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IF ANY GROUP KNOWS hardship, it's flintlock lodge. its people are forged in ice, tempered in cold winter months that anybody else would avoid like the plague, slogging through snow as though the mountains are a paradise. life for them has never been easy - threatened by natural disasters and hypothermia, frostbite nagging at their heels, they have survived not knowing whether or not the next day will bring stability or starvation. for many, this would spell doom; they'd give up, they'd leave, they'd do whatever it took to make things simpler.

not flintlock. their home is found in the bitter cold, as crazy as that may seem to most, and though their land is frozen, their people are not. they are considered some of the kindest and most loyal, willing to do whatever necessary to protect their own. but make no mistake, these people are not ones to walk over; try to step on them and you'll find yourself with a broken foot.

( credit to this guide goes to lupine and van )


the landscape: a snowy creek. summer view. frozen lake.
brutal and harsh, the northern mountain air spares no lives that are unprepared. snowy pine forests dot the slopes, and the mountains are filled with creatures such as bears, elk, foxes, owls, and other hardy creatures. occasionally in the summer, the snow and ice melts, leaving meadows filled with wildflowers. a few freshwater creeks and small waterfalls cut through the territory. there's also a lake, which freezes in the winter, and thaws in the summer months, providing both ice skating and fishing opportunities. for white rafters, there's a fast moving river with rapids, but beware of the waterfalls! rafting is dangerous during the winter months, but daredevils still manage to do it anyways.

the lodge: lodge exterior. library. shared bedrooms. single bedrooms. foyer.
further up the mountain is flintlock's home, the lodge. a valuable rabbit breeding farm can be found in the basement, and a small barn provides shelter for hardy livestock. the large lodge itself has plenty of bedrooms, a kitchen with wood stoves, a library, and an infirmary stocked with first aid supplies.

the village. reference. typical hotel room.
this small town is mostly snowed in during the Winter, with the roads nearly unnoticeable beneath the ice, their only existence is maintained by the rare prints of feet upon them. in the summer months, the snow occasionally melts, but given the cold, an occasional thin crust still exists. there's a stable here where horses are kept, and a barn where the dogs are often bred. the village is largely abandoned in favor of the lodge, though regular trips are often made to tend to the animals and manage several of the homes that have been converted into greenhouses.
— isle of silver sands (trial)
— bluestem prairie

— northstar district
— the badlands
— camp apocalypse

— none

flintlocks current laws are a mixture between the old laws and several newly-implemented ones.

1. everyone is to be treated equally, no matter what gender, religion, sexuality, race, or any other differential factors
2. with the exception of extreme cases, outsiders are forbidden from entering the lodge until they have been disarmed.
3. fighting, whether verbal or physical, is not permitted without a justifiable reason (which will be assessed by the head and/or seconds in the event of a quarrel).
4. anyone taking more food than rationed out in times of shortage must work extra to provide the amount of food they took from the lodge.
5. attacking other groups without permission from the head is forbidden.
6. anyone who seeks shelter or asylum is to be accepted and hospitality is to be shown to all strangers who are not known to be a threat to the lodge's safety.

SKIPPER - The person in charge of flintlock lodge. can listen to input from the high positions and residents of flintlock, but all decisions ultimately come down to them. their word is law, and they can change flintlock as they see fit.
— hayley, played by van

GENERAL the second in command of the lodge. they help the head with various things, and have similar authority, though they cannot hold meetings, promote members, or lead raids without the head's permission. they answer to the head, but still help manage many high positions and the members.
— none, played by none

BOSWIN the middle ground between purser's and generals, these are members closely trusted by the skipper and general. given permission, these members frequently host raids, training sessions, and may lead patrols.
— edmund, played by truce

PURSERS the pursers of the lodge are high positions that are trusted by the head with various responsibilities, including helping members, welcoming new members, advising the head, and detaining violent or dangerous members or outsiders.
— brendan, played by hootowls
— miles, played by aj

ARBITERS the arbiters are members who've proven themselves loyal and hardworking. this is often a stepping stone, but some members may remain in this position permanently or for a long time, due to age or capabilities.
— harrison, played by inny

RESIDENTS the regular members of flintlock, who have no specific rank but may have any number of titles. they may leave the lodge and explore the mountain as they please provided they're staying safe and being responsible.

YOUTH the children of flintlock, who are considered too young to leave the lodge by themselves. there is no hard-and-fast rule, as it depends on the mental age of a child, and while children as young as ten may be considered residents, children as old as eighteen may still be considered youth.

ICE SKATING - when the lake freezes over in the winter, it creates a perfect ice skating rink. ice skates of various sizes can be found in the basement closet, and it's always important to ensure that the head or second have checked the ice to ensure it's thick enough.

SNOWMAN BUILDING - on days in which the winds have calmed and the ground is blanketed in snow, members of the lodge are given the perfect landscape to create snowmen and snowwomen. though you'll be hard pressed to find a carrot to waste as a nose, it's a perfect opportunity to get creative with the supplies on hand!

SUMMER CAMPING - as the mountain thaws in warmer months, it's common for groups from the lodge to trek a few miles down the mountain and set up camp for a few nights to enjoy the sunshine and fairer weather. sun bathing, swimming, campfires, and various other activities are common during these trips.

FISHING - fishing is an important part of this group, as it provides food. events based around fishing are often in the summer months, though there are frequently ice fishing events during colder months.

HORSE RACES - horses are occasionally raced along an old racing track in the village. it's a small track built by the flintlock residents, nothing more than a large oval surrounded by logs and stones to mark the path, but it does it's job. betting is often allowed for members of age, though it's rarely for reward and instead for fun.

WHITE WATER RAFTING - during the summer, the river thaws, leaving rapids worth rafting on. but those participating should always be wary of the strong currents, wearing life jackets and ensuring they know how to swim beforehand.

AMBASSADORS members responsible for helping maintain relationships between flintlock and allied groups. this includes regular reports to the head about the status of the allied group, helping the head arrange events between the groups, and keeping a close eye on the state of the allied group.

SOLDIERS members who are known for being excellent fighters. members with this title are allowed to hold training and sparring events without needed the permissions of a high position.

TEACHERS members who have a strong base of knowledge on a particular subject and frequently hold classes may receive this title.

LOYALISTS considered the golden residents, these are resident's who are active, have been long term members, and remain loyal through thick and thin, giving all they've got.

TRADER someone who frequently visits other groups to trade for supplies.

CARETAKER members who spend a lot of time caring for the animals of flintlock may hold this title.

DOCTOR members with medical training who can be trusted with helping and aiding the sick and injured.

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