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« on: February 05, 2019, 11:34:13 AM »
Yellow tape around his body,
it's a fucking homicide
His face is on a T-Shirt
and his family traumatized
I didn't even mean to shoot 'em,
he just caught me by surprise
I reloaded my pistol, cocked it back, and shot him twice

Joining this group was a bit extra work then he liked, but he was accepted in the end after all.  Sure, if Paige hadn't been there it would've been a much more quicker and less aggressive joining.  But, he still needed to make ammends fully with the girl.  Vasco was in the casino, sitting at an old bar as he was making a knife, well really the handle currently.  Carving the wood out to fit in his hand well, he had the blade it was a rock he found while on his way to the Badlands.  It gave him something to do, and it was a pretty good conversation opener.

But, he sat there waiting for anyone to decide to come up and meet him.  After all, he is the new guy.

// this is shitty, but this serves as an open thread too have your beans meet Vasco


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Re: I'VE BEEN THUGGIN' THROUGH MY RAINY DAYS // open, knife making
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"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Mike held no real like for Vasco, though he didn't feel partial towards Paige either. In his mind, they could both take the fast-lane to hell. God knew neither of them would make it to heaven even with a full confession and atonement. He scoffed to himself at the idea, and shook his head thoughtfully. He didn't go inside the Casino all that often, never seemed to be anything useful in there for him to do. He'd much rather be out in nature, or fighting, fighting was good.

The former soldier's frown deepened as his gaze drifted past Vasco, then back to him. He didn't trust the boy as far as he could shoot him out of a cannon. Hmm, didn't that sound interesting? No, he was trying to be slightly less... needlessly violent and volatile, not that it was easy, he much preferred his loaded threats and anger to this seemingly more passive side of him, if it was only just him holding his tongue.

He squinted at Vasco, watching his actions with little curiosity before he approached the boy, staying exactly out of the kid's knife circle. Not that he was scared of Vasco, had any reason to be worried about the kid trying to shank or shiv him. But because it was a "polite" thing to do, that way if the boy's hand slipped, he'd merely sever his own vein, and not Mikes. Purely selfish motives on Mike's part with no regard for Vasco's actual skill.

He wasn't underestimating the dear boy, Bonnie's Clyde certainly had some good attributes that he'd noticed, and was not someone to be trifled with, unless the danger was quite well known to them. But Mike still regarded his skills to be at least a match for Vasco's if not, possibly better. He wasn't being extremely cocky, just confident in his abilities and skills. He knew there would always be a better fighter, a better soldier, a better anything really, because that was how humanity worked. But he also knew that he was a damned good fighter.

"Nice toothpick you're whittling there." Michael greeted the boy with a cheerless smile, though no venom or anger in his voice. It was a pretty cheerful observation to part from Mike's lips, a lot less insulting than many other things he could have come up with. He rested a hand on a nearby chair back, and watched Vasco's movements casually.
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Re: I'VE BEEN THUGGIN' THROUGH MY RAINY DAYS // open, knife making
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To say that Cat was a bit pissed at Paige was... definitely accurate. She'd been completely out of line, and Vasco had his own little fuck ups along the way, but he at least knew to follow orders. It was a trait that Cat was coming to value more and more with Mike and now Paige running around, so at least he had that going for him. "Going blind in your old age, Mike?" They asked, taking a seat at the bar and squinting at the object that Vasco was carving. They couldn't quite tell what it was, but it didn't look like a tooth pick.

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Re: I'VE BEEN THUGGIN' THROUGH MY RAINY DAYS // open, knife making
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