Author Topic: WE WILL FIND THE STRENGTH --open, vampire au  (Read 105 times)

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WE WILL FIND THE STRENGTH --open, vampire au
« on: January 07, 2019, 07:13:09 PM »
tw: mentions of violence, bloodshed, death throughout the whole thread

Well, it was that time of the decade again; a large party was being held for all vampires on the north american continent, as well as any others who cared to fly out to attend. Russel didn't exactly like parties, but he wasn't going to refuse the invitation; it was being held by the Big Bad Vampire Boss this side of the world, or whatever they were formally called. Didn't matter, all that mattered was that he'd be in deep shit if he didn't attend.

So, about a week ago he'd set out. Since he'd looked like a fourteen year old for the past thirty years meant it was difficult to travel, and he wanted to have ample time to make sure he wasn't late; the party was being held over several nights though, just in case. He supposed Catalyst wanted to make sure everyone got the chance to attend and properly interact, for whatever reason.

Now he stood on the steps of a large Victorian-age mansion, reeking of old money and unnecessary luxury. It was early evening, and many people were just now arriving; some in fancy cars, others slipping out of the shadows to walk up the stairs to the home. The doors were open, and were flanked by two large men; human, since Russel could see their chests moving as they breathed. Probably acolytes of Catalyst, he'd heard that guy had enough charisma to once upon a time build a cult around himself.

Russel stepped out of the shadows and dusted off his sweater. He'd had to make the trek through a mix of public transportation and plane, and he was rightfully exhausted after it; he could feel the hunger gnawing in his stomach, and he hoped Catalyst had the sense of mind to have refreshments ready.

"Here goes nothing." Russel huffed. He jumped, hearing the crunch of a boot behind him and whirled around, ready to face whoever had the audacity to sneak up on him.

Quick rundown, everybody's a vampire all attending an "optional" / definitely mandatory party held by Catalyst who is the Big Cheese on the north american continent. Feel free to just make stuff up when it comes to powers and abilities so long as it's like, at least adjacent to a power depicted in modern adaptions of vampires. Except for Twilight, please don't have a sparkly vampire.
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Re: WE WILL FIND THE STRENGTH --open, vampire au
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2019, 07:37:42 PM »
Indeed, they'd possessed a fair bit of charisma back in their youth, though they suspected the notoriety they'd gained since the cult days had left many people unable to really buy anything they said. They still listened, of course, because cruelty had replaced charisma. They were cutthroat, perfectly content to slay their fellow vampire if it meant getting their power and influence, continuing on like this until those that remained took care to not become their next target. Even if that meant showing up at a place swarming with other vampires for seemingly little reason.

//Cat's inside the house so it's not them approaching Russel oops
and this ended up being a glorified track post which was. not my intention

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Re: WE WILL FIND THE STRENGTH --open, vampire au
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2019, 09:52:03 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Michael was, well, an oddity really. He never really wanted to be a vampire, though he supposed there were many vampires who felt the same way. Dark eyes surveyed the scene as he slipped from the car he had taken to this... more or less required party. He assumed it was a get together that Catalyst had decided to throw, gauging anyone who might become a threat in the present or future.

He, however, had few ambitions. Immortality might be very boring, but that did not mean that the man-well-vampire needed to obtain a crazy amount of power. He had been a career soldier, the best of the best... top of the heap and all that. He still didn't quite remember his transformation, or why. He would probably have survived the few bullet wounds that he'd received in that fateful fight.

But the next thing he remembered was waking up in a hospital with an insatiable thirst for blood. He was not proud of his actions after that and honestly tried to block them out, though the blood surrounding him, the nauseating feeling after destroying a hospital, killing most of the people there, it was a difficult memory to forget. The worst thing about being a vampire was that alcohol really didn't do anything, it sucked. He supposed it was a good thing, but he wanted to be drunk again, or at least buzzed. Even drinking strong alcohol didn't really have an effect on him, and instead, made him feel really nauseous.

He scratched the back of his head with his slightly jagged nails, sighing as he watched the other vampires as they arrived. The pretentious pricks, Mike had almost nothing in common with the majority of these undead beings. However, not being here would be a tactical error, and Mike was rather good at tactics, fighting, and all that. The worst thing about being immortal wasn't his need for drinking blood, he'd grown resigned to that (though he usually just raided hospitals or blood clinics) the taste of stale blood wasn't all that great, but he honestly didn't have time to go hunt someone and cover up their death, or well, weird memories if he somehow did not kill a person.

His roving eyes caught Russel's motion, and the pale man bent his steps in the direction of the boy. Well, Russel might be older than him in years lived, but he still looked much younger than Mike physically. He wore neat bluejeans, a grey tank top, and black combat boots. In all, he didn't look like the typical vamp who wore an Armani suit, and shoes that could be pawned for enough to feed a third world country.

He briefly smiled, though it looked fake, it wasn't that easy for him to be genuinely happy. "Can't wait to mingle with these assholes, can you." Was his query. It wasn't all that appealing to him either, but he preferred it to a brutal death, and perhaps he was afraid of dying, after all, vampire's did not have souls. It meant that he would be unable to... go anywhere other than hell.

And as a (still) devout Catholic, the vampire did not want that. Even at the thought, he shuttered and found himself crossing himself in front of this kid. Ah, well, there it was. He was an odd vampire, someone many would not think to ever run into. Perhaps he should have stayed in Denmark this time... at least there he could hide away and stay out of the spotlight.
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Re: WE WILL FIND THE STRENGTH --open, vampire au
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2019, 07:02:07 PM »
Russel doubted many chose the life they now lived; honestly, who would enjoy the idea of an eternal life slowly drifting away from your friends and family as they grow and you stagnate? Not to mention the certain living conditions, such as the diet and nocturnal schedule. Russel certainly hadn't picked this life for himself, but like many others he hadn't gotten a choice in the matter.

And, without many ambitions or aspirations for the world except for survival, it'd been a meager existence indeed. Occasionally he'd find a mortal who he could toy around with for a few years, but then he'd have to disappear when they noticed he never lost his baby fat and stayed stunted at the same height. He'd dabbled in crime, since he couldn't very well go into politics or get a proper job, but he never found much interest in running a criminal empire at the end of the day.

He was aware he was one of the more moderately aged vampires attending the party; he'd had to come to this stupid thing two times before, and some vampires were still, well, they were basically whelps in his eyes. He'd always told himself he'd never let any child he sired out of his influence for at least ten years, but he knew many vampires didn't share his values; plenty of orphans running around, with nobody to teach them so they simply had to figure it out on their own.

Russel greeted Micheal with a tight smile that didn't reach his eyes, which appeared dead for multiple reasons. "Not particularly, but it's a good place to make connections." Russel hummed, eyeing Micheal; he didn't recall if he'd ever met the man, which either meant he was new or Russel hadn't cared enough to remember him.

"Have we met?" He asked simply, expression sharp and calculating. He adjusted the cuffs of his jacket; dark and sleek, but a bit scuffed up from traveling. He hadn't gotten the chance to iron his clothes or anything of the sort while traveling, so his entire assemble was noticeably ruffled and worn.
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