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「 no caressing 」 — open, introduction & birthday
« on: January 29, 2019, 07:51:56 PM »
tw for mentions of abuse, violence, scars, and emotional trauma

it had been quiet here.

some time ago, she'd shown up to northstar, and as people milled about, she'd stayed quiet, kept to herself. there wasn't much in the way of a governing body, no real rules, and people seemed to keep to themselves - or at least, keep away from her. b didn't mind though, she liked the peace, the solidarity. at haven, the hellish prisonscape she'd been raised in, she'd spent so long in solitary. they'd kept her alone until they'd broken her, and now, six months since her liberation, she still bore the emotional scars of the years of torture. there were physical scars as well, far too many, lines from knives and whips, circles from shivs and bullets, but northstar had known jane. once upon a time, jane, the teenager with a body and mind nearly as scarred as b's own, had led the group, and now, months later, b had found her way back to it. they're kind people there, jane had told her, you'll be safe there.

and, for the most part, jane had been right. the people were polite enough, albeit sparse. and she was, indeed, safe. no one hurt her, no one attacked her. b lived her day to day in solidarity, in peace, tending to the little farm she'd started up at the edge of town. plans grew in the soil, and she went about tending to them and harvesting them in silence. it was an unfamiliar silence, one without the tension that had filled her solitary cell once upon a time, one without the screams of agony in the distance.

but this day, b found herself positioned near the center of the town, sitting on the ground against a building. she was bundled up in a sweater and a warm pair of denim pants, dirtied boots on her feet, dark eyes shifting about the town with a silent curiosity. the sixteen year old didn't call out for anyone, didn't attract attention to herself. she only kept her lips pressed together tightly and sat, hugging her knees to her chest, in silence. today was a special day for b, after all; she'd only just turned sixteen this morning, and though she didn't call attention to it, she did reward herself with the vague presence of others, sitting in the town. there was a wary look in her dark, round eyes, a look of unsureness and unease. prominent scars covered her body, though it remained well covered, and the only really prominent scar wasn't a scar at all, but a birthmark. redness, a dark redness, was dappled across the left side of her face. a port wine scar, it was called. a firemark, she'd been told it was growing up. a mark of a fire within her spirit, one that had needed putting out. so, out it went.

b sat silently there, entirely alone, timidly watching the occasional person mosey about before vanishing in the distance, and it said far too much about her life thus far that this was a celebration.
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