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[✓] Radioactive Marvel/DC Crossover
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Canons - Wanted  - Advertise?

Hey you, come here. Yeah, you. I want to ask you a few questions. Are you tired of the same old canon plots? Strict admin? Are you bored with the censorship of your own perspective of how a character should be? Being kept out of game-changing plots? Not having a voice in plotting when it comes to the site? Push that old out of the window and take a look at Radioactive. Who doesn't want to be part of site-wide plots? Want to be valued as a member?  Radioactive does not have single-minded staff and members. We are huge plotters that want to help you make your dream stories and plots come true. Don't believe me? Check out our site-wide plot analysis thread to see what you can look forward too. On top of that, we crave to create a community that is fun and exciting. So, if you want the same old deal, check out those other sites. If you want something new, come to Radioactive.

Either way, stay evil, Dollface!

In need of villains
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