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better outrun my bullet >> bar au; open
« on: January 08, 2019, 04:58:58 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

It was an interesting reflection, why the devil he was working here. He didn't look much like the kind of man who'd be an employee of some rich jackass party boy. Probably from inherited money. But it seemed that he was. It was a relatively long story that he didn't have time to go into today, it was hard enough staying away from alcohol, but to be working in a nightclub that served a lot of said alcohol, that was much worse.

He supposed being sober didn't matter as much now, his life had fallen to shreds with or without it, and even being off the substance now wasn't about to get him his life back. So he was here, security, or something of the like, here at this nightclub. He did a bit of everything, being the bouncer when the person needed a break, bartending, though Creed usually objected to his being near alcohol, she was probably right.

He threw out the occasional drunk, that was the most fun he had working here. Well that and his ongoing bets with Creed on the obvious (and not so obvious) tinder dates that went down. Whoever thought to bring a first date to a noisy nightclub was not all that intelligent. He grinned to himself momentarily before peeling off the wall and grabbing the collar of some outrageously drunk man who had been about to throw a punch.

The man spluttered, "Oi mate! Whas'all this for?" His words were annoyingly slurred, but having been this drunk, Mike knew what the man was about, not that he sympathized with him. Hell, he hadn't ever sympathized with himself while drinking. "Time to go." He said briskly, half escorting, half dragging the man from the premise and shoving him out the door. "Go to hell fat fucker!" Was the winded hiss that the former patron shot back at him. He flashed a grin to the bouncer on duty, and then looked seriously at the long line of people. "Drink responsibly, yeah?"

He winked at no one in particular, before popping back into the building, his hands in his pockets, his features unreadable, and a cheerful whistle escaping his lips. He turned his stride towards the bar where Creed seemed to be talking to another person, whomever it might be, it didn't matter all that much to Mike so long as they stayed away from his goddaughter during her off hours.

He was, perhaps, a tad overprotective, though he never cared to admit it, at least outloud, to anyone. "I'll take a coke if it's not too much trouble." The man requested of his friend, and partner in crime (not that they ever broke the law, no, they would never do that). He pressed his elbows on the edge of the bar and leaned against the surface, waiting for Creed to reply.


[ please wait until finny posts with creed. ]
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Re: better outrun my bullet >> bar au; open
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2019, 01:28:36 AM »
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Re: better outrun my bullet >> bar au; open
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 08:03:49 PM »
creed hadn't always wanted to be a bartender. as assumed most kids didn't grow up wanting to be one, they probably came about it by just needing an easy way to make cash. her story was similar to that. being an artist wasn't a very practical way to make a living, it took most people years to become known. so she turned to this - which she didn't mind at all. she liked working at night. plus, watching drunk people make fools of themselves was a nice added bonus.

she was never big on drinking herself. sure, occasionally she'd tap into the wine she had but even that was a rare occasion. creed hated not being in control of what she did. being drunk made you sloppy and that wasn't a fun thing. well, to some people it was. just not for her. she had seen countless awkward situations in the bar to know that's not where she wanted to be.

the tall woman stood behind the bar, leaning against it as her eyes squinted some at the drunk guy who was attempting to hit on her. only a few years ago, she would've been quick to put him in his place but, creed simply just didn't care anymore. she was tired. as long as they didn't bug her too much, she'd let them do all the talking they wanted.

the oh-so-familiar voice of michael rang out and she just turned away from the guy before walking over to stand across from mike instead. "it actually is too much trouble." creed mentioned to him, yet already reaching for a cup. "you're asking a lot from me, old man." she filled the cup up with coke before sliding it over to him. "if i catch you drinking anything with even the slightest bit of alcohol in it i'm gonna kick your ass."