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Re: SHAWTY I KILL PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE // joining thread, open
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Yellow tape around his body,
it's a fucking homicide
His face is on a T-Shirt
and his family traumatized
I didn't even mean to shoot 'em,
he just caught me by surprise
I reloaded my pistol, cocked it back, and shot him twice

So much happened in that split second of him taking out his bullets, and one thing he really knew Paige was upset.  She really aimed a gun at him, that was a bit over the top after him obviously submitting to what she wanted just not fully.  He loved it when she got entilted and makes quick decisions.  And threating him, no more then just a normal threat a threat to kill him.  But, he wasn't shaken up too much by this then again he didn't really have that emotion that make you feel afraid. "you're a fucking idiot. now you better get on your damn knees and pick those up or i'll add you to our body count, darling."  Yup she was pissed off beyond meausres. 

And then he heard Cat speak too her and he was a bit taken back by that for a second.  "Paige, is he gonna be an issue?"  Him an issue, he wouldn't call himself an issue but more of a blessing.  In every group, he's been part of they did well till he left.  Sure, he liked to be in the position of power but he works his way too it and that because he likes to see things get done. 

And, then he was brought back to the blonde beauty and she replied with a smirk creeping over her features.  "Yes. but he's ruthless and kills well. So he can stay if you'd want him. otherwise, I may get rid of him right here. Hell, make him a worm if you want and lock him up. I don't care what you do to him. He's a fucking idiot."   Damn, harsh words they were but he only let it sting a bit before he knew that she didn't care meaning it was up to this Cat person.  But, after she spoke the smaller kid got in between the Paige and him.  "That's enough. You're not getting rid of anybody, so put the gun away now." 

This kid had some guts to step in between the two of them, especially when she was this upset.  He gave props to the kid, but he also seemed to be in a higher position of power.  And, so he was almost obligated to do something.  And he respected him for that, maybe he didn't mind him so much.  Vasco looked down to his feet at the bullets, he wasn't too sure if he wanted to pick them up yet.  But, he did put his gun away once again.  And then suddenly Cat spoke out all of a sudden.  "Paige, you can put the gun down or I can take it. Either way, it's not gonna be aimed at that boy. He's done nothing but runs his mouth so far and I seem to recall you doing the same thing. We've got plenty of killers here, what I'm concerned about is this weird little beef you've got going on."

Vasco nodded his head a bit at what he said, because, well it was true.  Cat, might not like him but he was good at being the equal medium between him and Paige.  "I'll let you join, but if you do anything to hurt Paige or anyone else, I'll fugging gut you. Maybe a string of entrails will keep the next arsehole from crossing the border without permission."  Vasco met the others gaze when they spoke to him, it was a simple sign of respect.  Why, would he want to hurt Paige was beyond his own guess but he took the warning. 

"I would never attempt to cause harm to Paige or any one else, and thank you."  He spoke looking at Cat and then looking to Paige as he stepped to the side of Gabe. 


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Re: SHAWTY I KILL PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE // joining thread, open
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You can join the team or you can bitch and moan
thes code
the killer ✦
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She didn't move when Gabe spoke, her eyes stayed on Vasco and her expression stayed the same. This was his fault. It was his fault they'd been apart two years, that she got hurt. Everything was Vasco's fault. And now he was here, walking back into her life like nothing happened while acting like an absolute asshole. No. She wasn't going to have that. But she also wouldn't give the satisfaction of the quick escape from her.

When Cat spoke, she listened, though she said nothing nor did she react right away. Her act would worry them, but put a smile on her face. She aimed the gun above Gabe, more in Vasco's face and pulled the trigger. Nothing. She put the gun back where it had been hidden and looked at the group then Vasco. Even he thought it was loaded, how foolish.

Cat's threat to Vasco about hurting her caused an arched brow from the blonde, but she didn't dare to comment on it. She knew what Vasco would say about this, and soon enough he did. This caused her to scowl "He already has. Know those guys you killed that attacked me Cat? They were because of him! They were after him. " her tone was still angry, but disappointed and betrayed. She'd look between the two again before back to the Boss "Do you understand my frustration now?" of course not.

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Re: SHAWTY I KILL PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE // joining thread, open
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

During this altercation (if that was what it could really be called), Mike had remained silent, arms crossed over his chest, eyes never straying far from Paige or Vasco. While the girl had been her a while, Mike had formed little, to no opinion on her until recently, and while she had been in his... "I really couldn't give a fuck" area, he was now beginning to be pissed off at her, mostly because she was blatantly disrespecting Cat, and Cat was being far more lenient than Mike would expect from the boss.

Well, Mike still didn't care much about Paige, though her words were grating a bit on his nerves, he was more concerned about Vasco, the guy was a bit of a disrespectful ass, 'Look who's talking Mike.' He snapped to himself, the thought causing a pleasant grimace to settle upon his already scowling features. No, Michael did not look like he was in a particularly good mood at the moment.

Cat's decision to let the kid join, well it was expected, and while Mike didn't care all that much, his fingers were itching to do some damage, a sure fire indication that he should not, at all, indulge in violence until he had it under control. 'Control, ha.' That was a relative term, Mike had little control over his anger these days, rage fueled him like oxygen fueled blood, (it was a slightly muddled metaphor but it made sense in Mike's mind.)

Eyebrows plunging to a new depth of disapproval as Paige spoke again, she was chastising the boss, her boss, her superior. God, if Cat didn't at least say something Mike felt as though he'd lose it. What that it was he had no clue, as he'd said farewell to his sanity long ago. "That goes for you too you know Paige." He finally spoke, voice gruff with annoyance.

"No killing this guy just because you're pissed at him," He jerked his head in Vasco's direction and the corner of his mouth twitched momentarily, before he returned his features to a less genial expression. Head turned towards Cat, "I could just kill one em, or both of em now and save you the headache boss." While his words were dull, lifeless, there might have been a bit of hope expressed in his eyes and eyebrows as he looked at Cat.

Though he knew that the boss wouldn't give leave to kill a member unless the member had done something godawful, and neither Paige, nor Vasco had done anything terrible yet. Though they would, he knew fuckups when he saw them, knew them because he was them. It didn't seem that the Bonnie and Clyde duo would be able to stay away from eachother, whether amorously, or with animosity.

He wondered, absently, if the two knew how the movie ended, they'd find no spoilers from him. He shrugged his shoulders, rolling them back and popping the joints in one motion. "See you two later Ms. Parker, Mr. Barrow." With his obscure reference out of the way he strode past the group, not really wanting to deal with their bickering anymore.
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Re: SHAWTY I KILL PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE // joining thread, open
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They gave Vasco a stiff nod; even if the idea of harming Paige was unthinkable to him, they still had to cover their bases here. Their gaze was still locked on the girl, though, as she was the one with the gun pointed at the joiner. Much to their frustration she pulled the trigger, though luckily for her nothing fired. "You're in fugging trouble." They growled, but now she was throwing something else at them. He was the reason she'd been attacked. They closed their eyes, trying to contain the increasing amount of frustration that was rapidly building up. "Well that might have been a good thing to say instead of I could let him join." They side eyed Michael; if they were in a better mood they might have found his comments amusing in their hypocrisy. "Maybe listen to your own words, Ford." They said, one of their hands finding its way to their face, rubbing their eyes.

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