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◜ . slow down ┊flashback oneshot . ◞
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:21:36 PM »
Willow had always been a little bit hotheaded growing up. It was probably the result of having no strong guidance when she was younger. There were no adults older than they age of twenty-one in Abaddon. How could someone possibly be expected to teach the youth simple things like healthy emotions and decent human interactions when they were just kids themselves? Especially with the way things were now. You couldn’t trust people anymore, the majority of people left were more than willing to throw you to the wolves if it meant that they had a chance of survival. Being kind led to people hurting you - or at least that is all that Willow had known in her twelve years of life.

The young girl was sitting outside of the kids house on the porch, her face twisted into a look of annoyance. She had been sent out there to wait by her older brother after he had heard that she had started a fight with another kid there, again. Letting a huff leave her lips, Willow began to kick a pebble around with her foot. How much trouble would she really get into if she just went to go find something else to do anyways? Flint didn’t scold her that often, a part of Willow was hoping that he had gotten distracted by the boy (she was pretty sure his name was either Hayden or Kayden, she didn’t really care enough to remember) he liked in there by now. As she went to stand up and bolt away before anyone inside noticed, the door opened.

“Hey, slow down there, fireball.” The familiar voice called over to her. Willow sighed and turned around, rolling her eyes.

“You caught me.” She mumbled to him, crossing her arms over her chest. She didn’t like when Flint was mad at her, it made her feel like she let him down.“Well?” Willow questioned after a moment, trying her hardest to avoid eye contact with him.

“Let’s take a walk. I wanna show you something.” He dipped his head towards the right where the edge of the forest was. The younger sibling didn’t speak, just nodded her head and followed meekly after him. Her sight remained focused on the ground, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she walked behind her brother. The silence between the pair was heavy. It was beginning to make Willow’s thoughts go at a dangerously fast pace. Should she say something? Maybe she should apologize for her actions - apologize for him having to clean up yet another mess she made.

“I’m sorry.” She blurted out, her breath catching for a moment after she did. Finally, she looked up and over to him briefly. “I’m sorry for punching Emily. To be fair that little bi-buddy of mine deserved it.” Her eyebrows furrowed together while she tucked her hands away into the pockets of her jean jacket. “I-I don’t know why I am the way I am. I don’t want to be like this. I wish my first solution wasn’t to fight people. I want to be good…. I want to be like you.” Her voice was small. He was the only person who could make Willow cave like this. That was because Flint was the only person who had ever had her back. Probably the only person that ever would care about her. She let it all out, and yet, Flint was quiet. He didn’t even look at her. A feeling of panic washed over Willow, her throat began to feel tight and her head began to grow warm.

“We’re here.” He mentioned. Willow looked around. She wasn’t gonna lie… she was underwhelmed. It was just a clearing in the woods. What was so special about this? She had seen dozens of them before. “This is where I go when I need to clear my head. Also when I’m angry.” He nudged her arm with his elbow, looking at her with his eyebrows raised. “It calms me down. You don’t hear the town anymore, do you?” He asked her. Willow focused, closing her eyes for a moment to listen.

“All I hear is the wind blowing the leaves.”

“Exactly. It’s quiet here. There’s no Emily or anyone here to push you anger. Maybe this can be a good place for you too. When you’re feeling overwhelmed just come here, take a deep breath, and calm down.” This time when the silence came, it wasn’t heavy. It was comforting to Willow. Her shoulders lowered when she relaxed and let out a deep breath, closing her eyes as she just listened to the sounds coming from the forest. “I’m not mad at you, by the way. I know you want to do better, Willow. I know that. I’m gonna help you with this. We’re gonna sort it out.”

Flint stepped over and put his arm around her shoulders, squeezing them tightly for a minute before just resting it there. Maybe he really could help her.. He seemed to believe that she was capable of turning over a new leaf. That was enough for Willow.

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&. ❝ willow ❞ |  no nicknames, isn't completely opposed to receiving one | afab cis female [ she/her ] .
&. 15 years old . | july twenty-third ; cancer/leo cusp .
&. member of the badlands . former hunter of the children of abaddon .

&. when you first meet willow, you will notice that she's quite untrusting and almost anxious when meeting people, especially those over the age of twenty. growing up in a cult full of children, she never was around adults so is very hesitant around them because she doesn't know how they normally will act. she's very observant to how people act, she's always watching every move they make, trying to calculate that they're gonna do. when she feels anxious she may start to feel like a caged animal, her flight or fight response kicking in as she tried to figure out what to do.

once she is comfortable around you she's really loyal. certain people make a calm feeling rush over her, so once she finds someone that gives her that feeling she'll try and be around them as much as a she can. she'll often look for them when she's in big crowds and go to stand by them, maybe even going as far as holding their hands when she's nervous. she'll often try and stand up for these people a lot, especially when people are targeting them.

her imagination always gets the best of her. she's overflowing with creativity at all times and often tells random stories to keep that part of her from exploding. she loves going on adventurous and getting herself into trouble, even though that's probably not always the best thing to do.

&.  5'4 & 107 lbs ; reference .
↳ willow's hair is a dark brown with a red tint to it / it's really long and thick, it reaches the bottom of her back / it's soft and wavy, gets tangled easily
↳ green eyes / a mixture of almond and cat shaped / long and thick dark eyelashes
↳ a light tan, kind of pale
↳ has numerous scars literally her body, the most noticeable being the one on her left eyebrow and the one on her back righ shoulder

&.  [ 8/10 ] physically  |  [ 7/10 ] psychologically .
↳ difficulty w/ guns [ medium ] | difficulty w/ melees [ strong ] | difficulty w/ hand-to-hand [ strong ]
↳ combat information .
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&. friendly or nonviolent actions may be powerplayed .

&. [ 2 ] weapons | [ 0 ] armor pieces | [ 3 ] consumables | [ 2 ] aid items | [ 3 ] misc .
↳ for weapons she has a small pocket knife her brother gave her as well as a hunting knife she took from some house awhile back. she has a can of peaches as well as various seeds and berries she's picked along the way of her traveling and a water bottle. for misc. items she has an old journal that is a quarter way filled with journal entries and random doodles, an old necklace that was her brothers, and a lighter. she has a few bandaids in her bag as well as a wrap to go around wounds.

&. dean x lilith | both parents are deceased, has one older brother whom is deceased.
&. biromantic, bisexual
↳ not looking.
no crush | 1 maybe crush.
&. travels with a beautiful dog she named fish.
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Re: ◜ . slow down ┊flashback oneshot . ◞
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