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Micah stared out the window in brash irritation. A cold rain was coming down in considerable sheets outside, putting a dull gloom on everything in it's path. Damn, how he hated driving in the rain. But, living in Seattle meant he had to get used to it.

Throwing his hood over his head in preparation, Micah grabbed his case and walked further down the hall towards the doors. He could still faintly hear the sound of a few stragglers going up the scales on their instruments, practicing for an oncoming concert. Mandatory rehearsals were over, though, and he had takeout calling his name.

The male pushed open the heavy glass doors roughly and flinched when the rain soaked into his hoodie. Great. Slightly irritated, he quickly scaled down the steps outside of his building in a hurry.

Sadly for him, his car was parked on the further end of the lot, and the walk was shaping up to be a miserable one. Micah hurried his slow trudge to a quick walk as his black rover came closer and closer.

The silhouette of a person briefly crossed his peripheral, but he didn't have enough time to move out of their way before the person tripped and dropped what was in their hands.

"Shit, are you alright?"

He stooped down to help pick up what was dropped.

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ivanna ciccariello

It had been a long day. A long week, even. Usually Thursday was Ivannas favorite day of the week, but something was off from today that put her in a bad mood. As per usual, it was raining, and she had oh-so-conveniently forgotten her reusable shopping bags when she had gone out for groceries. The rain seemed to pick up and was coming down even heavier. Ivanna was grateful she had spotted her car immediately, in the lot shared with a music institution. Car in sight, she braces herself and headed out, arms full of paper grocery bags.

She was so focused on getting to her car and getting out of the rain that she didnt even recognize there was another person in her way. Feeling herself bump into them, she grunted and dropped one of her many bags of produce.

Oh! Im okay! Im sorry- she breathed, watching the person she bumped into pick up her bag. Im sorry, I should have been paying attention.

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