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( cw: sickness, death of a child, burial of a body, death in general )

They had talked the night before. The two kids had made it a bit of a habit to see each other nearly every day and chat, all while Gabriel gave the Worm tasks to complete as busywork. They weren't as streneous, seeing as the little girl had caught quite a cold and was looking more worn-down with each passing day. He felt for her, and could only advise her to rest up, keep warm, and eat plenty of fruit. He hoped that she would feel well again soon, but with every coughing fit that she got caught in, his sense of hope began to dwindle. Maybe she would just... pull through on her own.

Gabriel figured that he would pay the young Worm a visit the next morning and see how she was feeling, as he had left early last night to leave her to rest. She could hardly get through one sentence without sniffling or coughing. He walked up to her makeshift shack and peered through the curtains, whispering towards the ( presumably ) slumbering form, "Sade," She was probably still sleeping. Louder this time, he whispered, "Sade?"

There was no response.

He felt his heart sink in his chest. What was wrong with her? Why wasn't she answering? Gabe stepped forward, crouching down by the figure, and he shook her by the shoulder. "Sade, wake up. Sade." He prodded her, and her skin was cold to the touch. This made Gabriel stop, and his lips drew agape in disbelief and shock. "No... no..." Sade was so young, she had so much to live for, she had so much yet to see and do. This wasn't right, not at all.

His breath hitched, he shuffled backwards, blue eyes glistening with welling tears. A lump formed in his throat, and he could only feel himself start to tremble even more as he stood there, looking at the limp form on the ground in front of him.

There was nothing now, nothing but a pile of dirt that marked the final resting place of the Worm. Not that anyone would know who this unmarked grave belonged to, not that anyone would care. Gabriel had to carry Sade's lifeless body out into the woods and bury her himself. Hell, he was probably the only person who remembered her name. Maybe, had things turned out differently, Sade could have earned her freedom and become a Grunt like everybody else. She could have received the attention and treatment that she needed, maybe she could have survived.

But, then again, perhaps this was for the best. It was possible that the little girl could have grown into a cold, hardened killer like the rest of them. Maybe she would have been so broken and beaten by the cruel system, the harshness of the post-apocalyptic world. That was something that Gabriel would have not wanted to witness, not ever. Sade had been a free spirit, a soul not bound by chains or restrictions. She didn't belong here. She didn't belong in this world.

Gabriel stood at the edge of the shallow grave, standing with hands at his sides and his dull, blue eyes staring blankly at the smoothed dirt. His expression was empty; he had rid himself of the tears a while ago. A dull ache stirred in his chest, knowing now that the closest person he had as a friend and a little sister at the moment had passed on. Never had he felt so... a l o n e .
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tw mention of death, implications of suicide.

"I'm only tryin' do what's best for you, North."

those words had been persistently searing through her mind for days, the last words that mattie told her in an tension-driven silence. she wished she hadn't done that. in doing that, she thought she'd been making a point in her independence, but she was only wasting the few hours she'd had left with him. It was just pride, really. She could blame him for that, as for the longest, pride is what pushed him away from her, what made him keep her at arm's length, along with fear of what she'd lose. But he'd swallowed it, spoke to her softly when earlier they'd shot daggers at each other and still, she said nothing. She wished she could have said okay. At least he'd have felt appreciated when he'd left her but now, now he was gone. it wasn't fair.

Death wasn't discriminatory towards the old, the young — it wasn't particularly new to her, either. She saw Katie, a girl who she'd coined her best friend, wither away before her very eyes ( kinda like how Gabe experienced with Sade ) Grow sick with no particularly way of being treated and one day, North woke up to a cold body in the bed next to her. They'd lost two people that day, as her older brother hadn't been quite the same after that. It took them two weeks to find his body, a noose tied around his neck as he hung from a ceiling fan that rocked him forth in a haunting motion. Death wasn't a particularly new concept to her, however, there's people that you want to believe will make it. Have a shield around them. Just can't seem to die. Hers was Mattie's. She could only imagine that Sade had been a little similar for Gabe, even though she's just met him and never had she seen her. 

Whoever was caring for her might be upset for her leaving her makeshift area, barely unable to maneuver herself without crashing into wall, but she doesn't care. She needs to breathe, air that doesn't seem stuffy somewhere that doesn't seem small. She'd never particularly been to a group that was so quiet all the time. Even during the night there always seemed to be things to do, but here, she heard nothing outside her walls. Only the sound of her own breathing. She isn't particularly prone to that. Once she manages to go outside undetected ( or so she hopes ) is when she sees Gabe. Her eyes light up, as she goes to call for him but something stops her. This intuition, like it's just the wrong time and she sees it— the small girl cradled in his hands, lifeless. At first, there is no viable reaction, only shock.

He has a goal, one that leaves North unnoticed and him pushing forward and she ambles on, far much slower than he to when she tires herself to where he stands in the woods, the young body of the girl is already buried. All at once, it hits her and there's a pang in her chest—  it's Mattie, it's Katie. The deaths still affect her like a salt in the wound and only she could imagine how Gabe it feeling, whether he shows it or not. "who was she?" she quietly inquires, approaching his side, reaching up to wipe the familiar tears brushing her cheeks. gabe may have felt alone, but the good thing was is that he had someone to share that feeling with. that despairing feeling of loss
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//more tws for death and murder

Their father left when they were three. They still remembered when he went out the door, their mother pleading with him to stay. She told them later that he left because he was sick, that he was going to find treatment and come back when he was better. She said that he didn't want them to watch him wither away and die. They figured that he never was able to get treatment, seeing as he never came home.

Cataylst wasn't the one that buried the body. They might be the one to make it so a burial was necessary, but there was always someone else, someone lower in the pecking order that was given the job. A cultist, a worm, the most they had to do was help move the bodies or show someone else where to do it. You wouldn't make a god do manual labor, would you? You wouldn't expect the boss to busy themself with slavework?

Granted, sometimes digging a person's final resting place could be a personal task that some might not want to give up so easily, especially if they'd had a bond with the deceased.

They had left Gabe to take care of Sade, and was rather pleased with how well he'd been doing; he might not be working her to the bone but his compassion likely kept her working, though aside from occasionally observing from some rooftop, they gave little thought to the girl. That's what Gabe was for, right? Now it seemed they should have paid better attention. They didn't know for sure that it was her beneath the dirt, but they had a gut feeling. Too sad for it to be just anyone, but not sad enough for someone like Willow. Not to mention how unceremonious it was. "I'm sorry." They murmured, staying well away from the grieving boy and the grave. They spoke just loud enough that he'd be able to hear the words if he was listening, but not so loud that it wouldn't be easy to miss them.

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He doesn't expect to hear a voice, let alone that of the newest addition to their ranks, North. He had felt completely alone, both physically and mentally, up until the other teenager had shown up. No longer was he physically isolated from the others, but he still felt utterly hopeless and... hurt. There was no other way to describe it. He was incredibly wounded by this. He had to discover the cold, dead body of the bright and colorful little girl he had gotten the pleasure of knowing. These things were never easy, especially for kids like him that have never experienced so much death in his life. He had seen a handful of corpses over the course of a few months now, and he had been convinced that he could handle it, but this? This was painful.

North starts to cry; he can hear the falter in her vocal chords, but he doesn't understand why. It's a grave of someone she doesn't even know. Gabriel has no tears left to cry; he's emptied them all. His expression is just blank and empty, his dull eyes fixed onto the smoothed pile of dirt, and he mutters, "Nobody you would know." Sade had been an intelligent and feisty child with so, so much potential. She liked to learn and liked to push peoples' buttons, but once you got to sit down with her, she was extremely thoughtful and caring. Not that any of these people would care to know that, that is.

He exhales a breath, and now turns his head as he hears Catalyst's voice. His eyes flicker onto the form of the older individual; still no words. Gabriel didn't blame this on anyone, not even the spearhead behind the group that had imprisoned Sade. She could have very well earned her freedom in no time, but it hadn't been the workload or the lack of food that had killed her. It was something completely out of their hands, a sickness that had claimed her life faster than anyone could have healed it. Gabe accepts this, and acknowledge's Cat's condolences, but can't bring himself to say anything more.

The boy turns around and slowly walks off. Does he care if they stick around? No, but he knows that he can't for any longer.
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

How could he say anything when he didn't know what to say? While he was usually quick with a witty or sarcastic retort, there was nothing light about this situation. It was hard to cope with, hard to wrap his head around, while he had not known Sade incredibly well, he'd been there that day she'd been discovered stealing, he'd seen her around, sent her on small errands, and somehow, not noticed her diminishing health.

Or maybe he had noticed it, maybe he had just ignored it, displaced it, pretended that nothing was wrong and gone on with his life. It proved what a downright selfish bastard he was. His hands were deep in his pockets and he stood at the edge of the clearing, his eyes glued to the pile of dirt. There was nothing he had done for her in life, and he would probably do nothing for her now that she was dead.

Mike frowned, brows furrowed, deep in thought. He could hear the voices around him like a distant conversation muted by the roar of the waves, of the crushing silence of a snowy day. He blinked back a few tears that so eagerly wished to jump from his eyes, spill onto the ground. He was not the heartless beast he appeared to everyone as. He was not the man of stone, soldier without conscience. He was a scarred man, broken, hurt, wounded, in more ways than many would ever know.

Mike licked his lips and stared at the disturbed earth, the thought that such a young girl was buried there brought back every fucked up thing he'd done in the past twenty years, thirty really. And every one of them he saw he sure as hell did not like. Forcing himself to swallow the bile rising in his throat, Mike clenched his jaw, the sound of teeth scraping together like nails on a chalkboard to his ears. But he did not flinch. Later, later he would return, place flowers on the grave of the peaceful sleeping child.

For now, he would leave well enough alone, he thought about speaking to Gabriel, but there would be time for that later. Right here, right now, it was too public. Turning away he slipped into the shadows and slunk away, not wanting to face the heart wrenching reality of the morning anymore. Perhaps he was a coward because of this, no, he knew he was a coward.
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this was why hope kept people at a distance. mortality, death, the inevitable end. it came for everyone, and it hurt a hell of a lot less if you kept them at arms length, rather than embracing them and all that mumbo-jumbo. call her selfish maybe, giving up love to prevent pain, she didn't care. she'd take being labeled some selfish bitch any day over going through it again. and yet, as she approached, her eyes fixing upon the soil, she was reminded of her parents. each of them buried beneath the ground like that. she was reminded of her aunt rosie, of her friends as a child, of everyone she'd ever had the nerve to love. bodies in the ground now, all of them, six feet under. caring about people got you hurt, and she didn't even know this girl, but a part of it hurt her, and that infuriated the rest of her.

❝it's always gonna hurt.❞ she said quietly, tone soft as she approached, standing a yard or so behind him, hands tucked in her pockets. ❝it's always gonna hurt, but you'll figure out how to live with it.❞ she wasn't really sure who the girl was to gabe, she didn't even know gabe much beyond his name and rank, but the words rang true for every loss. people always time her, time will heal, but that was bullshit. the wound never healed, it always hurt, but she learned to live with the hurt, and he would one day too.
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