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dance, dance, we're falling apart ( pafp )
« on: January 18, 2019, 08:25:59 AM »
// i've been wanting to write, i thought i'd write something that could go .. really any way the other person wants it to! the possibilities are endless folks

Adrian opened his eyes to a blinding world, one that he hadn't seen in a while and that he didn't really care to see. He was not very fond of being awake. Or of sunlight. Or of, generally, daytime.
This was a convenience, though. On his to-do list was grocery shopping, and he figured that it was better to get it done early. The store wouldn't be very crowded, he thought. 9 a.m. on a Sunday, everyone's in church. So he dragged himself out of bed and threw a hoodie over his messy clothes. Well. Not presentable, as his mother would have called it, but it was the grocery store. Who was going to see him?

The store was close enough to his apartment that he could walk there, so he did. It wasn't an interesting town, but he was a weirdly optimistic person and tried to make the walk fun. Hopping over cracks, watching for cool bugs on the sidewalk, pausing to pet a dog. He knew all the neighborhood dogs, their names, their favorite treats. He didn't have any on him today, but he promised a Pomeranian named Cupcake that he'd bring some next time.

A blast of cold air greeted Adrian when the doors slid open, and he sighed. Okay, this could be a quick trip if he really tried. Bread, peanut butter, milk, what else did he need? Eggs, he guessed, weren't bad to have on hand. Cheese. Shit, he didn't remember how much money he had. Okay, off-brand cereal next.
He closed his eyes for a moment, collecting his thoughts again. The grocery list in his head kept getting scrambled. And, God, grocery stores always play the worst music. Oh, but wait, there's a break from the awful country music. And... hey, he actually knows this song. Haven't heard this one in a while, he thought. He bobbed his head for a moment, then glanced around. No one was nearby, so he took a breath and started to sing with it. Quietly, not enough to disturb anyone, not enough to draw attention, but he was singing in public. He wanted to dance, but he wasn't good at it and did not want witnesses.
He had been singing for about 30 seconds when he opened his eyes again and saw someone at the end of the aisle watching him. His face started to turn pink and he stammered an excuse. "I- I just, um, I knew the song," he mumbled.

// duuude this is the most i've ever written for a RP thread i'm so proud of myself
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