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« on: October 27, 2018, 06:58:30 PM »
  I N TR O D U C T I O N   
"in this crumbling world, there are the wolves and there are the sheep. the sheep are weak. they struggle and eventually let their lives slip away, the darkness of the night washing them away as if they were never here. the wolves, however, make their own way. they band together and hunt the sheep as a pack, using their combined strength to survive. this is the way of the badlands, an organized group made up of the roughest and most dangerous individuals in the land. under a strict hierarchy and strong leadership, we endure the harshest of times and ensure that we come out on top, glorious and respected by all. the badlands doesn't stand for being pushed around. we're a team. we will conquer, and we will win" badlands guide

this is a thread to promote the activity of the badlands, and hopefully increase it's member base. all promotions will be made after the applicants have been active for at least a week in the badlands, and will be judged on both in character actions and activity. in the case of the surgeon position, they will be announced after an in character medical training session!

   R A N K S 
SECOND right hand to the commander, they are to be treated with extreme respect. typically leads raids and oversees the running of the council. they can do most things the commander can do, but their actions and decisions can be overruled by the commander. note that this position will have to gain the commander's trust, and may take the longest to achieve. [0/1]

SURGEON typically someone who could cut you open without a second thought, the surgeon is the expert on all things medical. they are responsible for handling and training those with the field medic title. the surgeon will be chosen after an ic medical training session held by sebastian. [0/1]

THE COUNCIL those who have proven loyal to the badlands and the commander, they are trusted to lead raids and organize events. [0/5]

  A P P L I C A T I O N   
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USERNAME: pucktergeist ( puck / salem )
GENERAL ACTIVITY: i never get offline, really. normally on from 12pm - 3am
POSITION WANTED: second or counsel
CHARACTER NAME: margaux delacroix
CHARACTER PERSONALITY: margaux's personality is a bit strange. she's an authoritarian, loves to get her way, and is extremely demanding, but she's incredibly shy. growing up as an older sibling led her to believe she knows what's best. she often demands to be respected and hates being told no. she may be incredibly small, but she has one heck of left hook. often times, she will be bossing someone around- if she knows them. that's where the shyness comes in. she's filled with anxiety and hates actually being around people she doesn't know. even with that said, she is a "pack animal" but she prefers to be the alpha.
INTERESTING FACT: she a burn going from finger tips to her elbow on her right arm.. i believe it's the right arm. she also hides knives wherever she can!!
OTHER: n/a!
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« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 04:10:03 PM »
GENERAL ACTIVITY: never really offline, most active in the afternoon
POSITION WANTED: second or council
CHARACTER PERSONALITY: mainly introverted & hides bitterness well & sense of humor that borders on sarcasm & seeks to drink herself to death & formerly selfless, brave, noble, loyal & past trauma caused her to become rude, sardonic, gung-ho, and bitter & rarely talks about past
INTERESTING FACT: she's going to have multiple tattoos later on! ex-bounty hunter, and ex-second of an elite covert force of warriors
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