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To say he didn't want to be here was a mild understatement. The blaring music, crowded club, and blinding lights made him edge into a corner, trying to avoid being a bothersome background image to those that might be looking around. He wasn't really needed here anyway, though he somewhat wished he did. Xiomar's mother had wanted him to do anything but stay cooped up, and she'd suggested a few things - he had tried all but one, a club - he had dreaded it when it became the last option. Really, he didn't have to come, it had.. Just been a suggestion. But Xiomar was tired of being cooped up as well, it was suffocating lonely, and he was willing to go one tiny step outside his comfort zone.

He was on the verge of leaving as he pulled the strings of his trapper beanie in hopes it'd hide his face more than it did, and he wasn't sure if the sweat dripping from the tip of his nose was in a result from anxiety or the sweater that clung to him in warm weather. Uncomfortably sweaty hands in the pockets of light blue jeans, he kept his head to the ground in hopes nobody would catch his face with each whirl of light that swept past him and the rest of the people in his line of sight.
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