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T H E   B A D L A N D S
The old world is dead. Pieces of its skeleton remain, sticking up from the dirt and the plantlife that have come to claim it, as they do with all bygone things. The darkness came slowly, and now all that's left are tiny sparks of light, desperately trying to survive in a world that won't support them any longer.

Some of these tiny sparks are willing to fight harder than the others to survive. The ones that will gladly swallow the others to make themselves brighter, the ones that will consume or destroy everything in their path. Soon there will only be two options left: join the fire, or choke on the smoke.

CREDITS Aureate, Beatles, Britty, Bryne, Fangs, Lynn, and anyone else that has contributed to the Badlands' guide and culture.
T E R R I T O R Y   &   R A N K S
The Badlands is situated in an abandoned beachside town abundant with oak trees, overgrown greenery, and even a few palm trees scattered alongside the beach. The weather is mild most of the time, and the humidity in the area is almost always present. Though, other than the occasional marine layer, the town is sunny and the temperatures are tolerable.

Bordering the city are grand hills and mountains that seem to stretch to the edge of the earth. And while they seem tall and grueling to climb, there is a pass that cuts through them, making travel easier on any foreign visitors; the base of these hills is considered the border. Typically, the territory is open, with the absence of armed guards or gates, although, there are daily patrols that pass by frequently. Also, at the base of the mountains is a small woodland in which fauna roam.

The streets are old and the once-vibrant structures are fading and chipping away with dwindling age. Most of the designs of the buildings in town are archaic, giving somewhat of an 'old-timed' look and feel. There are plenty of abandoned businesses and shops that people can live in or take over for themselves. However, as you travel more inland, the houses become more modernized. There are different rows of neighborhoods with one and two-story houses that can accommodate plenty of people.

The oceanside casino is considered to be a headquarters of sorts. Meetings, raid or patrol organization, and initiations are to be held in the conference rooms. The hotel, built on top of the casino, holds several stories of suites that come with the basics: beds, closets, and bathrooms. If you want to pass time by playing billiards or card games, there is a large casino on the lobby floor of the hotel.

Another addition to the territory is the ocean. this provides a source of fresh marine life such as fish, crab, lobster, and shrimp. There is a stretch of beach that travels all along the coast alongside also a harbor where a few boats are docked, which are commonly used for trading or shipping purposes if needed. There are also plenty of places to explore, such as cliffs overlooking the sea, and even hidden cave systems. Other animals tend to nest in these areas such as seagulls, squirrels, and even the occasional fox.

Essentially, The Badlands lives in a city sandwiched by the ocean and the mountains.
BOSS is exactly what the tittle suggests; head of the group, leader of the pack. Highly respected and widely feared, they are the one who makes the rules. To differentiate from regular members, the Boss wears a striped black and white bandanna.
( Catalyst, penned by Bryne )

SECOND IN COMMAND is the second highest rank amongst authority; in charge of helping maintain order around The Badlands, the Second in Command will serve as the Boss' right hand and a step-in for when the Boss is not available. They possess almost the same powers as the Boss, with the exception of holding meetings or accepting / denying alliance requests. To differentiate from regular members, the Second in Command wears a striped gray and white bandanna.
( N/A, penned by N/A )

THE COUNCIL will serve as the Boss' head advisers. Thoroughly trusted and the Boss' ear to confide in over political matters, ultimately, they are the group's voice of reason. They will also be in charge of dealing messages between The Badlands and other groups and arranging meetings for the Boss and other group leaders. These select members, without a doubt, possess great potential towards becoming future leader and are held as a prime example of what the Boss expects their soldiers to resemble. To differentiate from regular members, Councilmembers wear a striped purple bandanna.
( Salem, penned by darky )
( N/A, penned by N/A )
( N/A, penned by N/A )

OFFICERS are a combination of the previous ranks War Chief, Head Hunter and Chamber, and perform all of the duties of the old ranks, ranging from managing the group's supplies, organizing patrols, training newcomers and assisting with domestic and diplomatic matters. Tasks are given to individuals based on their capabilities to guarantee efficiency. To differentiate from regular members, Officers wear a blue striped bandanna.
( Michael, penned by aj. )

GRUNTS are The Badlands' general population. These are the people who have proven their loyalty to the Boss and are expected to obey every law as well as complete the tasks assigned to them. Though, unlike their superiors, they have yet to have been recognized by the Boss, and are constantly working towards making a name for themselves. Grunts that have proven themselves are given a red striped bandanna in addition to the necklace that all members get.

WORMS are considered to be the omegas of the pack; lowest in the hierarchy, and not yet to be named as an official member of The Badlands; they have yet to prove their worth to the Boss. They will ultimately serve as the group's scapegoats, not entirely protected by the laws, and are often prone to being targeted by other members. And until they cite an oath of unwavering loyalty, they are barred from receiving any promotions.
T R A D I T I O N S   &   P O L I T I C S
➫ You must show respect to the high positions, especially the Boss. failure to do so will result in disciplinary action that is entirely up to what the Boss feels is necessary.

➫ You must notify the Second in Command or the Boss of trespassers and visitors from foreign groups immediately. If they start to cause trouble, promptly bring them to the Boss.

➫ Report to the Boss or Second in Command if there is any suspicious activity occurring within the group or the territory.

➫ Betraying The Badlands is a grave offense. If done, you will be marked as an immediate threat, and depending on the severity of the action, you will either be sentenced into exile or executed. If sentenced into exile, then you become free game to those who're seeking to attack or kill.

➫ Dual-alliances are strictly prohibited as loyalty must only be sworn to The Badlands. However, they may be are possible if kept secret; just understand that those found guilty will be exiled or at risk to be executed.

➫ Violence occurring in the city is undoubtedly inevitable, but if it proves to be a problem and injuries/murders start to affect The Badlands' numbers and productivity, or you attack someone without first issuing a challenge (that must be accepted), there will be dire consequences that follow. However, if there is a reasonable excuse behind those actions, you may be pardoned.

➫ Do not share any sensitive information with foreign groups unless permitted by the Boss. Failure in abiding to do so will result in severe punishment.

➫ Raids and ally visits are only to be permitted by the Boss, though the Council will be in charge of delivering any messages to foreign groups, and typically a qualified Officer or Enforcer will help with any raid organization.

➫ Any outsiders are to be questioned and put under careful watch until loyalty is assured.

branded ➫ The Branded are the most legendary Badlanders, an example of exactly what everyone else should strive to be. It comes with a great deal of status and respect, and is marked by a brand. Only those of unquestionable loyalty that have shed blood personally and caused others to bleed on behalf of the Badlands will be considered for this title.

enforcer ➫ The Enforcers are Badlanders of any rank that the Boss trusts to enforce their rule and will often be expected to get their hands dirty more so than anyone else. They're marked with several spiked earrings, and are also given handcuffs to restrain enemies and dissenters as necessary.

medic ➫ The Medics are the group's healers, people that have proven themselves as capable of taking care of injuries and sickness. They're marked with a white armband.

raider ➫ The Raiders are experienced fighters and looters that have been in at least three raids and led at least one. They're marked with a skull patch on their clothing.

Traditions & Customs
member initiation ➫  To be considered a true member of The Badlands, Worms must go through an initiation process. The process is an exam hosted by the Boss, Second in Command, and Council where participants will be observed carefully after being issued a certain task under a given amount of time such as stealing valuable trophy items or goods from neighboring merchants, beating another Worm into submission, or taking out a member from a rival group of The Badlands. These are all given in order to test the participant's strength both mentally and physically; to see whether or not they're capable of handling and adjusting to the merciless lifestyle of The Badlands.

necklaces and bandannas ➫ All people that join The Badlands are given a necklace. It has a cord that won't break during day to day activities, but will snap if pulled hard enough. It has a small stone that is dull enough not to heart the wearer, but sharp enough that in an emergency could be used as a last-resort weapon at close range. Members that prove themselves as capable and dedicated members of the Badlands are given a red striped bandanna, though if they're promoted they are given different colors according to rank.

brands ➫ Badlanders that have displayed exceptional loyalty and dedication, that have spilled blood on behalf of the Badlands and lost blood for it, are offered the option to take on a brand that marks their achievements and sets them apart from everyone else, granting additional status and respect. It is also the sign of the Branded, the Badlands' most illustrious title.

seasonal tournaments ➫ A variety of games (fishing, sparring, hunting, kayaking/canoeing, and even surfing) will be available for those who wish to participate. Winners will also have a large set of awards to be given, such as special titles, temporary release from any duties, praise and popularity among peers, and potentially an opportunity to gain authority over regular ranking members.

summer tide ➫ Is a holiday held on July 21st, that celebrates and welcomes good fortune year round with a grand feast, the finest of music, and the fanciest attire. typically days leading up to summer tide are called Dog Days, in which they are laid-back and duties to perform will be minimal, which many seem to enjoy. Allied groups may also be invited to participate in this event as games will be open to play.

traditional holidays ➫ If discussed with the Boss traditional holidays will be celebrated as well; from Halloween parties to Thanksgiving feasts, to Christmas decorating and gift giving.

( Despite dismantling the mafia theme one of the previous leaders installed, The Badlands will continue to distribute goods and services to those who are willing to pay in return. They will accept a wide range of items and goods; food, clothing, jewels, and other resources from both allied groups and neutrals, or loner parties. They also dabble in product-making of their own )

liquor ➫ is typically brewed by Badlanders themselves or looted from merchants. Sold with a variety of options, you may choose to purchase these goods in single bottles, packs, or full cases.

drugs ➫ definitely one of the more pricier items The Badlands has available for purchase due to the scarcity of narcotics. These are commonly scavenged from old pharmacies and abandoned homes, while others are home grown; drugs for both recreational use and medical use are on the market.

hitmen ➫ want to hire a contract killer to do your dirty work? well, The Badlands is the place; it's their specialty.

weaponry ➫ from guns to swords, to axes to staffs; The Badlands has a vast arsenal. We are also capable of manufacturing bullets, though any orders may take a few days to a week to complete.
Allies are groups that the Badlands is friendly with and have close relations with; messing with allies will result in severe punishment.
( Flintlock Lodge )

Neutral groups are ones that the Badlands has a ceasefire with; any punishment for messing with them will depend on the situation.
( Northstar District )

Enemies are groups that Badlanders have free reign over; messing with them will almost never result in any sort of punishment.
( The Insurrection ; Los Santos; Any Not Listed Above )
C H A T   &   P L O T   &   S H I P
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