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THE POISON IS KILLING ME // o, angst + injury
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He had never anticipated being a Royal Guard. No, he did not like to brandish swords and fight. Gaster's strength was the work of the mind, figuring out complex math equations, making what seemed to be impossible happen. He had done it before, and he would do it again. However, for now, part of his Royal Guard duties was to make sure everyone within his assigned area was safe. He was chatting with the storeowners, making sure that the caverns were safe for those that lived there. It was when he was making his final rounds when he heard a voice. One that spoke in Wingdings. Demonic.

"Hey, Father." It caused his eyes to widen, the cloaked dog spinning towards his son. It was his son, but not this world's version of him, so he assumed. But there was something wrong with this version. Around the blue of his eye, was red. Determination, he realized. Was this some experimental version of Sans gone wrong? The younger, cynical, hooded dog smirked at seeing Gaster's reaction.

"Man, they weren't kidding when they said you were intelligent." He shrugs a bit, summoning earthen material made to look like bones.

"Sans." Gaster's voice becomes deeper, speaking his natural 'font', would have sounded like a desperate mess of garbage to anyone else. He summoned his own earthen bones, already feeling the effects of the poisoning taking place, but gritting through it.

This Sans was driven to insanity, this was not his son. This Sans had witnessed murders, and in order to stop them, he became a murderer himself. He lost all sense of remorse, all sense of guilt or happiness. In front of Gaster's eyes, a picture flashed. Grillby, the one he loved so much, standing next to Sans, calling out to him. "So, Sans! We made sure the killer is not aroun--" Gaster's eyes widened at this, the flaming canine coughing up bits of blood as the watery pierced him. His eyes, widening in betrayal, his glasses falling off.

Gaster lost all sense. He began sending the earthen bone-shaped materials at Sans, huffing as he did so. No, after Lucida died, Grillby was the one he could trust. That he could count on. When Sans aimed an attack for a dog that looked like him, in Gaster's mind at least, he leapt in front of the NPC, taking the blow through the chest. He stops speaking in his natural voice for a moment. "Run away, Grillbz.." Now, was this guy Grillby? Absolutely not! But the dog did not care and bolted away.

Gaster smiles as the dog leaves, before turning to his son. "Traitor." He snarls, reverting to his 'font'.

Sans shrugs, speaking in his usual font now, though it was easily understood by others. "Oh, come on, Dad. Consider this to be a mercy killing." He stops, holding a knife in his mouth, and then continues.  "I get the Execution Points I need, plus you get to go back the void. Where no one will remember you, no one will care about you. You should really get used to it!"

And that's when Sans leaped at his own father, lunging for his throat. Gaster uses his most powerful attack, one named after him. He raises his front paws, both eyes flaring in a red and blue color, mingling to make purple. A skull, made out of earth, opened its jaws, and Gaster lowered his paws. He watched it and it spewed purple fire on the murderous son, killing him. The smell of burning flesh was strong, for a little bit. And the smells of blood and the earth took over.

He realized what using that attack meant, he was gonna die anyway. As if they weren't cause by external injuries, it felt like some of his bones started to crack, and some of his cuts bled purple blood, staining the caverns of Iron Shade. Feeling dizzy, the scientist can only collapse, waiting for death to take him. Or perhaps the void.

//tl;dr: Since Gaster knows what has happened and what can happen, Dusttale!Sans comes to kill him, but is killed by Gaster via magic. However, this leads to his Karmatic Poisoning to activate.
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