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« on: January 05, 2019, 11:39:53 AM »
A bitter wind rustled pale blonde hair as an unfamiliar woman parked herself upon the border to the Badlands. Or at least, what she suspected was the border. A wicked grin spread her bright red lips as she slung her tattooed baseball bat over her shoulder and placed a firm hand upon her extended hip. Harley was an interesting sight, to say the least, in colorful clothing, her shirt reading, "Daddy's Little Monster', a purple collar around her neck with the bright words 'Puddin'' stretched across the fabric. Dark boots pressed into the grit, a silent impatient gesture, before she decided to speak.

"Come on guys, I'm waiting here!" Her shrill, agitated voice rang from her vocal chords, departing from cherry scarlet lips and into the cold wintry air. "Let me in so I can BASH SOME FUCKING HEADS IN! Hah." Short laughter, venomous and cruel, exploded from Harley's maw. She swayed in place, piercing blue eyes scanning the landscape. The woman smacked the bubblegum in her mouth, though it had lost it's flavor over time. She didn't seem to care.
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creed wasn't someone who stood out, at least she didn't think so. she didn't have bright hair or wear bright clothes, she just dressed in black clothes. her tattoos were the one thing that set her apart, but with the cold weather the most people could probably see were the small ones on her hands and the top of the one by her neck. she didn't mind it though. the less attention drawn towards her, the better.

"that's a bold first impression." she commented about harley wanting to be let in so she could 'bash some fucking heads in'. she stopped a good ways away from the newcomer just in case, her hands in the pockets of the leather jacket she had on. "who are you?" creed asked.
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Michael had taken more than one opportunity to slip away from the buzz of the hotspots in the Badlands, today was not an exception to his desire to find some sort of peace, if only for a second. Though, he had not found any, not since his day at the beach when he'd first met Catalyst. Much had happened since then, though. And with Creed back, Michael found it impossible to escape the past that he had been running from for so long.

There was only one option remaining, and that was face it. He knew that he wouldn't be able to avoid his past forever, though to have it come knocking on the door, well, that had been a surprise to him. Seeing Creed standing oh so casually at the boarder... with the intention of joining. It was shocking to say the least. He shook his head to clear it as a loud and obnoxious voice greeted his ears.

Bending his steps in that direction, he looked down at his side, his younger canine companion was still there beside him, looking quite eager to do something other than brood. He shook his head, and let out a soft breath, followed by a brief smile. Arriving on the scene, he crossed his arms over his chest, furrowing his brows as he took in the young woman before him.

Speak of the devil, his gaze flitted towards Creed and he breathed in deeply at her presence. Her response was relatively mild compared to what he had seen from her before, though, time changed everyone. Time had turned her from a timid child to a killer. And he had a hand in that. He inhaled sharply at the blatant memory, before letting his features sink back into it's unimpressed, featureless stare.

"As tempted as I am by the offer, I must decline your generosity." He replied dryly, narrowing his eyes. Yes, it was up to Cat to make decisions about joiners he was pretty sure, but it wouldn't hurt to figure something out about this potential member of the Badlands.
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Cat liked doing a sweep of the outer reaches of the Badlands at least once every day or two, even though if anything happened someone would come get them pretty quickly. Today something was happening, though fortunately no one had to come and fetch them - though if they'd gotten there a moment later, they imagined Michael or Creed (they would guess the former) would be off trying to find them.

"I certainly hope you mean my enemies' heads, and not the people that reside here." They said, stuffing their hands into the pockets of their jacket. Their style was far from as bold as the woman on the border's, though it was still distinct in its own right. After all, nearly every jacket they owned had some form of writing on the back, and this one said "DON'T LOOK BACK", though the last word was flipped and reversed, as if looking at it in a mirror.

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