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claire loves u!

I've been watching you, for some time. Can't stop staring at those oceans eyes. Burning cities and napalm skies. Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes. Your ocean eyes
it was finally time. time to walk out in front of all of her people, including her siblings. was the woman nervous? absolutely. however, a queen had to be strong, especially when she spoke in front of a large crowd. a speech would not bring her down today. dressed in a long white maxi dress, white high-heels and a crown made of lilies, vanessa walked down from her mansion, which was located at the very end of the village. humming softly, she played with her hair as she continued to walk. once she had reached the middle of the village, she called out.

"people of the isle of silver sands! i call all you here for our first official meeting! i am vanessa monroe, the one who opened this island to all of you and your queen. soon, there will be a party to celebrate our founding. i will be visiting the other groups to invite them to the party." the queen fell silent, before she continued to speak. "there is no promotions, or demotions this week, but i will keep an eye out for those with potential. i will also be keeping an eye out for those who could be worthy of being in my council. the council will be in charge of hosting events for the rest of our group and making sure our alliances with our allies last long and find a way to make peace with all of our enemies."

Vanessa took a deep breath, before she spoke, concluding the meeting. "that will be all. meeting dismissed. come to me with any questions you may have."
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