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「 this will not do 」 — open
« on: February 08, 2019, 08:26:25 PM »
☁  hayley, as most residents knew by now, was not an animal person. she had nothing against them, and in fact often spent time walking the dogs and feeding the horses and tending to the needs of all the other animals. she'd make sure they had fresh water and blankets on the cold days, fretting about them like she did everyone else. but, at the end of the day, she generally preferred people. actually, no; she preferred hope. sociable as she could be, she was an introvert, and could be entirely content in solidarity with her daughter. she liked the people she lived with, but just like she enjoyed a good whisky, everything was good in moderation.

how the hell a cat made it this far up the mountain alive astounded the brunette. this wasn't some young, healthy cat, either. it was small and scrawny when she first saw it while on a walk, a speck of dark gray against the snow, and she hadn't entirely been sure it'd been alive when she first saw it. but as she approached, it let out a low meow, staring up at her with wide yellow eyes. so she lifted it up, tucked it's scrawny and cold form inside of her coat, to warm it with her own body heat, and headed up to the lodge.

an hour later, after giving it a warm bath, and trimming the matted and snarled fur from it's form, hayley found herself in the living room, sitting in front of the cat as it happily ate a bit of rabbit left over from dinner preparations, making her judgement on it. it was a female, but despite it being small and thin, hayley could tell from the cracks in it's irises that it was old, in it's teens at least. it walked with a bit of a limp on it's back hips, but from her best inspection she couldn't find anything wrong, and had to assume it was an old injury that healed wrong. it didn't seem in pain, just... old. she was sort of ugly, with a snaggletooth and a perpetually grumpy looking face, but ugly in the cute sort of way that only a mother could love. and, lucky for the cat, that was exactly what hayley was.

❝you're kinda cute.❞ she mumbled to it, running her hand over it's fur. it rubbed against her hand in response, letting out a surprisingly loud purr, but not bothering to stop it's meal. ❝if you're gonna stay, though, you'll need a name.❞ she mused, and almost immediately remembered another old woman, sweet and ugly, who hayley had once know. ❝how about midge? yeah, you look like a little midge.❞ she mused, belting out a bit of laughter as the cat finally abandoned its meal, turning to her and rubbing it's entire body along her leg.
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Re: 「 this will not do 」 — open
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2019, 04:32:12 PM »
brendan i. collins
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(( the thread looked lonely and I felt bad sooo ))

believe it or not, Brendan really isn’t much of an animal person. Sure, he has his chickens, but that’s about where he draws the line; therefore, most animals are definitely a strict no-no for him, like dogs and—surprisingly enough, considering his introverted personality—cats. Granted, his reasonings for strongly disliking cats are pretty darn justified, he thinks——they have a tendency to hunt down chickens. And, since Brendan absolutely adores chickens very very much, that’s simply not allowed in his mind.

Not only that, but Brendan distinctly remembers the fact that once or twice he had to chase a fricken cat away from his chickens. It wasn’t any time recently, no—it happened when he was still living with his parents. Even then, those moments pissed him enough that yeah, he really despises cats and everything they do; He’d rather not have one lurking around the lodge, being And creepy. And fricken weird.

And so, when Brendan casually saunters into the living room and notices the ugly as heck cat just...rubbing its nasty body all over Hayley’s leg, he can’t help but allow a look of disgust flash onto his features. Eyebrows furrowing, he takes a rather hefty step back, glaring daggers at the cat as if it’s planning on——he doesn’t fricken know, attacking him or something Cat-like.

"why do you have a cat?" Brendan harshly spits out, shoulders tending as he makes eye contact with the creature.
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