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Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. All Landon Summers thought as he walked was that word, over and over again, reiterating in his mind like a plague, like a disease. That was precisely what the youth was, he was diseased, plagued by unease and paranoia, eyes shifting over his shoulder, knowing full and well that the only person who might stop it was the only person who didn’t want to see him.

Hope was a disease. A disease with the prettiest blue eyes, a disease with the softest auburn curls, a disease with the pinkest lips. Actually, no; Hope Michaels was no disease, she was a drug. Dangerous, painful, but irresistible. He hardly knew her, but from the moment they’d met, he’d known they were kindred spirits. They lost everyone they’d ever loved, they’d personified damaged and broken, and yet, he’d fucked it up. He’d gone and been his dumb ass self and fucked it up and, though he was pretty goddamn sure she never wanted to see him again, the drug that was Hope Michaels also sent some… pretty goddamn confusing signals.

Really, he was hardly eighteen, and he really couldn’t wrap his head around her. One minute she was slapping him and telling him to leave, to never come back, and five minutes later, she was making out with him, reminding him once again that he was an awkward disaster who didn’t know what to do with his hands in a makeout session.

So Landon found himself there at the Badlands border, not entirely sure what to expect. Maybe she’d be happy to see him; he certainly wouldn’t mind if her hello was as intense as her goodbyes could be. And she had, after all, told him this would be where she’d be heading. But Hope was hot and cold, but still pretty hot even when she was cold, and he was only, like, sixty-five percent sure she wouldn’t stab him or something if she saw him there.

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north is familiar with forming an addiction to a person that you aren't necessarily good for, except instead of being one person it was several. to further elaborate, north wasn't falling into every single person she'd met, no that wasn't exactly it, but there was something obsessive about the way a person's eyes light up when they're expressing a thing that they're in love with. something addicting about the way the way their voice sounds when they've waken, or lacked of sleep, and being a teenager herself, she's familiar about being enthralled with something necessarily wrong. jack was a married man with a kid when they'd met, but he'd set flames inside the darkest depths of her soul, it was so easy to mistake it for passion. she, too, was bordering eighteen and she so fatefully wanted to still believe that there was two souls so undeniably meant for each other, that upon meeting that individual you just knew. possibly, that was the case for hope and landon, though north barely knew them or what they'd deprived from.

it's getting easier to walk now, with no leverage needed between her and the nearest object, which means two things: she can be outside often, and soon she'd be more prepared for Catalyst apprenticeship. In the meantime, she'd entertain herself with walking with no particular destination set, slightly familiar with the terrain, and the borders now due to people watching in her past time. Often when she passes, there is no one there, but this time there is. He waits patiently, sulking as if someone almost left him out in the rain too long, but North fails to notice. She supposes it's because that's the default emotions displayed upon each individual's face here, so it's normal. So normal, that Landon just might fit in perfectly.

In her observing him, she didn't take time to consider what action to take next. What did she do! Approach him or get Cat? For someone more skeptical, they'd entertain the thought that this boy could be dangerous. With only general self-defense skills under her belt, she knew that she wouldn't be able to take him in a fight. Her worry wasn't on whether he was a threat, however, but how much longer he could just wait at that border. Finally, she makes the decision to approach him, offering him a sincere grin.

"Hope you haven't been waiting there too long!" she exclaims. "I'm North. You've reached Badlands border. Is there something that you're looking for?" Was her dialogue right? She hoped, otherwise she just might dwell on it for the rest of the night. She tries to appear as if she has experience with this position, like she knows what she's doing. Cat will hopefully arrive soon.

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tw for mentions of suicide

landon was a... well, hope couldn't quite come up for a metaphor that properly described landon. all she knew was that his hair smelled like soap and he made this little laugh when he was sad and his voice had that pleasant sound of balls on a pool table clanking together late at night. he was a good kisser, though admittedly a bit awkward with what to do with his hands and how to move his body, but he hadn't killed her mother so, in comparison to the last guy she'd made out with, he was a step up.

still, she hadn't... she hadn't meant it. when she'd told him she was going to the badlands, when she'd told him to meet her there, she hadn't really meant it. they'd been in her bedroom, sneaking around under her uncles nose, kissing with the blinds shut. she'd just witnessed her father kill himself, she was hurting, grieving. she'd liked the thought of running away with the boy just as troubled and alone as she was, but she hadn't meant it. it was just some idea, some midnight plan that she didn't think he'd be stupid enough to follow. but he did, and she wasn't sure if it made him a good, sweet guy, or an idiot.

❝landon.❞ she said stiffly as she approached, eyes shifting over his frame before landing on his eyes. ❝what are you... what are you doing here?❞ she said, tone holding an awkwardness and a discomfort to it, making it overwhelmingly evident that she didn't know what to say to him.
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They'd never had a singular person that consumed every thought they had, every moment they lived. They didn't think they were allowed to have that, for one reason or another. Even when there was a person that could occupy them, there was always something else they had to worry about, the cult or the Badlands or something else entirely. Their life was too full, too busy to just devote it to one person, and maybe that was a good thing.

Even if it wasn't, though, they'd never known someone that could be so all-consuming. At best they'd experienced momentary intoxication, brief flights of fancy, but nothing that would make them change their life. It was sort of tragic, but if they thought about it in terms of who they'd throw it all away for, maybe they were glad that there was no one in their life like that, and that there never had been.

There were three teenagers by the border: North, who seemed to be doing much better these days, if she was hiking all the way to the border. Hope, someone so knew they still didn't know much more than her face and name, and then a stranger. Well, stranger to them - Hope seemed to know him. "Good questions, girls." The commented, deciding to stand back for once.

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⇥ Catalyst is 6'2" tall; they possess a lean and muscular body, one that has a variety of old scars adorning it. They have two piercings, one in their tongue and the other in the cartilage of their left ear. They typically dress in dark colors (favoring jackets with some sort of writing on the back), and their hair is black. They're not all dark, however, as they have pale blue eyes that peer out from beneath medium-sized eyebrows.

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⇥ Catalyst is ambitious, with the cunning and ruthlessness to reach their goals by any means necessary. They can be brutal when they feel it is needed, however when it's not they won't bother. They tend to be rather aloof and apathetic to most things and people, with some very rare exceptions. Provided those around them don't cross a few specific lines, they're content to leave them be, though they've been known to take an interest in some people, which seldom has a positive end for whoever their interest is in. They can be manipulative, and will often encourage people to make bad decisions. Those that stick by them will be rewarded, but those that do not will be cast out, as they've been outcast for their entire life and have learned to appreciate loyalty wherever they can find it. Even during the most stressful of situations, they usually keep a firm grip on their temper and keep their calm, though when they do snap and lose their temper, it is uncontrollable. They're remarkably observant, often able to deign much from subtle clues in what people say, how they say it and how they act.

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⇥ Holds most people at arms length and doesn't get close

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⇥ Is most comfortable with close ranged-weapons ⇥ Dislikes guns
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⇥ Will kill/capture/maim in certain circumstances
⇥ Will leave things be in others ⇥ Will start & finish fights
⇥ No kill/capture/maim without permission
⇥ Peaceful powerplay allowed but they may react negatively
⇥ Dislikes almost any sort of touch unless they initiate or agree to it

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