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A place to store drabbles, oneshots, and whatever for interactions between Gabriel and Sade. Honestly I don't care about post length or writing style on here because I only care about the content.

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1/16/19. 6:40 PM.

Sade was tired. Dry, salty sweat was plastered onto her skin and wetting her pits, her hair a frazzled mess and her hands dirtied and sore from working all day. Gosh, these Badlanders sure had a lot of chores to do; why couldn't they do it all themselves? Either that or they just made up dumb tasks for her to complete as a form of busywork. Either way, she was beat for the day.

Soon came the boy, her unofficial "supervisor" of sorts. Hell, he only agreed to check in on her because nobody else cared to do it. He carried a small bowl of rice complete with about three chunks of chicken atop it. The little girl eyed it before commenting flatly, "You want me to chew your food for you, Your Highness?" However, Gabriel had learned to expect sass from her, so her sarcasm did not faze him. "Just take it, okay? The others would probably kill me if I gave you this much rice."

This prompted a raise of her eyebrows, and she hummed, "My hero." She pursed her lips and took the bowl quietly, not meeting his gaze. She paused to cough into her elbow, and then proceeded to grab the fork and stab into the chicken. "It's a lil' burnt. My Mama burnt the chicken but only sometimes on the edges so it--"

"Look, just... eat. And sleep. That sound easy for you?" Gabe cut in, brows furrowing. He'd be willing to bet that he'd receive even more crap for just conversing with Sade. She was quite chatty, he found, but it was all better if she just kept to herself... for her own sake ( and his sanity ). "I'll be back tomorrow." 8 AM, sharp. Just like always.

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1/17/19. 8:49 AM.

He knew that she was going to give him crap for this, being late. Gabriel had kept up with being on-time ever since Sade had first arrived in the Badlands, but today things had gone a little differently than planned. He briskly walked towards the outskirts of the town where the young Worm made a shabby residence in a near-collapsed shack. She was outside already, squatting on the ground and swishing around a cup of juice. "I thought His Highness always arrived at eight o'clock, sharp." Teased the young girl, which the older boy had responded vaguely, "I got a little sidetracked."

Hm, well she didn't think much on that. Shrugging, the Worm chirped, "Well while you were busy doin' that, I made some orange juice à la Sade." She held up a small container of borderline-mushy mess of a beverage, with soggy pulp and all. Gabriel blinked, and responded flatly, "Looks tasty." He didn't even want to know what that tasted like. "Uh.. Today, I want you to—"

"Hol' up there. I ain't goin' anywhere until you try some." Sade interrupted, folding her arms and cocking a brow in an expectant fashion. Gabriel was... caught off-guard by her words. He was the one that told her what to do, not the other way around. ".. I don't want any." And he was serious. "I'm not movin', Rude Boy." Sade responded, also quite serious. Worm or not, the girl was stubborn and determined to get something out of this for herself before she slaved all day.

Okay, whatever. If it would get her to move on, then so be it. Besides, wasn't it just orange juice? Gabe took the cup from her and looked into it, the freshly-squeezed project completely unappetizing. He managed a sigh, and he took a drink before almost immediately wincing and scrunching up his nose and eyes. "Wow, that's.. bitter." He commented, sneering and smacking his lips as if to neutralize the acidic contents remaining on his tongue and lips.

Bitter? Sade almost scoffed at this utter dismissal of her hard work. "These oranges looked ripe to me!" Gabe pursed his lips and gave her back the cup before shrugging. "Apparently they weren't." Oranges were newly in season around this time of year, so it was possible that her harvest just hadn't ripened enough yet. "The darker ones are sweeter." He advised, in which she mumbled in reply, "Well... Couldn't reach the dark ones." She sniffled, as her nose was runny, and wiped it with a balled-up tissue fished from her pocket.

Gabriel took this moment to think, and he concluded, "Okay. Your task for the day is picking oranges—the ripe ones." Sade looked up at him, as if he was crazy. She couldn't reach those dang oranges, not unless she knocked them down with a stick or something. "Do I gotta repeat myself? I can't reach 'em!" Beginning to walk in the directions of the garden, Gabriel shrugged and replied,"That's what I'm here for."

The Worm chuckled, and she managed to snort, "Hah! Keep dreamin', Shorty." He was only like a foot or so taller than her, and she knew for a fact that he couldn't reach the ripe oranges near the top. To this sarcasm came an even sassier response from Gabe, who simply arched a brow. "Or I can ask Cat for another job for you instead." Challenged he.

Well, Sade was quick to take back her words. "Uhh, nevermind! You're not that short. You're as tall as a giraffe! No, a tree! One of them biiig palm trees, the ones that the birds live in and stuff." She rambled on as they walked.

That day, on Thursday the 17th of January, Sade learned how to pick ripe oranges off the tree.

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1/28/19. 10:01 AM.

Sade had learned how to pick plenty of ripe oranges, thanks to Gabriel. She could live off of these for the rest of her days if that was what she was doomed to. She didn't mind, these things were full of juicy-goodness.

However, when she wasn't looking, an older and bigger member of the Badlands had come around and swiped a handful of oranges from Sade's little pile. She turned around, brows furrowing, and dirty hands outstretching as if to grab them back. "Hey! Those are mine." She exclaimed. She had worked hard at harvesting those, and if people kept on taking stuff from her, then she would surely starve to death. The man had responded with a sneer, "Too bad, worm." Geez, these Badlanders were buttfaces.

And then, coming to her rescue was none other than Gabe ( the only person in the whole group who actually cared enough to check up on her every day ). Standing his ground, holding his head high, he glared at the older person and demanded, "Give those back, now." Nobody was to mess with Sade unless she committed a crime against the Badlands as a whole. Otherwise, worm or not, it was not fair at all to steal from her when she put in the work. In response to Gabriel, the man snorted, "Or what, kid? You gonna tattle on me?"

Within seconds, Gabriel had stormed forward and knocked the fruits from his hands. "What the-" The Officer gave him a harsh shove backwards, hands balled into fists and blue eyes glistening like icicles up at him. "Get out of here or else I'll make sure you get punished." He firmly ordered, and the man complied ( albeit bitterly ).

Gabe watched as he stormed off, and Sade could only watch with astonishment. "Gee... thanks..." She breathed, crawling forward to gather the oranges from the ground. She went into a brief coughing fit and managed, "I didn't think you had that in you." Gabe pursed his lips, glancing down before trailing his gaze over to the Worm. "Yeah. Apparently I do." He said, albeit quietly. Something about that didn't feel great but... at the same time, he felt empowered.

Noticing her sniffling again, he asked, "Are you okay?" She appeared to be hacking and coughing a lot as of late. Sade sighed, and answered, "Y.. Yeah. Just a cold, I think." A seasonal cold was not uncommon, and to that he would suggest, "Well, keep on eating those oranges. They'll help." With that, he was off. He didn't want to stick around, not after what had just happened between him and the Grunt.

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1/28/19. 8:58 PM.

They were out staring at the stars. Gabriel had uncharacteristically paid Sade a visit during after-hours, but he figured that the little girl could use some company, especially since she was sick and all. He made sure to keep a safe distance so that he would not catch anything, but close enough to converse with her. He had, admittedly, grown quite fond over her. Anyone who disagreed with him could shove it, as far as he was concerned.

"You seem like a nice boy." Said Sade after a few moments of stargazing in silence, a small makeshift fire crackling by their feet. She sniffled, as some mucus had formed in her nasal passages. She turned to him, cocking her head. "Are you nice?"

"... I dont know." Gabriel answered slowly, as if he were actually evaluating his response. The answer did not come easy nowadays.

Sade blinked, and after a few moments, mused, "You know, my brother Thomas would always act so big and tough, but mama would always get him to crack." She appeared to crack a grin at the thought of her sibling. She turned to the older boy again. "Do you have any sisters or brothers?"

The Officer seemed to answer more easily this time. He replied, "I have a sister. Abby." He never talked about his family at all, really. It had been a long time since that name had rolled off of his lips.

Sade managed a small smile, and she shifted on her bum. "Mm, I've always wanted a sister." She stared out at the sky, and asked, "What is she like?"

"Sweet, charismatic... a bit of a pest." Gabriel said, giving a pointed look towards Sade. In many ways, she reminded him of Abby. Perhaps that was why he had taken a liking to her. "But I do miss her." He sighed, and brought his knees closer to his chest.

Noticing how his overall mood had dimmed upon thinking of his little sister, Sade blinked and studied him for a moment. She murmured, "I think she misses you." And, in her heart, she knew that he was truly a nice boy ( even if he did not admit that ). There had to be more to him than just being stubborn and Mr. Grumpy-Pants all the time. "I miss my brother, even if he was a big meanie sometimes." She tilted her head back, as if contemplating something. Gabriel noticed this, and wondered if he should ask about her family, but he decided against it right now. He didn't want to open the floodgates, not for a little girl who was just trying to enjoy the stars.