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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

The man's hand had healed sufficiently for him to grip, even though it was his non-dominant hand, he still needed to use it when fighting, after all, taking the enemy by surprise was important. The soldier had just cut his hair, it as a bit choppy, but it looked decent for a guy who had done it with only a cracked piece of mirror. Sure he could have found another mirror, or even asked someone to trim his hair for him, but that seemed... pointless.

Michael sighed, he was standing in a well traveled area near the entrance to the casino. He had a roll with him, in it were many knives, and other weapons that could easily be used by inexperienced fighters, or persons who were too small to gain much advantage other than surprise, and perhaps speed. While his head still ached, and smiling, or well anything that raised the muscles on his cheekbone hurt like hell (that punch Russel had thrown at him while he was drunk had been quite good). The black eye was healing nicely.

He had set up a square, using stakes driven into the ground with a hammer, and had strung rope around to create an arena of sorts, a place not to be exited unless one wanted to forfeit. It was a pretty decent creation, and he knew that it would... or should help the Badlands stay sharp. After all, he wasn't going to take his new job of "War Chief" lightly, he never took anything lightly.

"ALRIGHT BADLANDS!" His voice boomed, echoing in his head and causing him to wince slightly, though since he'd gotten the attention he did not need to yell, so much as speak loudly. "If anyone wants to learn, brush up on, show off, or whatever, techniques of hand to hand combat and the like, get your weak asses over here!"

This was in his comfort zone, it was something he was good at, teaching, and insulting. He found that often the two together seemed to get better results than coddling, not that he'd ever coddled, the idea sickened him. Soldiers needed to learn pain, learn discipline. Realize that their life was worth nothing unless they actually applied themselves. And even then, well, they didn't always succeed.

"Come on pansies." He added, his voice raised a bit more. Sure he could be beaten, after all, he would be stupid to think he was the best fighter, there was always someone better. But he was pretty damn good (well when he wasn't extremely drunk.).
Michael Ford is a 45 year old, man, he's stubbornly loyal to whatever cause he chooses, protective of his family and friends, he's a grunt in the Badlands. Michael has issues controlling his anger in most situations. He is a difficult opponent and well trained, feel free to power play nonviolent interactions though.

Re: this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap >> open
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[ retro to his attack ]

The boy was feeling more confident about his skills in combat now. He had trained with several Badlanders, including Catalyst themself and even Lake. They were both good at fighting, and he felt that he had learned from each of them. Gabriel could hold his own in a fight now, now more cowering behind someone else or running from his problems. If he wanted to survive out in the rough-and-tumble of these streets, he needed to man up and confront everything that was thrown his way. It was going to be a long, tough road, but he believed that he could take it.

At the call for an apparent sparring practice, the ever-curious Gabriel made his way over and was a little surprised to see a boundary of sorts staked around the open area. There were even small weapons open for the taking; this was going to be a serious one, for sure. He hadn't a lot of experience with blades and such, except for throwing knives, but he had mostly focused on hand-to-hand stuff. Hopefully nobody would pull a knife on him, because he would surely not know how to react.

Pansies. As if. Maybe the old Gabe was what you would call a pansy, but now, he believed that he stood a fair chance in a fight against an opponent of similar difficulty. He was not afraid to throw a punch, and he'd prove it. The brown-haired boy came to a stop at the edge of the ring, holding his head up high and looking to Michael for further instruction.

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Re: this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap >> open
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Russel was an experienced fighter, and it was quite obvious from the way he held himself; confident but wary, footsteps light even when he was in a group setting. It was learned vigilance, from a harsh life; nobody had trained him to fight, he'd taught himself by getting beaten over and over until he could teach vile cruelty to as many people as he wanted.

He disliked Micheal, that much was evident to anybody who saw how the two interacted; Russel didn't have much patience for drunks, least of all people who acted like Micheal. That didn't mean necessarily Russel didn't trust him; he trusted Micheal to do whatever Cat told him to do, and to hurt people if given the chance. So yeah, him and Micheal had issues.

He heard the bellowing yell of Micheal, and internally felt his mind shaking like an earthquake. His body moved on autopilot, coming out of whatever hole he'd crawled into to hide and into the daylight. Russel took point beside Gabriel, his thoughts jumping around in his head like jelly being whipped in a blender. He didn't speak, only stared at Micheal; a silent question if he wanted a matching bruise on the other eye.
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Re: this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap >> open
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Michael frowned as two boys approached, one was Gabriel, a boy who he felt a certain interest in, and then Russel, a boy who he could easily forgo knowing. Though the black eye which was still quite visible on his face was a stark reminder that he did, in fact, know Russel. He nodded his head to each in turn, however, showing neither boy more attention or favor. It was an important point with him, not treating any two persons different in a situation like this. It had nothing to do with his personal biases, and everything to do with making sure that the residents of the Badlands were sufficient enough to defend themselves even when surprised.

Instead of doing something like throwing an object at either of the two, or both, he restrained himself. After all, throwing a knife at Russel would probably be frowned upon in this specific scenario. Frowning he though to himself for a few moments. "If you're here thinking that you know it all, are confident in your abilities to fight off any random stranger, or even a badlander, then you need this more than the people who are uncertain in their abilities." He started, there were others gathered now.

His eyes flitted to Russel, just because the boy had gotten a decent punch in when Mike was inebriated did not mean that the boy was ready for what the world would throw at him. "You won't always be able to hide behind a stronger person to defend you, or hide behind a weapon, whether it's a gun, knife, or machete." He paused, letting those words sink in. "Learning to dissect your opponent in the moment, or even before you enter into a life and death contest with them is much more important than any weapon, or mastery over it."

He thought back to his own experiences of fighting hand to hand combat, or even fighting unarmed against an armed opponent. "You might never need to fight without a weapon, but you will sure as hell need to fight with this." He pointed to his skull grimly. He was not trying to toot his own horn, honestly, in his mind, this had nothing to do with him, and everything to do with preparing people how to survive.

Scratching the side of his nose with his pointer finger, the man took a few moments to let his first few sentences sit in before he continued. "With that in mind, I want you to remove all weapons from your person before we start this exercise." He smiled humorlessly at the group, his hands nonchalantly in his pockets as he spoke. "I want to gauge your knowledge of simple self defense, and offense too, though the former is the more important of the two in nine out of ten situations."

He looked from Gabe to Russel, it was certainly important for the newly minted high position to learn more defense, and also would do Russel some good to learn more techniques. Though he knew they might be used against him at a future date. This was for the good of the group as a whole, it had nothing to do with little prejudices... or big ones. And everything to do with their preparedness as a whole. "If you want to pair up that's cool, if you want to practice one on one with me, that's also easy enough to arrange." The man finally finished as he, himself took the gun strapped over his back off.

And then began to empty his pockets and belt of various, random and assorted weapons. There were certainly a good number of weapons that he had on his person, not to mention the ones that he had stashed back at his house, and here and there in the Badlands. He finally finished by rolling up his pant-leg enough to show his shin, and pulling a pistol from the secure holster strapped to his leg, before pulling the pant leg down.

Michael now had a neat pile of weapons beside him, and he patiently waited for the others to follow his example. Even unarmed the man was still a rather formidable foe, perhaps not against a sniper, or someone of equal skill, but to those who were not forged in blood and battle, he was probably an intimidating foe.
Michael Ford is a 45 year old, man, he's stubbornly loyal to whatever cause he chooses, protective of his family and friends, he's a grunt in the Badlands. Michael has issues controlling his anger in most situations. He is a difficult opponent and well trained, feel free to power play nonviolent interactions though.

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Re: this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap >> open
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warning for a joke about cutting anyone that touches them

Cat had debated whether or not to join the little training session. They weren't so arrogant to think that they didn't need the practice, but they were lazy enough to not feel especially inclined to abandon their spot on the roof from where they'd been watching the assembly. Finally they descended the ladder and walked over, arms crossed over their chest. "I'm not a pansy." They said with mock indignancy. "If I was a flower, I'd be a rose. I look pretty but if you touch me I'll cut you." At Michael's request that they disarm themself, they heaved a great sigh and started removing the various knives and daggers kept on their person, piling them up separately from Mike's.

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