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[✓] INFIDELIS: A Modern Day Stray Dog RP
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Four dog gangs fight for survival in the sprawling city of Komorrah, both warring with themselves and their enemy: the humans. Fights break out and alliances form, treachery is committed, but goodwill always follows. What path will you take in the ever-changing city of Komorrah?

Infidelis is a modern day stray dog RP set in a fictional city much like New York City. Infidelis is a story of survival where challenges await each character. Four rival dog gangs, humans, diseases, and natural disasters threaten your character's existence. You can choose to join one of these gangs or tough it out on your own. Whichever you choose, the choice shouldn't be taken lightly!

Infidelis has been going strong since November 2017! We strive for an extremely friendly, player-devoted atmosphere where players of all types feel at home and welcomed. Check us out, kick off your shoes, and stay awhile!

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