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I'm going to try and move all my sub-account activity / movements to this thread because the last one is extremely cluttered and fairly old ( wow, almost a year old ). I also just want to be able to find things, which is something I can only hope for in the other thread.

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[ Peter Pan ]

— Peter Pan the Pied Piper
— The Piper of Hamelin
— das Rattenfänger
— Peter Piper, Peter Pied

Current Faceclaim; Alberto Rosende
⸺ Permanently Twenty-three ( Immortal )
⸺ Cisgender Male, He/Him pronouns
⸺ Homosexual Homoromantic
⸺ Märchen / Fabeln ( Fable )

Character Notes ( quick )
> Roughly nine hundred years old; however, he is exactly 675 in their universe and combined with the timeline setback in the real world he is roughly 975 ( give or take ). I can't remember what exactly I set his birthday as but I do know that he would have been born somewhere around 1260-61 and is permanently immortalized at age twenty-three.
> He was born in Hamelin, Germany to parents I have yet to name and was raised by his older sister Pepper Pan. They were orphaned fairly young and both lived on the streets for a majority of their lives, the nearby orphanages and families refused to take them in because of their ( Ashkenazi ) Jewish heritage and the two were forced to survive on their own. His sister died when Peter was around 10-12 and while I have an idea about how and why she would have died I haven't really thought it out; however, I do know it has to do with the mayor of Hamelin and Pepper's work in prostitution ( which she was forced into in order to keep her younger brother and herself alive and fed ).
> He was gifted a magical flute from the fairy king Bláthnat, which, is also something I haven't quite worked out... honestly, I haven't thought about much of anything past the death of his sister and I should probably get working on that. I do know he had to leave the town shortly afterwards because he couldn't make enough to keep himself fed so it's possible that after that he fled into the wild and was taken in by the fae but also I need to think of something that would have inspired his love of music.
> He led over 130 children of Hamelin to their deaths on June 26, 1284; it is something he regrets immensely and something he absolutely refuses to talk about. It is something he can't explain, almost a thousand years later and he still can't figure out why he did what he did outside of pure, disoriented, all-consuming, sadness over the death of his sister and the apathy of the townspeople. He blames no one but himself and, if ever forced to re-encounter the situation, it is likely he will completely break down past the point of no return. He loathes the statue of him built in the town-square of Hamelin.
> He's a sweetheart, a little closed off and difficult to befriend, but he tries desperately to be a good person despite the belief that he deserves nothing but hatred from those around him. He's upbeat and socially inept to the point of either being incredible likable to incredible annoying; honestly, it depends on the person Peter is interacting with. Most of the time he can handle the looks of disapproval ( or annoyance ) but his self-confidence is very low and it doesn't take a lot to knock him on the ground and keep him there for extended periods of time. Peter does his best, he really does, he wants people to like him but knows not everyone ( or anyone ) is going to and has accepted that fact, however, that doesn't make it any easier for him to deal with. ( extreme depression / PTSD ).
> He loves music with his whole heart, always has and always will. He is skilled in a variety of instruments, the most prominent obviously being the flute, but Peter can also play the guitar, the piano, the lute, the violin, and a plethora of other instruments I'm too lazy to write down at the moment.

Important Relationships
> Little Boy Blue ( Boy Blue ); estranged ex-fiance.
> Alice Liddell; close friend and confident.
> Peter Pan; extremely close friend and roommate.
> Prince Charming; distant but loyal friend.
> Gretel; neutral ( semi-familial ) acquaintance.

Musical Inspiration ( short )
Straight Razor, Matt Maeson
Cringe ( Stripped ), Matt Maeson
Difficult, Billy Raffoul
Robin Hood, Anson Seabra
Tribulation ( Stripped ), Matt Maeson
Put It On Me, Matt Maeson

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