teens? I think that'd be adorable

Tonight was the night.

Edgar had waited weeks for this very moment. He would finally be able to meet the mysterious boy behind all of those lovely letters. When the normal busy noises of the castle slowed to an almost dead quiet, he rose from where he was sat on his bed and moved to the door. A quick peek on the other side told him he was alone. At least on this floor. If one of the servants caught him, he'd be ushered hurriedly back to bed and given a stern warning, and that would crumble all of his hard work. The young prince gulped hard and further pushed open the door with shaky hands. He grabbed his blue bed robe from the hook beside the frame and wrapped it around him.

No going back on plans.

He walked into the hallway and shut his bedroom behind him. Quietly as a mouse, he tip-toed across the carpet until he reached the stairs. After what seemed like ages of hiding and walking on the very tips of his toes, Edgar was outside in the garden. A quick sigh of relief escaped the very nervous royal. Oh how grand the feeling! He chuckled quietly to himself and made a beeline directly for the old tree. It was the tree he would be scheduled to meet the one he'd never seen before. Of course, ___ knew who the royal was, however given that he was a commoner it'd be impossible for Edgar to have the same knowledge. They'd been saving this face to face meeting for now. When he reached the old tree, the boy sat down cross-legged with eager eyes scanning the horizon. His heart was racing.


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Re: the lollipop guild private
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2018, 02:11:58 AM »
[AGREED! i'm gonna say my boy's like.. 15? would thst work? also ajddjdj sorry aGAIN for late reply]

Barney found it difficult to get past his parents and sibling in the limited space, but he'd worn his best clothes to bed - far from fancy, it was a simple blue jacket, ragged and worn down, over baggy shirt that was tucked into equally baggy pants. He'd been thinking about this continually, and the planning was extensive. Slipping out from his blankets and walking toe to heel, he eyed his little brother especially - he'd be just the type to follow him, and succeed at that. And Barney didn't wanna deal with the stern lectures or being pent up in the house, or be held responsible for his brother falling in a ditch and dying or something.

Standing in the doorway and glancing for movement in the two-room house, he gave a relieved sigh as he pelted out in his bare feet. No time for shoes - the boy would like him for his personality, right? After all, they'd been exchanging letters that made his heart flutter, and he hoped the other felt the same. Barney came to a sudden stop when he saw the boy, staring in awe at the prince through his mop of brown hair. Jaw dropping with a toothy grin stretching ear to ear, he took a step closer shaking with uncontainable joy, uncontainable excitement. This was the moment he's been waiting for.

"Is it really you?"
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