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high hopes / private
« on: October 15, 2018, 11:24:01 PM »
rosario; and i know a boy who likes to keep his burner on. he's always running with no one to keep warm. it's like he's flirting with the smoke alarm, his fire's fading.
the rush feels like a chemical in his veins, the confetti fluttering down from the ceiling and onto the ground, pouring over the thousands of the people in the stadium like a paper rain. "thanks for coming out tonight. stay safe home tonight, remember that we love you no matter what! see you next time!" rosario says into the mic with a grin plastered onto his face, as it is every night. he waves back at a girl who's waving aggressively at him from front row before following dex and melina to the sidestage and out the side, so they can head backstage. he runs a quick hand through his hair, a little greasy from the sweat he's built up from dancing all night long. he wouldn't trade anything for this. he's living the dream he's always had since he was five years old, and never had he imagined that to would grow to this proportion. sold out arenas, shows across the world, travelling with his best friends. he loves every moment of it with every mite of his being.

"good show tonight, guys," he says as the three of them enter avri's dressing room, the one everyone else is hanging out in. clapping his hand jokingly on melina's shoulder, he moves past everyone to the couch, where he knows aspen is going to be. rosario can't help but laugh as he walks over just to see sugar, melina's dog, lying down so close to asen's face he can only see his partner's face. "looks like you're having fun, asp," he says, laughing affectionately at her as he sits down with his knees spread wide and takes her hand tightly in his, an instinct of sorts.
dexter; we made it out to the west coast and sold our souls to rock 'n' roll, so take us anywhere you wanna go. with just the change in our pockets, no one can stop us.
dex loves his band. he loves everything about it. he loves getting on stage every night with rosario and melina, he loves watching the fans scream every word of every song, he loves throwing his guitar at melina halfway through the set and making fun of rosario for being scared of it, he loves all the people he's met through it. most of all, he loves his friends he's made. as he gets off the stage with rosario and melina, he feels a little bit of giddy excitement in his chest as he remembers that they're going back to a dressing room full of people he loves spending time with. "you almost steed on my foot during ready to go when we walked towards each other, melina. how dare you," he points out jokingly, shooting melina as stern a look as he can muster (which, honestly, isn't very stern).

they enter the dressing room, and it's no surprise that rosario heads immediately for aspen, that stupid fool in love. no matter how much dex made fun of rosario, he finds his relationship cute as hell. the two were always near each other, and dex thinks it's pretty sweet. following rosario's lead, dex heads over to the tan couch, sitting on the arm of of the sofa and reaching over to scratch sugar behind the ears, grinning at him. "who's a good boy?" dex asks the dog, his voice going a pitch higher. he glances across the room, only to see james already talking to melina. dex smirks slightly, catching melina's eye and winking playfully at her.
james; on summer nights, the stars fall a little slower and i don't know if i can catch them in time to sew words delicately to the palm of my hand. tell me: what am i worth?
tour is the most fun james ever has, and that's a fact. he knows that a lot of other artists take breaks in between because they get tired or whatever, but james isn't sure if he would ever get tired of it. the constant travelling, the community of friends, the ever-there music; it's something that's ingrained in him. even now, as he sits beside avri in her dressing room, two hours after their set had ended, he's almost itching to have the guitar in his hands again, playing at the strings the songs which he's grown to know and love so well. "how much longer do you think they'll be?" james asks avri and aspen, who's also in the room. he knows one of them is going to make a joke about melina, and he internally rolls his eyes in advance. melina's... unlike anyone he's ever met before. she's smart and witty and her laugh lights up a room, and as a guy who's always on the road and has met millions of people, he can definitively say that she's one of a kind.

it's only moments later that the whole band walks in, rosario heading immediately for aspen and dex following suit. he sends avri a slightly bashful smile. "don't say anything," he mutters to his best friend before he gets up, walking over to melina. "hey, melina, that was a really good set. i was watching, and that one riff you did? oh my god, it was legendary! i sound like such a nerd right now," he adds with a cheesy laugh, rolling his eyes internally at himself and not missing the look that dex sends melina. james isn't dumb, but sometimes, he pretends to be. just for his own sake.

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Re: high hopes / private
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2018, 04:47:03 AM »
aspen; When the world gets too heavy Put it on my back I'll be your levy You are taking me apart Like bad glue On a get well card
aspen was excited. she was never good with surprises because she always ended up blowing them by telling someone. but this surprise.... she had been so careful to keep it from everyone, especially rosa and dex. everything had worked out perfectly, heaven finished up the show she was in and had some free time so she had planned for her to fly out and surprise them. the twins were excited to see her too, of course. they ended up convincing heaven to stay out on the bus and play with them for the concert.

"i could die happy..." she breathed out to rosa when he walked in to see sugar basically smothering her. she let everyone settle in the room and take a breather before she eventually and sadly had adjusted sugar off of her so she could get up. "i have a surprise for you guys!" aspen said with a grin forming on her face, mainly talking to dex and rosa. "it's out on the bus." she said as hint for them to start following her out there as she began to make her way out of the building to where heaven and the twins were.
melina; You couldn't escape it, yeah Drink of paradise They told you "Put your blood on ice You're not gonna make it"
not too long ago melina had been close to swearing off going back into music. her prior experience in being in a band had been hell. then somehow two really fucking weird losers had somehow convinced her into playing again. a huge grin was spread across her features as the show ended, waving to the fans as rosa said goodbye for them. the smile remained on her face as they walked off, dex grabbing her attention. "watch your back or i'll do it again, little bitch." she said jokingly to dex as she sat down her bass. she gave rosa a playful punch on his arm as he clapped her shoulder.

she laughed when she walked in to see sugar on top of aspen, her blue eyes then shifting to james as he approached her. she felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach. she felt weird experiencing this, it was new to her. "thanks! but please, it was no where near as legendary as how you did tonight." she sent dex a look when he began to wink at the two of them before she heard aspen say she had a surprise. she bent down and began to pet sugar some before putting his leash on to bring him out to the bus too. "do you know what it is?" she asked james as she waited back a bit so she could walk with him.
heaven; Comin' out, even when it's rainin' down Can't stop now, can't stop so shut your mouth Shut your mouth, and if you don't know Then now you know it, babe
heaven loved being in broadway shows. it was practically her whole life - she had been dreaming of it since she was little. she loved the adrenaline she go before every show. she had made so many friends from performing. the only tiny downfall about it was the busy schedule. she normally only performed in new york so she had to stay there for months on end (which she didn't mind, she loved the city) but she wouldn't see everyone for awhile because they had to go on tour. she was in between shows now so she didn't hesitate to take aspen up on the offer to go and surprise dex and rosa.

a light laugh escaped heaven's lips at a comment sienna made. "auntie hev, can you get the other tiara? auntie dex put it up in the cabinet earlier," savannah asked her. her brown eyes went over to look up at the cabinet before offering them a smile before signing. "sure, let's see what I can do about that." she got up from where she was sitting on the ground and went over to the counter, starting to climb onto it so sh could somehow get the crown for them.
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