Author Topic: YOU'LL WISH THAT YOU NEVER DID [punishment pt. 1]  (Read 220 times)

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YOU'LL WISH THAT YOU NEVER DID [punishment pt. 1]
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:06:21 PM »
//uhh hoo boy okay trigger warnings for making someone sick/throw up, humiliation, forced labor and threats of gun violence. Also probably references to violence and death too
//tl;dr will be at the bottom

They'd hadn't visited Jeremy since having Lake and Michael imprison him. Every few days they'd have someone go bring him water and food, just enough to keep him alive. No more than what Catalyst had been given when Jeremy was their warden. They let people mention them, let them talk about what they had done to Sheogorath and Michael, what they had done to Nathaniel and everyone else that had attacked the Badlanders. They let Jeremy's mind go to the darkest places it was capable and then find even more depraved depths. They let the fear and anticipation build. That in itself was its own form of hell.

But now it was time to move into the next.

The moment they stepped into the warehouse, his gaze snapped to them. "Catalyst!" They gasped, voice choked and hoarse. His eyes landed on the plate in their hand. His stomach growled and he licked his lips. "Please just let me explain."

They shook their head. "No time for that. Eat up, we've got a busy day ahead of us." They set the plate of food down just within reach of the chains. Jeremy eyed him, then moved forward and took the plate, darting back before hunkering down to eat. Cat clasped their hands in front of them, watching patiently as Jeremy devoured the first good meal he'd had in weeks. Then, when the man started retching, they remained unmoved, looking on serenely as he threw up what he had only just ate.

When he was done, Jeremy looked up at Cat with the shine of tears in his eyes with the darkness of hatred for a backdrop. "You're a bastard."

Cat adjusted the sleeves of their jacket. "I assure you my parents were married both at the time of my conception and of my birth." The high school romance that would last a lifetime; that's the story that they had always been told. And who were they to claim any different? It was the single speck of romance in their life, and it wasn't even really theirs. It had to do with them, but it wasn't theirs. "Iggy, on the other hand," they chuckled privately to themself. (His last name was Bastard.)

"Iggy! C'mon in." He entered, carrying another plate of food. Cat took the plate and set it down. Jeremy narrowed his eyes at them. "Yes, I know, I betrayed your trust and now I'm trying to get you to trust me again. Eat it or don't, up to you. What comes next won't be fun either way, but it'll be worse on an empty stomach."

He took a moment and seemed to weigh his options. After a minute of deliberation he seemed to decide that Catalyst wouldn't pull the same trick twice in a row (though unbeknownst to him they had pulled the poisoned food trick before) and this was one of those times that taking the leader's advice would be better for him in the long run. And it was. They always offered some hint to make things slightly bearable.

When Jeremy finished eating, Cat glanced over their shoulder. "Gabriel." They called, and the Officer walked in, holding a leash with a dog collar attached and a gun. Jeremy's eyes widened.

"No." He said, pressing his back against the wall as if that would save him. "Come on, Cat, don't."

"Come now, Jeremy, surely you knew this was coming?" Cat asked, taking the leash from Gabe and advancing on the man. This is what he had done, all those months ago, when Tyd ordered that Catalyst collect scrap metal. This was a revenge that was a long time coming, for what he had done to Catalyst, not Molly.

They could tell by the look in his eyes that he did. "Are you gonna make him get on all fours too?" Iggy asked. They glanced over at him, his face was turned towards Jeremy but his eyes were on Cat, a glint of curiosity in them. His brows were furrowed and his lips stretched in concern - for what, they didn't know.

"No, but I might make him beg." Cat replied with a smirk. They pulled him away from the wall and fastened the collar around his neck before removing the chains. They stepped back and took the pistol from Gabe; weighing it in their hands and inwardly recoiling. Ugh, they detested these. They glanced at the boy; his face was blank, whatever he was thinking, he had a poker face to rival Cat's own.

"Cat," he pleaded, a note of desperation entering his voice. Cat beamed at him, but at the same time he hefted the gun and pointed it at Jeremy.

"And this, kids, is an example of improper gun etiquette. Never aim at something you don't intend to shoot. I don't intend to shoot him unless I have to, though, so I guess it's a gray area." They smirked, checking the safety before stuffing the pistol in the back of their waistband; they didn't have a holster, but it wasn't entirely necessary for today, was it? Well, yes, but they were the bad example of how to handle guns. Not the good one.

Jeremy seemed almost resigned, now. "What are you going to make me do?" He asked, gaze cast downwards.

Cat smiled cheerfully at him. There was something savage about their smile, and Jeremy looked as if he already regretted asking. "I think I'll have you collect wood. I'm feeling like a big fire."

He squinted at them. "A fire or... a pyre?"

Their cheerfulness only seemed to grow, which made the man pale. "Depends on how well you behave." They tugged on the leash and started walking towards the door. "Let's go." They didn't really care if Gabe and Iggy followed; frankly the only person they specifically didn't want witnessing this mess was Molly, and they'd arranged it so that her and Michael would be having tea. They wouldn't have long, but Cat had instructed the Officer to keep her distracted until they told him to stop. Or however long Molly would stand for whatever nonsense he used as a distraction.

They led the way out, though once they reached the trees and Jeremy had to start working, he went out in front. gathering whatever loose sticks were on the ground first. Cat kept up their jovial attitude, but it wasn't long before they noticed that Jeremy seemed to be testing the leash. They drew the gun and clicked the safety off. "I wouldn't advise taking that off. You can try to run and I'll shoot you somewhere minor, then make you keep working. Let's not waste the bullet."

Jeremy glared back at them. "I was only ever following orders. I did what Tydeus wanted me to do, I did what you wanted me to do. You've got a problem with getting treated like a Worm? Talk to the guy that made you one. You wanna pick favorites outside of our group? Fucking pick them before you tell us we're supposed to fuck with them."

Cat gave a bored yank to the leash. "Tydeus is off gallivanting with the man that ruined his life and I've got no patience for that bullshit. Otherwise I'd be quite content to give him a piece of my mind. As for picking favorites, you're the one with the rotten luck of picking the one person that would land you in the shithouse for touching. Besides, I had no idea if she was alive or not." They paused thoughtfully. "I guess I should thank you, though. Without you I wouldn't know she was still alive, and I wouldn't see her again." At least there was one good thing that had come of Jeremy's sins, though he didn't do it in a preferable way.

He seemed to latch onto that as he spun around, desperation in his eyes. "Yes, exactly, I reunited you with your mother!" They brought up the gun so that he couldn't get any closer and he froze.

Catalyst tilted their head to the side. "You still abused me and broke her arm." Jeremy swallowed. They could see the wheels turning in his head, thinking that maybe Cat's payback would be equitable, some labor and imprisonment and a broken arm, and then he could rejoin society again. After all, once Sheogorath and Michael had endured their punishments, they'd been allowed to continue on. "Get back to work."

//tl;dr is that Cat's been keeping Jeremy locked up, and this is the first time they've seen him personally. They gave him some poisoned food that made him throw up, then brought Iggy in with a non-poisoned plate. Jeremy ate that, then Gabe brought Cat a leash with a collar and a gun. Cat put the leash on Jeremy and is now forcing him to collect wood for a bonfire, threatening him with the gun if he tries anything. Feel free to have had y/c witnessing any or all of this from the point they left the warehouse.

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Re: YOU'LL WISH THAT YOU NEVER DID [punishment pt. 1]
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 10:01:34 PM »
claire loves u!
claire loves u!

❖ info.
He said he might make him beg, but to Iggy it had already seemed liek this Jeremy was indeed begging. But it was highly plausible that the persecuted was begging hard enough for Cat. Iggy hadn't been sure or remembered if there had been anything more important than lingering to watch the aftermath unfurl. Iggy found it might be a good way to get a read, or some kind of an idea, on the leader. Not to mention this Jeremy guy, since it didn't seem like Cat would be euthanizing him.

The blonde haired potato nearly released his poker face to screw into confusion. Was Cat... attempting to instruct the proper use of guns? Iggy didn't doubt that the skyscraper knew how to use them but the particular way he had been speaking on them today was... odd? However Iggy understood what he meant, pointing a gun at someone shouldn't be a joke. Though he wouldn't put it past Cat or some of the Bad Landers here. You point, aim, to shoot and kill.

Iggy's deep copper pools shined in intrigue, firewood. For a bonfire or a pyre, perhaps to ultimately inhumanely euthanize poor Jeremy after all. That kind of sounds fun to watch, Iggy admitted plainly in his recessive thoughts. Pale lips let a sigh slip to express mild annoyance realizing that he'd now have that thought swimming in the back of his mind all day until the fire happened and was over with. Cat's response to Jeremy didn't do any favors in tiding over his curiosity.

As Ignatius continued to sit or stand in to observe what went on between these two, or rather what Cat had Jeremy working like a dog for. Iggy understood that the man had been beaten and relatively starved, but the work seemed basic and easy to follow. This led him to believe nothing in the sort of rebellion would come to fruition while performing his labor- but he was wrong. Jeremy had apparently decided to test the tautness of his master's leash. To no avail, as Cat quickly acknowledged the stirrings with pointed gun and sound logic. Cat wasn't going to let this idiot get away. Iggy firmly believed he'd follow through with the process he'd explain would occur should Jeremy decide to try to make a break for it again.

But that wasn't even the juicy bit of their conflict Iggy had come to learn. Iggy had no knowledge of this Tydeus, or another man that was left unnamed and also involved in whatever the two had been referring to. Iggy was more shaken by the reveal that Jeremy was once Cat's torturer, and somehow the guy had been left alone until now. Iggy wondered how that was possible, he knew no leader that would let something like that slide. If a gang leader or authority was overthrown they were usually executed in some way if not exiled. Iggy wasn't about to verbally pick and prod with inquiries either, he'd continue to remain silent unless spoken to and remain observing.
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