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Gabriel had been unofficially assigned to, well, look after the newest addition to the Worms. Nobody else wanted the responsibility of looking after and checking on the feisty little girl that had been taken prisoner just last week. She had a ferocity that could not be matched, not even by the "big, bad wolves" that these guys called themselves. Gabriel felt that he could handle this, though, seeing as he had dealt with a little sister before and wanted to do well in his new position.

He watched, arms crossed over one another, as Sade hauled a bucket of ocean water from down the beach. She set it down and then proceeded to strain herself, lifting it up and shakily pouring the contents into a barrel. Her hair was frizzed, hands dirty, arms skinny and weak. She turned to Gabe and huffed, "Think I could sit down now? Sheesh. I got like 5 buckets already." She had been tasked with gathering water for desalination. To be fair, five buckets was a fair amount for the time she had put in that morning, and was about to dismiss her when he heard some faint gossiping from behind him. Two grunts were murmuring to each other as they leaned back against a building, though not softly enough that Gabe couldn't overhear some of their conversation, "Can't believe Cat made this kid a Chamber." "What's so good about him, anyways? He looks like he wouldn't even hurt a fly."

Gabe did not turn his head, but he instead paused and pursed his lips as thoughts buzzed in his brain. People were doubting him, that was surely a given. Adults didn't tend to take children holding a more superior status over them very well. Then again, he was not a child. Not a silly, innocent boy who roamed fields and picked daisies all day. He deserved to be respected in their eyes, he told himself. Therefore, he ordered Sade, "One more." However, it was met with resistance, "Come onnn!" He heard some mumbling from behind him again, and he immediately retorted in a harsher tone, "Did you hear what I said? I said to go get another bucket of water."

Well, dang. That was enough to get Sade to budge. She picked up the bucket handle in her small hand once more and grunted, "Whatever you say, Your Majesty." As she walked by and stuck her tongue out at him, Gabriel responded with, "You know, you're lucky. Considering everybody else here, you're getting off easy." Somebody else might have lost their temper and snapped her arm already.

"Yeah, 'cause you have no backbone."

This time, he was being directly targeted. Gabriel turned around to face the older grunt, his brows furrowing. Maybe he was being bold, maybe he was feeling a bit full of himself, but he dared reply, "Okay, Smart Alec, you can do something useful and go check the borders." They could at least do something else instead of just sitting there and mocking his every move. And, as expected, the grunt growled, "You gonna try and make me?" It seemed that nobody took him seriously around here, not even the Worms. So, the teenager stepped forward and said icily, "... Maybe I will."

Thankfully, their friend had stepped in as well and hissed, "Come on, we have better things to do. Besides, we don't want Cat losing their shit if we mess with his little prodigy." They cast a hardened stare at Gabriel before beckoning for the other to follow. And they did, though not without shooting one last glare at the Chamber before heading off in the other direction.

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Cat hadn't been watching Gabe and Sade for very long, just long enough to get a sense for how hard they were willing to work her. It wasn't very entertaining, and they were about to break off once they saw whether or not Gabe would allow the girl a break, when the two Grunts started muttering to each other. Their eyes narrowed as they listened, but they remained silent in their hiding place. The words seemed to spur Gabriel on, for he insisted that Sade get another bucket before rounding on the Grunts. Much to their surprise, they listened. Once the two had buggered off, they stepped out and walked towards the Chamber.

"I'd offer to tell them to fug off, but that'd only make things worse for you. You don't want me fighting your battles." In situations like this, the big dog's protection only made the little dog a more enticing target. "I might have to have a word about misgendering me, though. See if they like it when I - nevermind." Whatever they'd been planning to say, they apparently deemed it unsuitable for Gabe's youthful ears. Though, there was a fair bit of what they'd like to say that wasn't suitable for the youth. Oh well.

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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Michael had silently witnessed this interaction from the shadows. Perhaps it was creepy, no it definitely was creepy, but he liked being the eyes and ears of a place. So, he had watched the conversation with some interest mentally jotting down a few notes about the teenagers in his head. It was only after the situation had ended, and Cat themself had walked up to the scene, that Michael finally peeled himself away from the wall he had been leaning on.

Michael listened to Cat's words and nodded his head, it made sense, if Cat fought Gabe's battles for him, well then they'd keep calling him "Cat's" protogee. However, if someone else were to, say, teach those little shits a lesson, then it wouldn't full upon Cat's shoulders. Sure the boss would eventually find out about it, and who had done it, it wasn't like Cat was dumb or anything. The boss knew about him and Russel... then again, that was completely different.

Or was it? Mike wasn't all too certain. Though he supposed he was grateful to the boss. For that, at least. The rest of the leaders qualities were less attractive, such as the murder of the bunny... Powderpuff... Snowball, Fluffybutt, Mike actually didn't know the name of the creature, not that he felt bad about that, though he supposed he should if he felt a sting at the death of the critter. The bunny hadn't done anything wrong, but as Cat pointed out, it's person had, and the best way to torture someone was through that which they loved. It was classic punishment/torture/interrogation 101.

His eyes strayed from one to the other, and finally he snapped out of his inner dialogue. Honestly, he spent too much time in his head. Though, it was better than breaking skulls... some people had told him. He wasn't entirely certain that talking, and using words instead of violence really was the answer. Why not just use both? "Cat makes a solid point, I have confidence that you are perfectly capable of fighting your own battles, and holding your own." That being said, I will hunt down those hooligans and make them suffer for being such little wastes of space, and if they want to stay here in the Badlands, then they are going to learn some goddamn respect, or die trying.

The last part was himself talking... to himself, he didn't care to share this part with the group. "I can round them up for you if you'd like to talk to 'em boss." Michael added after a moment of silence.
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