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kip's staff application
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:17:33 PM »
screen name kipling/kip
activity level 7.5/10. i'm a student with a part-time job, but i still manage to have a decent chunk of free time for internet stuff: i can dedicate at least an hour every day and a few hours every week to the site, as well as most of my weekend time.

experience? i have about 4 years' combined staff experience, between feralfront, eleventh hour, no moon, bearbones, and maudlin.
  • feralfront: community assistant, promoted springtime 2014; stepped down 08/14
    ⇥ duties: answering help den questions, welcoming newcomers, pitching in to staff debate.
  • eleventh hour: moderator → global moderator → head moderator, 08/14 to closing in 08/16.
    ⇥ duties: i assisted the admin/creator, rowan, with running the site; i handled rulebreaks, biography approving, and general site maintenance. i was also partially in charge of coding pieces of the site layout.
  • warriors: no moon: head admin/creator, 07/16 to 08/18.
    ⇥ duties: i created the site ( including its graphics, skin, and text content ) in 07/16, and ran it until its closing in 08/18. i was in charge of all aspects of the site, including skinning; NM averaged a brand-new skin and banner every 2 months, with constant coding updates/bug fixes/fun goodies thrown in there. as head admin, i was in charge of every aspect of the site; at its height, we were 400+ accounts strong.
  • bearbones: i was a community assistant for a little bit, but stepped down due to schedule issues and motivation problems and burnout that stemmed from overburdening myself; my schedule's evened out a lot, though, and i have a better understanding of how much time i can devote to bearbones and how i can better juggle all the things i have on my plate.

time spent on rp sites in january i'll have been seriously roleplaying for 5 or 6 years. i bounced around small wolf rp forums for a bit, but i got my real start on feralfront back in early 2014. i spent about a year and a half there exclusively as a member + staffer before moving on to literate warriors rp; i joined eleventh hour in august 2014 and climbed the ranks from there. after rowan disappeared and eleventh hour closed, i opened a short-lived site of my own, red dust; before giving the reins to a friend in order to focus on a different concept, which would eventually become NM. i ran the site from july 2016 til july 2018— the site closed this summer due to staff burnout. from there, i took a break from most roleplay for a while, but i've missed writing a whole lot, so i'm back in the game. i have a semi-private site of my own, now, maudlin, and i'm just returning to ic roleplay here on bearbones :~)

why do you think you'd be a good fit? my biggest asset is my combination of experience + ideas for the future, and i feel that i have a lot of both: i'm a veteran roleplayer and moderator, and i'm an amateur coder and graphic artist. i have lots of experience creating, running, and participating in roleplay sites, and i think i can put my skills to good use here. in my roleplay career, i've worn a lot of hats: i've led tons of in-character groups, been a member of a few amazing staff teams, even ran a few forums of my own. i'm comfortable dealing with members and other mods alike, and i've developed strong argumentative skills that allow me to get the best out of respectful, productive debate. in addition, i like to code and i'm pretty handy with bbcode; i've always wanted to create a mybb skin from scratch, and i would love to be able to do that for bearbones... i think a new layout, coupled with some new plots for tnw, will really help us drum up interest in the site again! i dabble in photoshop, too, and some of my work's been featured on the site: the affiliate banner is my work, as are some old advertisements that are not longer in use. past accomplishments aside, i also have a lot of ideas for how to improve the site: most of my ideas involve emphasizing community, increasing participation between members in the main game, and coding/skin improvements to increase usability and user enjoyment.

other thank you for reading :-) updated 12/18 to reflect changes + new info!
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Re: kip's staff application
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edit: retracting my application! :^0
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