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「 devil's advocate 」 — announcement
« on: February 08, 2019, 08:46:20 PM »
☁  the brunette was visibly tired when she entered the lodge. she'd been missing for some time, along with brendan and jackson, and while she entered, jackson did not. her shotgun was no longer slung over her shoulder, and there was a heaviness to her that indicated it had been a... long day. and yet, it really wasn't all that long, but simply emotionally trying and exhausting.

❝everyone, gather 'round.❞ she called out, not quite calling a meeting because it was more of an... announcement. she stepped onto the table as she seemingly always did to project her voice, gaze dancing about. ❝i just received a surprise visit from catalyst, the new leader of the badlands.❞ she said, and a ripple of sound moved through the gathered group; no surprise there. ❝we discussed the neutrality between our groups. an agreement was made by former leaders, and we made a new one with clearer boundaries. there isn't a lot to say, but just don't fuck with them. if one of them turns up here hurt, we treat them and send them on their way. don't fight any of them without reason, and don't start shit without reason.

❝we're neutral though, not allies, so none of them should be running around here; if they are and for whatever reason seem aggressive, feel free to defend yourself and the lodge. if any of them do anything to any of you, their leader agreed to turn them over for a trial as we see fit, with whatever punishment we see fit.❞
stuffing her hands in her pockets, she cleared her throat and glanced about once more. ❝regardless of your feelings on them, they're not our friends, but right now we don't need them to be our enemies either. just play nice to them, then turn around and talk shit behind their back, it's effective and fun.❞

she generally opened the floor to comments, but after the day she'd been having, she wasn't up for dealing with anyone groaning about the set up. ❝that'll be all.❞ she said instead, stepping down from the table and heading right towards the stairs to go see her daughter.
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