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@annika @kohaku @keito you all already know about this; here it is.
@enkidu @gilgamesh @jeanne d'arc @anastasia n.r. @ereshkigal i dmed y'all but just in case.

if you were already involved in this before or tracked one of the old threads, i don't mind if you barge in and/or track this either — do as you like. c;

bringing back two plots, combining the two, and then throwing in a bit of 魔道祖師 / mó dào zǔ shī / the grandmaster of demonic cultivation because everything about that show has me absolutely hooked and i cannot let it go or take my mind off of it...and because i think it meshes really well with the other two.

plot number one, 東方的精神 (click HERE for the thread) is being combined with plot number two (the thread for that is HERE). we'll be incorporating several elements from 魔道祖師, such as the art of cultivation/exorcism, clan politics (already present in plot number two), and evil spirits/entities born of human bitterness and resentment.

the setting will be changed to ancient china (as i'm sure most of you now know from discord) for the purpose of keeping things consistent, so if any of you need help translating names, i'm happy to help — and i'm sure koha, anni, or keito could also help if i'm busy (pls help ur 姐 out a lil bit she's tired). uhhh, not entirely sure what era, but probably right after a warring period... that way the plot makes sense. we can decide on one later.

the plot is basically that of 魔道祖師. lots of resentful energy (a result of all the wars) giving birth to demonic entities, and it's affecting the balance of... basically everything. the different empires/clans/societies are all concerned about it, no one is unaffected. at the same time they gotta deal with politics and interpersonal relations... should be interesting and fun. :'^)

— THE EASTERN SEA: 瀚帝國 (the hàn empire - also known as the empire of the [eastern] sea) name of capital city: 仙珍珠 (xiānzhēnzhū) / corresponding region(s)/province(s): tbd
— THE MISTED HILLS: name (epithets) / name of capital city: name / corresponding region(s)/province(s): tbd
— THE FLOWERING DUSK: 精神帝国 (the empire of spirits, commonly referred to as 精神的天堂 [the paradise of spirits] among the locals) / name of capital city: name / corresponding region(s)/province(s): tbd
— THE ECHOING WOOD: name (epithets) / name of capital city: name / corresponding region(s)/province(s): tbd

of course, there's the overarching chinese culture, but china itself is actually very culturally diverse. there are so many different subcultures because of all the different provinces, born as a result of different dialects and different ways of life emerging. the four made-up groups we have all have different cultures and then we could probably incorporate the cultures of the corresponding provinces too.

wip, i'm gonna steal a lot from the thread for the first plot for this lmao.

wip - will probably resort to looking things up on the 魔道祖師 wiki and weibo pfft.

Spoiler: THE EASTERN SEA • show

Spoiler: THE MISTED HILLS (oh shit theres so mANY) • show

Spoiler: THE FLOWERING DUSK • show

Spoiler: THE ECHOING WOOD • show
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i'm here for literally every part of this

ty for this have some lwj x wwx gifs (lmao someone tell these lovebirds to stop fighting over the alcohol all the time):

also i'm about to send entire folders full of stuff for you for the territories so this is just a heads up

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tbvh the training sessions for the disciples of the different cultivation clans are all just going to be like this

bc of how strict they are RIP

sorry,,,,, but mdzs memes are like,,,, ,, tiger balm 4 my heart :'^))))

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Hi I apologize for intruding, I can delete after but could you please tell me what beautiful anime/manga this is from the pictures you can use and if this plot/thread would be open to others (a stranger such as myself)