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how far i'll go — open, gardening
« on: February 09, 2019, 11:27:12 PM »
living on the terrain of the badlands was something has yet to experience until now, but over the limited amount of time she's already fallen in love.

the people are a hit or miss, she's experienced worse, but the territory was enough to draw anyone in, like some photograph ripped from a 2017 calendar. she likes to watch the sun set over the horizon quite a long distance away from the shore. she liked to soak her feet in the water, wade out further and further until one day, she'd have enough confidence to be neck level. ( one day ).  She liked the particular nights where there was a competent vibe in the casino, where everyone was having a good time enjoying each other's company, even under alcohol influence, and she likes what one can find if they wander just enough. although she can't travel forever, she likes to spend fifteen minutes of her day exploring places she's yet to stumble across. yesterday was no different, and it'd been a discovery so amazing she knew that she had to return.

a group she and mattie had been to long ago harvested one of these. unlike this one, it'd been far more polished and a woman,  becky, who loved it more than life itself, tended to it every waking day, rousing as early as six in the morning to do so. she'd established that it was important to give them the routinely attention that they needed, as one day without that love could loosen their spirits and eventually, they could die out. becky, though kind, had the tendency to talk a mile a minute and so when north had helped that one day, mattie wanting the leader to give her the easiest task in the book, her son had to explain readily behind her in.... easier terms. one thing that she did remember was the term for this particular building. a greenhouse.

it's hunkered away behind someone's huge backyard, vines beginning to creep onto it's exterior. glass is on the ground where a window had been broken, the door is creaks open. had it been dark, it'd probably make for a rather eerie scenery, but the there is an orange tinge where the sun is starting has started to come up, and north doubts she is as early as becky, but she'd tried her best to measure time without the assistance of a trustee watch. if there was any hope for this greenhouse, she'd be able to report it to cat and maybe, if they hadn't already, they could begin to grow things here. tomatoes, peas, and oranges, only a few things that that woman had managed to grow. she even had an area dedicated to flowers that north had ever seen before, flowers that someone could eat!

opening the door, she's familiarized with the scent of an unattained greenhouse. the smell isn't particularly bad but, it is depressing. glancing around, she makes her way over towards a worktable that has a small shover left there, grains of dirt touching the surface. beside the worktable is an dented storage cabinet. when she's open it, she gasps quietly at all the things she's seen with becky with that day alone. all kinds of seed, more shovels, and even an half-used bag of dirt. she could only imagine the joy on cat's face when she showed them! but she can't do so without getting started and the poor girl, with half her knowledge and a determined exterior, gets to work, attempting to replace the rotten and pulled vegetables and fruits with new ones leftover. it's more harder of a process than she thought, even harder than becky's, who's was organized and well-kept and she was right. it made a biiiiig difference on whether you cared for your garden are not.

the sun rises higher, the greenhouse beginning to heat up and she? begins to sweat. she feels as if she's getting nothing done. she stops, reaching over to the backpack she's set aside to poor out her water canteen, taking a sip before returning to her current task. to motivate herself, she begins to sing a song, a song that mattie sometimes used to fretfully sing as he recalled his daughter used to sing them non-stop. Disney songs. she knew some, too. because her father used to sing them to her, she thinks. "I wish I could be the perfect daughter.... but I come back to the water... no matter how hard I try..." before falling into a hum as she tries to remember the song.

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Re: how far i'll go — open, gardening
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 06:55:33 PM »

Chores. Labor. If it weren't for their stint as a worm, it would have been almost ten years since they'd really been expected to do those sorts of things. In the Young Rogues they'd gotten stuck with lousy chores, and with no friends to stick up for them, and shy of doing so after the last time they'd defended themself, they did it. It wasn't anything too strenuous, of course, they'd joined when they were nine and left when they were eleven. After that Derick and his family adopted them, took them in, and at first they'd been expected to do chores same as Louie and the twins. But then... Then Derick got ideas, and those ideas didn't require Cat to do anything laborious. Rather the opposite, really. They'd have people to do that for them, and at first that didn't sound half bad.

After leaving Mourningstar behind, they had to carry their own weight. Which they could do, they didn't mind that so much. They weren't trying to keep a house clean or a group functional. Then they joined the Badlands, and it wasn't long before they were a prisoner, a worm, forced to collect scrap metal at the end of a leash. If only they could say they'd been the one to break their own chains, but no, it had been the same man that clapped them on in the first place.

But since then... Since then they'd been back to where they'd been in the good old Mourningstar days. Someone else to do the work for them. Delegating, that's what they told Gavril they did, and it wasn't really a lie. They assigned people jobs and congratulated those that were able to complete them. Those that failed had to start over and do it right.

Hearing a humming coming from the greenhouse, they walked over and leaned against the entrance, watching for a moment as North gardened. The sight prompted a thought that they hadn't meant to think, and some part of them agreed with it. She should be doing this, not fighting. They shook the thought away - growing food might keep people going, but if she wasn't alive to eat it there'd be little point. "What's that song?"

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Re: how far i'll go — open, gardening
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 01:19:05 PM »
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Re: how far i'll go — open, gardening
« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2019, 08:57:38 PM »
"speech" 'thought' text
tw: mentions alcohol, blood, profanity, themes of violence

Truth be told, a garden had been on his to do list for the past few months, though he'd never gotten around to it. What with the being shot a few times... three times. His dogs being killed in front of him, breaking all of Nathaniel's bones, not to mention the being beat up by Cat for beating up those kids, well his days had been busy. No wonder he'd slacked off on his to do list.

He'd been on his way back from a long trek through the outskirts of Badlands territory to clear his mind, something he did often (even when pain made it quite difficult to do). His eyes shifted towards the sound of song coming from the distance, and despite the fact he was tired, cranky, and didn't exactly want to be around people, he liked the song, he liked the movie (from what he remembered of it).

And so, it seemed like an interesting idea to go over and check out who was singing the song that was so very contagious. Though he did manage to keep the song from spilling from his lips, the tune and the lyrics played in his mind as he arrived at the scene, looking from Cat, to Hope with curiosity, before his gaze settled on North. The girl was such a sweet child, totally undeserving of the Badlands as a home.

Hands shoved deep into his pockets, the scruffy man looked exhausted. He had bags under his eyes, his face was a bit more sallow than usual, and the lines in his forehead had deepened. Looking quietly from Hope, to Cat, to North, the man frowned slightly, why had he even decided to come over here? It didn't seem like the greatest idea anymore. "Would you like some help with that, miss?" Michael asked the girl politely, offering her a tired smile.

He could be quite kind, thoughtful, agreeable, charming even when he tried, though his trying to be anything other than his obstinate self was usually much too difficult for him. His breath smelled like alcohol, though he was by no means intoxicated, just had a bit of alcohol in his bloodstream by now, it took far more of the hard stuff to get him very drunk. And he hadn't been tip over drunk since Russel had punched him.

He withdrew his hands from his pockets, pulling a cigarette from his breast pocket and putting it in his mouth, holding it between his lips for a few seconds before he looked from Hope to North, it wasn't really the "correct" company to smoke in, and with a quiet sigh, he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, and tucked it back into his pocket.
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