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lavish mansions, vintage wine - private
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:47:02 PM »
once upon a time
we burned bright
full name: mun suji
nicknames: sunshine, fireball, su
sex/gender: female / cis-female
pronouns: she/hers
orientation: pansexual / panromantic
preferences: none really
past relationships: has been surprisingly choosy with her partners over the millenia

d.o.b: august 15th
zodiac: leo
physical age: 24 yrs old
actual age: stopped counting tho she could probably find out

height: 5'6
body modification:

role: the goddess of light. power over the sun. bringer of day
abilities: light manipulation + associations

pets: haetsal, her eternal steed
faceclaim: lee sunmi

☼ can be as warm as a spring day but as hot as a summer midnight
☼ has a very welcoming vibe to her
☼ just feels like the sort of person you can take refuge with
☼ that mom friend but god level
☼ naturally draws people to her
☼ turns heads as soon as she enters a space
☼ always ready to protect the weak
☼ a giant feminist
☼ will make sure you eat, have a place to stay, a game plan
☼ responsible but she knows how to have fun
☼ lets loose frequently and happily indulges herself in the mortal realm
☼ kinda that "i drink wine reclining on my couch on saturday nights" type
☼ regal in feel, but crazy and fun in action
☼ well-known for hosting parties
☼ tries to be fair, but is a bit biased
☼ on the flip side,,,, her temper is horrible
☼ when she gets mad, you can practically feel the heat of sahara desert
☼ explosive-type of mad, she'll snap and say some pretty mean things
☼ if her mouth wasn't reckless already, it's even worse when she's pissed
☼ stubborn too, so she won't even think about apologizing for a long time
☼ stays mad for quite a while tbh
☼ kinda nosey
☼ okay, extREMLY nosey
☼ hates it when she's left out of things or feels that people are leaving her out of things
☼ also has a habit of just bossing everyone
☼ naturally wants things in a specific order
☼ but she ends up kinda pushing it on to other people
☼ not controlling, but she's' def rlly dominant
☼ will not hesitate to cut down anyone who stands against her
☼ she meets her enemies head on
protector of light
mun suji
I don't tell you what to say. I don't tell you what to do. So just let me be myself ------
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Re: lavish mansions, vintage wine - private
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2018, 01:10:34 AM »
full name jasper bae ahn-jong
nicknames jay, jazz, phantom, frosty
gender cis-male

d.o.b 26th of april
zodiac taurus
age old as time / 26 y.o

orientation bisexual, biromantic
preference feminine lean

height 6'0
modifications ,
faceclaim lee soo-hyuk

role god of night and darkness; creator of darkness and shadows; bringer of the night
abilities shadow manipulation & the likes

— mom friend or satan
— will either bake you delicious goodies or will poison them
— lol issa joke... haha don't cross him
— avoids confrontation for as long as he can, but he isn't afraid of tearing a beyotch down
— doesn't like cursing, thinks it's disgusting
— always cold
— one can feel the cold just pulse from him
— room practically freezes over when he's extremely upset
— bite is far worse than his bark
— bad temper that he tries to control but, whoops, it slips every once in a while
— when that happens, shadows and shit start jumping around and everything gets cold 
— passive-aggressive shit
— people swear that the lights flicker when he gets furious
— doesn't like his rooms to be brightly lit
— mindset of "its a cruel world, everyone for themselves"
— but also "scratch my back, i'll scratch yours"
— protective of those he's bonded with
— possibly half blind and deaf (left ear, eye)
— has a dog named gopher
— perfect night is being curled up under blankets, a cup of tea and crackers by his side and a good book
— ew, people, but ew, loneliness
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Re: lavish mansions, vintage wine - private
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2018, 03:19:29 PM »
once upon a time
we burned bright
A good ride could never do Suji wrong. Her head was tipped back, the pale strands of her platinum hair loose in the breeze, her face exposed to the welcoming warmth of the midday sun. Her hands rested on the top of her thighs as she swayed in rythmn with the steady gait of her horse. Haetsal's steady walk was almost enough to clear her mind. Almost. But even a trail ride around her estate wasn't enough to quell the bubbling rage in her chest.

Normally, Suji did not care for rumors, especially those concerning other gods. In the many thousands - hell, maybe billions - of years under her belt, she had long come to understand that while they helped waste a couple hundred years, engaging rumors between other gods wasn't satisfactory enough to make up for the headache they caused. They would argue for a hundred years and take five to make up. All the while, there'd be a ton of tiny "mishaps" occurring to each party.

Suji took to immersing herself in the ever-changing human world to avoid causing and engaging in unnecessary drama, but there was one rumor that she couldn't stop thinking about. No one would be able to forget learning that another god not only wanted to kill you but steal your powers as well. Especially the god that was opposite of you.

She was light, warmth, the sun. Without light, there was no light. The Earth would be as cold as space without the Sun. On the other hand, there needed to be darkness. Life could not prosper under an eternal day. Like a switch, there needed to be a change to keep the balance. One without the other was a non-negotiable in the world of gods. No one ever contested Suji's place because it was obvious how important her role was for the survival of mankind.

No one god could hold both powers either, which is why she was completely baffled by the thought that the god of darkness not only wanted her dead but wanted her powers as well. Admittedly, her interaction with Jasper was incredibly limited. She didn't travel to his domain and neither him hers. Perhaps it was due to their opposite roles that she never got close, but Suji didn't think there was any ill feelings between her and him. Especially enough to want her dead. As far she had remembered, she'd been nothing but kind to the man on the odd chances they meant.

That was okay though, she'd have her answers soon enough. Around her, the bright warmth of her kingdom turned into the darkness of Jasper's as she rode through a ringed portal of light right to the steps of his front door. In one fluid movement, she dismounted Haetsal, her feet touching the ground with little sound. As she passed the stallion, she patted his thick neck. He was nervous as his eyes did not have the ability to immediately adjust to the darkness.

Suji climbed the stairs to Jasper's home in slow, measured steps, taking each step to try and calm herself as much as possible. She didn't want to start throwing hands straight away, but it was honestly a struggle for her to not kick down the door and demand to be greeted no matter what was going on. So, the rapping of her knuckles against the door came a little harder than she wished, a seriously strained smile on her lips that did nothing to cover the obvious anger in her warm brown eyes.
protector of light
mun suji
I don't tell you what to say. I don't tell you what to do. So just let me be myself ------
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