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the creed of a seamstress [p]
« on: January 22, 2019, 12:08:24 AM »
Sometimes Ezra missed living in the better part of town. At least there, waking in the morning could be greeted with the sounds of birds and distant lawnmowers. Now, as he sat up in his bed groggily, there were no birds and certainly not a lawnmower. He listened to his morning melody of traffic honks and the gentle buzz from the window unit with an ounce of disdain. If there was one thing he disliked about his living arrangement, it was that.

Ezra groaned and tossed the sheets off of his stiff body. Last night he'd stayed up gaming until three and was a bit surprised and impressed he was still able to get up so early. Just as he was about to head into the kitchen for breakfast, his phone began to ring. Digging through the tangle of sheets, he pulled it out and held it to his ear in irritation.


"Ezzy! Man you're not gonna believe it. Delta Gamma is holding a major party tonight. Everyone's coming, and so are you."

"Jeez, Damian, I don't know. I've got a lot of shit to do."

"Like what? Getting fucked up on those pills again? I got three words for that: wet t-shirt contest. C'mon man please?"

Ezra looked at the phone in his hands with a hollow expression. Those had been his exact plans, but it seemed a little bit less depressing in his head. A sigh of defeat escape him. It sounded a bit fun, he had to admit.

"Alright I'm game. I'll meet you there at six."

"Don't be late!"


That was how most conversations went with his friends now. Especially Damian. Nearly every damn night it was always some other party, promising to top the rest before. It was monotonous, to say the least.

Reaching over to pull open his bed side drawer, Ez took a moment to admire his collection of bright orange bottles. They were his coffee in the morning and warm milk at night. His reason for living. Reaching over, he blindly grabbed one and tipped the contents into his hand. He swallowed two dry and shut the drawer roughly.

Just another day in paradise

His mind spat bitterly as he began to numb on the inside.


That night, Ezra pulled up to the bass booming frat house in his shiny black mustang. People were swarming across the lawn, red solo cups in hand as they chattered amongst themselves. He ran a hand through his frizzy curls nervously before parking and making his way inside.

Almost as soon as he walked through the door frame, Damian practically ran up to greet him. "Ezzy! There's the man of the hour! Thought you wouldn't show up for a second there." An arm locked around his shoulders as he was guided back into the kitchen.

"Well I heard wet t-shirt contest, didn't I? Of course I came." He remarked cockily as he followed him in.

"Knew you couldn't stay away!"

Ezra hung out with his buddies for awhile, drinking and occasionally trying to talk up a few of the girls. Even at a college he had no interest in attending, he was pretty well known. Especially for funding most of the drink runs that had ever been made on campus. It was probably the only reason he was even here.

When some time had passed, and he'd become pleasantly mellowed, Ezra broke away from his group to go hang out on the couch and hopefully catch a few minutes of the game. Football wasn't something that interested him at the best of times, but today he was feeling a bit sporty.

Settling in to the leather sofa, his eyes locked on the television with some interest. Hey, they weren't sucking so bad this time around.
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Re: the creed of a seamstress [p]
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The only reason Noelle was even at this party was because several of her sorority sisters were dating these childish frat boys, and being the first party of the year, she didn't really want to miss it. Not when she had the whole semester to study. One night wouldn't kill her, though maybe the high volume of noise would. The strong vibration of heavy bass forced her to sit down for a while and just observe. Girls walking by in skirts shorter than their hair, leading temporary lovers by the hand through the crowd. Noelle wondered how many babies would be conceived tonight.
Red Solo cups littered the room, some abandoned, some still half full. tons of empty ones littered the floor. She held her own, maybe half full with soda and a splash of vodka. Noelle was not a drinker, and she wasn't going to start now. The crowd seemed to intensify when someone walked in the door, and she recognized his features, but didn't know his name. His friends gathered around him and pulled him inside, leading him through the mobs of filthy dancing and chatter. Perhaps now the party would truly begin. Looking around, Noelle saw everyone except the one person she had come with, who promised to stay by her side. Parties made Noelle anxious, and unable to find her person, she felt her breath catch in her throat. She stood to go off looking, until the party man came back into the room with his own cup. He plopped himself down on the couch and watched.. football? Surely he was interested in literally anything else at this party? Drugs, girls, alcohol- who would be watching football?

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Re: the creed of a seamstress [p]
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There definitely were plenty of distractions at this party, but Ezra had been through so many just like it that everything just blurred into the background. He kept his eyes intently on the game, but movement in his peripheral made him briefly look away and lock onto a girl.

Hm, he'd never seen her around before. She was cute and looked a little bit confused. Perfect.

The sides of his mouth rose into a friendly dimpled smile. "Hey! I'm Ezra. Who do you know here?" It was hard speaking above the music and commotion, but he did so with a forced charm. The party was beginning to get dull for him, so why not see if he could end it on a good note?

The male scooted himself closer to the redhead and gave her another false smile. "Let me guess, whoever that person is brought you here and now has left you to fend for yourself?" Not that her lost puppy dog look didn't practically spell it out already, but he was pretty good at picking up vibes.

Ezra assumed himself correct and gave a sympathetic chuckle. "I relate to that, don't worry." That was a complete and utter lie. He was usually the one to do that to others.

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Re: the creed of a seamstress [p]
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Noelle was looking around wildly before grabbing her phone out of her pocket to text whoever had brought her when she happened to look down and see party guy staring at her. Had he said something? Because she certainly hadn't heard it. When he continued to look at her expectantly, she opened her mouth to say something, but he continued speaking. She had to lean in uncomfortably close to hear him. Realizing what he was getting at, she nodded. "Yeah, one of my roommates, she insisted i come, but this isn't really my thing. not to be boujie or anything, but i have better things i could be doing," she smiled slightly, sliding her phone back into her pocket.  Looking down at her hands and the dainty rings that adorned her fingers, she cleared her throat anxiously.  "Ah- what's your major?" she asked, just trying to get some kind of conversation going. It was too late to just leave, and she needed to find her roommate.