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lynn's staff application
« on: December 11, 2018, 11:02:51 AM »
screen name lynn.
activity level 8/10. i'm online everyday , just about all the time , even when i don't post , though i'm usually the busiest on weekends . however , since exams are quickly approaching , my activity may start to fluctuate as i begin to prepare for that . overall , though , i am available for contact on discord as i am there 24/7 @ hey , adora#5251 .
experience? i'll be honest , i've never served as staff before , or held any official titles , but i did lead the badlands for a month or so , i believe . i do have a fairly good amount of experience with coding as well !
time spent on rp sites i've been roleplaying since 2010-2011 , starting with sites like chickensmoothie , wolf-haven , and wcrpg / ff . i've also spent time on xanje and crittercosmos , albeit , not for too long , before moving to bb july , 2017 .
why do you think you'd be a good fit? i'd like to think i'm a nice person and very people-oriented ! the most important thing to me , is making sure others feel comfortable around me and with their experience on the site . i also love meeting new people , and i tend to make it a mission to make everyone my friend no matter the person . i'm also a pretty laid-back individual . i don't get riled up or upset all that easily , so keeping a level head is definitely one of my strengths . however , i am very opinionated and do have a lot of thoughts on certain subjects , but i try to remove myself from any bias and remain respectful of any opinions that differ from mine , even if i do not agree . i am always open for conversating for anyone who just needs somebody to talk to as well ! even if i'm not the best at generating advice for certain topics , i will always try to help anyway i can , even if it means just lending an ear to listen .
other thank you for taking the time to look at this (: