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[✓] From Shadows - a warriors rp
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From Shadows
a warriors rpg

“StarClan no longer cares for you. From now on you will suffer in a new land far away, the four of you together,” Bristlestar mewed, hackles raised. Yowls of agreement from the many cats surrounding the five filled the air.

“But you don’t understand!” Opalstar cried. “StarClan no longer cares for you Bristlestar! You killed my kits and now you turn everyone against us even though StarClan blessed them,” she continued. The tabby tom’s hackles rose, and his tail violently swished from side to side. A hiss escaped from Willowfur as she drew closer to Opalstar, worried that her leader would be attacked. Bristlestar looked around, making eye contact with every cat.

“Not only has Opalstar had two kits with Quillstar, but she has the nerve to say that StarClan does not care for me. How silly is that when we have a traitor… a Warrior code breaker in our midst?” He yowled. Cats nodded in agreement, some hissing and extending their unsheathed claws. “StarClan has told me this: Banish Quillstar and Opalstar. Kill their kits. Send away anyone who dares take their side.” He locked eyes with Opalstar. “Opalstar, Quillstar, Willowfur, and Foxheart, I banish you from these lands,” he mewed, loud enough for every cat to hear. Quietly he added, “I recommend that you never come back.”

Two years have passed since the four cats were “banished” by Bristlestar. They relocated to the land that the newest clans occupy. Quillstar joined Opalstar and created TempestClan, naming it in honor of their dead kits Tempestkit and Stormkit. Willowfur broke away due to her love of the bog and created MarshClan, maintaining her close friendship with Opalstar. Foxheart felt frustrated towards his leader Quillstar after the long journey to the new land and founded PhantomClan, afraid that Quillstar would see the darkness growing in his heart. The clans grew due to many cats from the new leaders old clans escaping Bristlestar’s evil grasp, but only joining later because they feared standing up against him publicly. The leaders have retired from their positions, making way for new leaders to emerge.

But something is brewing in the shadows… a new moon is coming and with it so is StarClan.


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