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grace elisabeth calistoga

Grace watched him warily. She was responsive to his every move, all of his body language. Sh was nervous he wouldn't see things to her eye. She was scared she would take Petyr's side, again. "I don't need first aid, it's not like this will kill me," she grumbled, pulling her horse to a stop. The large black stallion was clearly in distress as he came to a halt.

Grace took Henri's words into consideration. "You are a prince, Henri, and not just any prince, you are the prince. You're the Crown Prince. You can't be so easily influenced by others. What if you had done that as King and someone appealed to you just the right way and you let them go? What if that person was a mass murderer, a threat to Windhelm?" she spat in irritation, sliding off her horse. She dusted herself off and examined her wrists. They looked better in the daylight than they had in those dark dungeons. "If you don't want to be with me anymore, fine. If you're going to actually take Petyr's word for this, fine. I've lost my only defense against him. I can't give you children anymore. And there is no way the people would respect me as their Queen. Not after this," she huffed, turning away to guide her horse to a tree to tie his reigns.

"I won't hold it against you if you decide to leave. Or even if you decide to hand me over to the authorities. I am breaking the law, and for that I must be punished. If your father deems that fire is the appropriate way to go, then so be it."