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plot with cooper
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:58:26 PM »
everytime i do this it never really goes anywhere but i don't care anymore i'm tough and cool now

i wanna plot w cooper so h*ckin badly guys i just...lovehim so much? he's really just the best boy besides jordan Himself and we as a society need to appreciate him again, return him to the glory he rightfully deserves !!
this is a character so powerful that people who legitimately despise me can admit they like him. he's that Good.

serious plot, goofy plot, fluffy plot, i don't care
a crazy au or a simple modern setting, apocalypses, high schools, hospitals, i don't care if we go in depth about y/c and coop making a pot of mac n cheese and eating it i just wanna !! make him do things again !!

i feel like i don't need to share who coop is? but i honestly don't know anybody really on here anymore so i guess yall really aint know him huh

Spoiler: show
cooper milo anderson is a 15-29 (big gap ik) year old gay male, whose face claim is jordan witzigreuter. in my own canon universe he is an up and coming musician with a bubbly disposition and a Dark and Tragic back story (don't let it scare you off it's all about that early character development + breaking). he is sweeter than home made iced tea, softer and tinier than a newborn kitten, and yet manages to have the emotional strength of . something strong . he is a runaway who really said h*ck the system in the least threatening way physically possible. butterflies have a habit of landing on him because he is just that good and that is an actual fact i can personally confirm. he is a gifted musician but can be a bit,,,absent in the head,,,not in a clueless/useless kind of way but he's just...a little spacey. he tends to kind of mask his issues with layers of happiness applied like bubble wrap around his everything because this boy has been treated like dirt his entire life and rather than complain or be angsty he just. bottles it up deep inside and waits until someone breathes too heavy at him or nudges him out of the way so he can have a minor breakdown because he's Not Okay. he's shy yet loves people, sweet yet kinda sassy once he's comfortable around you, loves performing/entertaining yet hates attention he's kinda a contradiction in himself. he's really just a lil ol baby boy and i want someone to treat him right. i have multiple documents on a variety of sites/platforms on him if you want an actual serious write up of him.

and as for myself
Spoiler: show
i am ryan bambi, ala punki as the rp community has collectively dubbed me. i am 18 1/2 and have been roleplaying on and off since i was about 12 and have been a dedicated member of realistic human roleplaying across multiple sites since i was 14. i have been a creative all my life and some of my earliest memories involve character creation and story telling. my true passion in life is music, i am a singer songwriter (if you want my socials for that lemme know !! i do vocal covers and stuff), obviously a writer (though i also do poetry and stuff !), and i draw as well! aside from making things, i am deep into alternative/indie culture and have been for basically my whole life. i love coloring my hair and wearing flashy punk outfits and being my kooky ass self. i love animals and have 2 rabbits and a hamster currently (and have had/cared for many others before), pretending to be an e-boy model, and going out for long drives to beaches and forests and stuff to be outside. i write super long detailed posts typically and expect my partner to at least mirror my length. i write in the 3rd person almost exclusively and like to mix elaborate language and descriptions with lots of sarcasm and references.