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O give me a home where the buffaloes roam, Where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word And the skies are not cloudy all day. Where the air is so pure and the zephyrs so free And the breezes so balmy and light. That I would not exchange my home on the range For all of the cities so bright. How often at night when the heavens are bright With the light of the glittering stars. I stand there amazed and I ask as I gaze, Does their glory exceed that of ours? ~
The untamed vast plains, interspersed with big bluestem and prairie clover, proved to be the perfect sanctuary for those who wished to live a more simple lifestyle. The wheaten grasslands spread across for acres and acres, an entire land which the ranch would claim as their own, sharing with the surplus of native creatures that roamed the lands. Gigantic herds of bison could often be seen grazing from the rich flora, American avocets wallowing in the shallow waters of a tributary and coyotes trotting through tall grasses - this was a little patch of heaven to all who inhabited the plains. Bluestem Ranch was a place for all those who wished to escape from their past to seek sanctuary. For many, Bluestem Prairie was home.

Ever since the Overton brothers chose to escape from their past life, the expansive lands of the prairie provided safety from harm, comfort and the assurance to them that somewhere was their home. Bluestem Prairie was a new venture which they could be proud to raise young family members in, a world where they could grow a group of people who could live together in harmony, a world in which they were promised the sense of relief. This was a simple life, but a life that could be developed and turned into a lifestyle worth living in, as opposed to merely surviving in.

The territory that the Ranch has claimed as their own is expansive, set across thousands of acres of plains and grasslands. They are situated somewhere between the Badlands and Flintlock Lodge, perfect to act as a merchant in trade between the two larger groups. They are semi-nomadic, and their way of life is based on the need to contain their cattle but also provide them with surplus grazing pastures. They have two main areas they call their home: the trailer park and the prairie schooners. The prairie itself is a flatland expanse of shrubbery and flora, dotted with occasional clusters of deciduous trees.

The pasture land in the winter time is smaller than the summer pasture, designed to contain the herd and also protect them from danger such as wolves. The herd is guarded by several livestock guardians to ensure they remain safe from predators. Tamed horses are also kept within these fences to remain protected. There are future plans to renovate a quonset hut nearby the schooners for calving females in the spring as well as a barn for the horses in the winter time.

In the fall and winter time, the group reside in a trailer park. The surrounding area nearby the trailer park boasts a bleak grassland, though just over the hill there is a wide expanse of flatlands. There is a pasture for animals to graze though they are also fed from their storage of hay in a silo to get them through the winter. During the winter, the ranchers are often found hunting for food or fishing in the prairie's river. In the plains, the group can see their summer retreat in the far distance by following this river.

In the spring and summer time, the Ranchers live in prairie schooners positioned in a clearing in the deciduous forest, now that wide leaves have grown back on the trees and provide shelter from the scorching summer sun. There is a tributary from the main river than runs through the forest, making it an ideal place for fishing. The forest provides a perfect opportunity to forage, and an ideal place to coppice the woodland for fire wood. The schooners and trees are decorated with colourful textile bunting and is a perfect spot to store items to perform their main job as merchants to surrounding groups. Pasture land meets the woodland and there is also a large patch of land dedicated to growing crops. The plains that the group travel across to reach their seasonal homes had been named "violet plains" by silas.

Natural hazards include dust storms, droughts during yearly heat waves, thunderstorms and torrential rains, and tornadoes.

LEADER - This is the person has the final say in deciding matters involving the future of the Ranch. They should be informed of any threats, issues or events happening in the Prairie.
  • Silas Overton played by Truce.

RIGHT HAND MAN - The leader's second-in-command, the person who will take charge of any issues on the Ranch if the leader were to be absent. They cannot hold meetings, promote members or accept new members without the leader's permission, but will take over as leader if the leader were to abdicate or die.
  • Wynter Overton played by elysian

MEDIC - A person who is medically-trained to help treat those who are injured or sick. If they have the knowledge, they may also make use of the natural flora and herbs found in the prairie to use as alternative medicine.
  • Name played by RPer.

COUNCIL - A small group of three members who are the voices for those who reside at the Ranch. Although everyone at the Ranch has a say in each and every matter, in a state of emergency these three members will be the ones who speak on behalf of all those who live in the Prairie to solve issues quicker.
  • Name played by RPer.
  • Name played by RPer.
  • Name played by RPer.

OTHER MEMBERS - These are the backbone of the entire community, the members who do all that they can to help the Ranch not only survive, but thrive. They help with many roles such as ranching, agricultural work, hunting, scavenging and, most importantly, trade between other groups.
Those who approach will be treated with the greatest level of caution. After all, the group learned the hard way that nobody was to be trusted. Bluestem Prairie are not seen as aggressive, neither are they seen as welcoming. Instead, it’s an uncomfortable balance between caution and hesitance to open up their walls to welcome allies, the same as it is to welcome strangers into their comfort zone. They are aware that they need members to help develop the ranch, and so they know that they are unlikely to turn down new people for no good reason.

Allies -
‣ Flintlock Lodge
‣ Camp Apocalypse

Neutral - Until they can prove to be allies, most groups that the ranch stumble across would be deemed as neutrals. In their minds, upon meeting another group, it is a simple matter of “if you leave us be, we will leave you be”.
‣ The Badlands
‣ Springfield

Enemies -
‣ Children Of Abbadon

Individuals - Though they are wary of strangers, they will not immediately dismiss them unless they give the group reason to. A new individual must expect to be treated on the side of caution until they can prove their loyalty to the semi-nomadic group.

All relations are OPEN FOR PLOTTING.

Biannual Merchant Tour: Twice a year, once in the midst of the summertime and once towards the end of fall, several ranchers will take a few of the schooners stocked with items such as food cultivated from their homesteading (fruit, veg, dairy, meat and fish products) and other items such as stolen clothing/toiletries/scrap metal/jewelry on a tour across the land. They travel between neutral groups and allies to attempt to trade goods, promote their marketplace in the prairie for further trades (in order to trade their live animals) and review agreements between the groups whilst they are there.

Hunting: Throughout the year, the ranchers tend to hunt wild animals in the prairie. Wild animals include: armadillos, bats, bears, beavers, bighorn sheep, boars, bobcats, bison, cougars, coyotes, crows, deer, eagles, elk, foxes, goats, gophers, hawks, wild horses, mules, owls, prairie dogs, raccoons, rabbits, rattlesnakes, skunks, vultures and wolves. They use the flesh for food, the pelts for trade, clothing or other uses, and any left over carcass as lures to trap and kill native predators or as bait to catch fish. Bison hunting is the most popular type of hunting, due to the quality of the meat and pelt, plus the excess of bison in the area.

Auroras & Shooting Stars: In the fall and winter time, on clear nights, the ranchers may be able to spot shooting stars or even, if they are lucky enough, auroras dancing in the sky. It tends to be a tradition to look out for them whilst eating dinner around a campfire on clear nights.

Cross Country Horse Race: horses are often used at the Ranch and, often times, there are cross country races held for entertainment. The winner of the race wins a prize, often a mildly valuable item that otherwise would've been offered as part of a trade.

Boating: The ranch managed to renovate a couple row boats which can be used to go boating to explore or fish further down the river. Perhaps one day this tradition will lead to discoveries that lay further down the river.

"Nice Eyes": This is a game which some ranchers will challenge each other to, especially in the summer time, where they bet that whoever shoots five flying birds in the fastest time will win a prize.

Harvest Day: Every year, on 22nd September, the ranch as a whole come together to harvest the crops using scythes for hay to put in the silo. This will be the supply of hay that will feed the livestock throughout the winter when grass becomes more scarce.

Mustang Roundups and Breaking In: There are many wild horses in the prairie and the ranchers often round them up and eventually break them in. This is in order to them trade them on to surrounding groups in need of horses.
  • In general, the leader has the final say on what the group do with themselves. The second-in-command is allowed to exercise a veto to any laws that the leader states, though. In general, the group is very democratic and the entire group will be able to have a say in what goes on.
  • Newer members will still have members who have pledged their loyalty to the semi-nomadic group keeping a close eye on them and, though they will be treated with less trust than members who have earned the group’s loyalty, the ranch will not exile a new member without good reason.
  • Anybody who is still incredibly new to the group and still untrusted by the other members will not have the privilege of being kept safe by the group. If they give the group any reason to doubt them, they are likely to be exiled or majorly looked down on. This group is not a trusting group towards strangers.
  • The group’s core belief if that, to survive in this apocalypse, they need safety in numbers. They believe that it is important to work as a team and protect each other at all costs.
  • You must notify others in the group if you see any strangers approaching.
  • Any sort of treason will not be tolerated and will be severely punished with death.
  • Do not attack any group or outsiders unless they act in a violent manner.

  • BB rules apply
  • If you need to ask any questions, feel free to message @truce.

Chatting Thread
Plotting Thread
Discord Server

Current Events
The group have settled in the abandoned group of caravans. They are beginning to build a large pasture to contain cattle and are beginning to plough a section of land nearby the summer wagons on the other side of the prairie for the start of the agricultural season. They are due to travel with their cattle to their summer retreat.

Weather & Seasonal conditions
Spring has arrived and the weather is quick to warm up. The sky is oftentimes cloudy and there are more frequent spells of rain.

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