Author Topic: plot with my characters (zayden & quinn) ♡  (Read 123 times)

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plot with my characters (zayden & quinn) ♡
« on: February 10, 2019, 01:43:53 PM »
hey! ♡ i'm peachbones and as of now, i have two characters in flintlock, those being quinn and zayden, and rather than making them separate threads, i figured i'd group them into one. i haven't finished their tags yet it's something i'm working on, so i included some information below, but feel free to ask questions about them if you aren't sure about something / need more detail! ♡

i. quincy "quinn" arditi (23 y/o) / face claim & voice claim: //

NOTE: quinn is a preexisting character in flintlock! feel free to have your character know him already, and if you want us to plot a preexisting relationship that we can then launch right into and continue to build, then i would adore that to give the "preexisting" thing a more realistic feel.

quinn is an interesting sort. he's teetering on the edge of complete maturity, but it's evident that he still has some growing to do before he's a complete version of himself. consider this current quinn a beta version of who he will eventually become. he's friendly and laid-back while still having a high energy side, and he's also easily amused. despite occasionally coming across as vacant due to his manner of speaking, he's quite thoughtful and possesses a sharply creative mind. still, there's a childishness to him that, whilst makes it easy for him to get on with people younger than him, means he can be petulant, argumentative and a horrendously sore loser. he's working on it, but this, when combined with his carefree, commitment-fearing personality, can make for some strange situations. he's also narcoleptic (these traits are his most common), but he refuses to let that best him and never uses it as an excuse, though he does acknowledge when it might get in the way.

open to: most things! friends, little rivalries, people teaching him things, people practicing things on him (can they paint or draw or do makeup or design clothes? do they cook? do they want someone to test things on? quinn's your guy), people napping with him or trying to help with / being curious about his narcolepsy, etcetera. he's also open to one night stands, if they're a thing around here, though keep in mind that he tends to identify as "basically homosexual".

closed to: dying, being maimed or badly injured and romance. i like the latter to develop naturally, and he's a little bit of a commitmentphobe at the moment.

ii. zayden [surname] (36 y/o) / face claim & voice claim: sutan amrull

quietly self-confident, hiding an old soul beneath snark, a ridiculously good listener - blunt honesty and the ability to see the person behind the mask make zayden a surprisingly good "unofficial therapist" (which he seems to be turning into already). he possesses a strange, unbothered, aloof sort of belief in himself - everything he does is done with a clever, detached intent, though he can be fairly giddy in his sense of humour. a makeup artist, fashion designer and model rolled into one, he's seeking to rekindle his creativity in flintlock. he's fairly friendly and extroverted, as well as being a comfort-giver, and though he can be a tad elitist around people he doesn't like, he isn't actively cruel, and prefers to leave confrontations than rise to the bait.

open to: again, most things! friends, him teaching people his talents, acting as a therapist or listening to people's problems let him paint your nails while you rant, teaching him things he doesn't know, practicing things on him (though to a lesser extent than quinn - he won't mind cooking or photography, however), etcetera.

closed to: dying, being maimed or badly injured, one night stands (as of now) and romance. i like the latter to develop naturally rather than being planned.
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Re: plot with my characters (zayden & quinn) ♡
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 10:10:50 PM »
track 👀
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Re: plot with my characters (zayden & quinn) ♡
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2019, 07:10:07 AM »
☁  quinn
okay so hayley's been here for almost four months, which means that by now she and quinn could have become friends, and tbh i can't think of a reason why she wouldn't have wanted to befriend quinn. if you want, depending on how long he's been here, he could have been there when hayley was pregnant (up to the end of december), and just seem the mild shift in her personality after hope was born, where she became a lot more fierce and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, instead of her more relaxed and easy going personality she'd possessed before?
idkidkidk, but i can see them getting along rlly well!!

okay so hayley is finna need some intense therapy in the future. right now she's pretty good, but some stuff is going to happen in the future, and she just needs someone to listen to her sob and rant and blame herself, and tbh when it all goes down i feel like she could be comfortable enough with zayden for that?
i can't think of anything super specific atm, but like overall i can see them getting along really well? hayley kind of loves snarky and blunt people, as that could have described 90% of her friends back before she was a mom and about to be married and all that, and she's generally really good at witty back-and-forths, which could be fun?
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