Author Topic: What's the price of never being lonely again? (PAFP)  (Read 164 times)

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What's the price of never being lonely again? (PAFP)
« on: December 03, 2018, 10:07:12 PM »
Hmmm, well to say the least, this probably won't be any sort of romance. It can lead to that, it really isn't the intent of the thread. I guess it's more to set up a character interaction and make a relationship flow. I just love building relationships with this character in particular, because she's so... Unique about it. Really all someone has to do is show a vague amount of kindness, and they pick her up and probably won't shake her off.

Spoiler: show

Solita Raiser. Quite the enigma of a girl. She comes off as rather air-headed, and childish, but over a time of knowing her, she seems to grow some. Constantly seeming to contradict herself. She's a 5'5" girl, with a notable unruly, somewhat curly, cut in the fashion of an asymmetric bob, which has grown out, dyed auburn and green with black roots showing.

Under the surface, she's an unwilling drifter. Dragged from one world to the next with no end in sight, and a countless amount of tasks to accomplish for the one dragging her along. She has no notable abilities, other than an oddly copious amount of experience, and know-how in doing things.

She might talk to thin air sometimes, but there's more hiding than there then what meets the eye. The person, the creature, the deity, that keeps her drifting from one world to the next. They're usually invisible to most unless someone has the ability to see through illusions and deceptions. Or are a deity or something of the sort, themselves.

It's an interesting place here, to say the least. Solita frowned, looking around in mild confusion. She was for sure turned around. Or, to the outside viewer, she seemed to be. It was dark out, making her feel at least a little jumpy.

Tugging at the coat that was around her shoulders, her frown deepened. She needed a place to sleep, and she needed some way to get by. Starting here in the middle of the night was... Not a good start. "...Fuckin' asshole." She couldn't help but mutter, cursing at the unseen deity who was most likely laughing at her misery.

The drifter might have to start with something a little more straightforward. Then, see what she could do from there. She ruffled herself, trying to make herself seemed a little more roughed up, at least. Then started at a trot, making her movements a little unsteady as she wandered, looking to find someone. When she did find someone, she quickened her pace, pretending to nervously duck her head, before making a show of tripping over her own feet and collapsing face-first with a loud yelp.

...Painful, but it should be effective enough.

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Re: What's the price of never being lonely again? (PAFP)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2019, 08:28:53 AM »
// i read the description , before i start this is it ok if my character is an angel ?

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