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videnda's staff application [last updated 12/19]
« on: December 11, 2018, 04:27:50 PM »

screen name videnda
activity level 9/10. i do have school, but the only obstruction would be tournament weekends which aren't very often (i only have two more in the rest of the school year (both in january) and won't have any until october 2019.
experience? i used to be mod on here! besides that i've fulfilled various staff positions on small projects and am currently coadmin of between the trees! i also am fairly well acquainted with smf and very well versed in mod and theme installation
Spoiler: experience in detail • show
- former moderator on bearbones
- co-administrator of between the trees (current)
- former admin of grpg
- former senior moderator of a writing forum that i can't remember the name of bc it was like 2014
- former global moderator of exodus
- leadership experience in general on bb (2x)
- leadership experience on ff (1x)
- i have helped set up smf forums for various friends, i know how to find mods and install them, same with themes. also because i was formerly a mod on here i know how the moderation system works should i become anything but a ca in the future

time spent on rp sites ive been role playing for over eight years now! sites including feralfront, critter cosmos, in dire straits, bearbones, and between the trees!
why do you think you'd be a good fit?
Spoiler: detailed • show
- extremely opinionated; i'm literally never going to be neutral on something, however i am definitely willing to reconcile my opinion and as i do debate i'm not going to get upset over people not seeing my view.
- forgiving; maybe that's not the right term but i can't think of anything else. to be frank, i've gotten into drama before which most of y'all know already i'm pretty sure. anyways, it's all behind me and i'm not going to let my dislike of anyone change how i'd treat them when it comes to the site.
- imaginative; i literally have so many ideas just constantly in my head. i know how i can help improve the site should i ever get the chance. i also love brainstorming with others to come up with a vision.
- dedicated; i only participate in things if i care about them and am willing to devote a lot of my time into them. i love this site and have no qualms with spending hours answering questions and making sure nobody feels like they're being left out. i'm always willing to reach out.
- fast responses; nobody will get past 1 in the count before staff posts thread. in all seriousness i can reply to things quickly so people aren't waiting around for an answer
- knowledgeable; a lot of questions i see i know the answer to. i'm well acquainted with site rules but i always make sure to consult with others.
- sup also i had bad anxiety last time i was staff so i sorta died a lot but now i'm better?? if that makes sense?
other thanks for letting me flex thank you for the opportunity <3

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