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two heads and one heartbeat && private
« on: February 25, 2019, 05:37:24 PM »
u rock !
u rock !
u rock !
leigh JAGGER mikhail
jagger started out as a friend. an imagination my mind created to keep me happy through my life. through all the pain and suffering, jagger was there. he was protecting me. being my voice when i refused to speak. it started off simple. cute. parents thinking i had made an imaginary friend until i could get some real ones. it started with me just telling my parents what jagger was saying and doing in my head. then it turned to jagger telling them himself. he grew. he grew more than i wanted; more than i could control. he became more than an imaginary friend. he became his own person. his own being. separated from my own mind, he broke off and continued to grow and grow and grow until he had enough of a voice of his own. his voice became louder than mine. his violent tendencies and psychotic behavior is what i became known for.

to people who had known me for long, it just looked like i went down a random dark hole of drugs and violence. they called for interventions and therapy and anything to try and help me. but it wasn't me they were trying to help. jagger became what people grew to know. they forgot me - they forgot leigh. they thought i had taken on a new way of life; wanting to find and make trouble. they couldn't hear me screaming from the back of my own mind to talk to me, not jagger. they weren't seeing me! they couldn't! they watched jagger take over my mind and body and i couldn't even stop it. he was doing it to protect me... that's what he always said. all those people that had hurt me... he made sure they would never hurt me - hurt us - ever again.

people cut contact with me, saying i was beyond saving. that there was nothing left to salvage of what i used to be. i'm still here! i'm still in here! if jagger would only tell them what really happened! they could -

that's enough, kitten. what have i told you about stress? it's not good for you! lay down, little leigh. i'll take care of you.

& & & & & & & & & &

how in god and to a lesser degree satan's name is this supposed to help me.

"oh jagger you're extremely violent and basically a serial killer without the body count! let's put you on a fucking cruise ship with a bunch of innocent people that you hate! it'll be therapeutic!"

oh, god, yes. nothing calms my nerves more than a snobby teenager vomiting off the side of a ship into the ocean while her boyfriend bangs her best friend in their room. nothing makes me feel more at ease than being stuck on a metal coffin with no clear escape from everyone else other than drowning myself or the other patrons. well... now that i thought about it, that could be rather... calming. the gurgling and thrashing before they're silent and still... oh,yes, that would be quite therapeutic. perhaps i'll find some fun on this prissy bitch infested death sentence.

well, the amount of fun i'd been having thusfar came from the very illegal substances i'd brought on. of course, they'd checked my luggage and found it, told me i couldn't take it on, blah blah blah. it's hard to tell me no and prevent me from taking something on board when you're busy being loaded into an ambulance stretcher for nine broken ribs and a punctured lung. nobody tells me no. that was the motto that everyone took away that day. no one tells me i can't do a certain drug or go behind the counter in the bar or take the food in the cafeteria/dining hall back to my room. no one tells me no. in fact, no one tells me anything. i haven't talked to a single soul since we've disembarked. and, honestly, i prefer it to be that way. i've put people in the hospital for breathing in a way i find annoying, can you imagine the casualties if i actually had to hold a conversation? ye gods above it would be a bloodbath.

despite not holding conversations past calling people names and destroying their dignity, i happened to listen in on many. i was an excellent eavesdropper. one of the best, if i do say so myself. this was the main factor of how i learned the ship was blown off course by high winds. there had been a storm for the past couple of days - high winds, high waves, thunder, rain, the whole shebang (the rhyme scheme in that proves that i'm an absolute lyrical master and should be praised by everyone and everything). no one thought anything about the storms; the cruise ship had indoor tanning salons and pools so those basic bimbo bitches could continue to get their tans and walk around in string bikinis to show off their expensive plastic enhancements.

so, while the ship was tossed around and blown off course, no one knew. they were all happily eating lobster and shrimp and cheating on each other with someone who flashed more cash than their current partner. i, however, was aware. the more we were not where we were supposed to be, the more nervous i grew. i didn't like boats or ships or anything and the only reason i had been able to be calm about it for the last couple of days was because i was higher than a goddamn satellite. however, i had spent that last couple of minutes rummaging through the bar while everyone was still in bed - which is understandable, it was three in the morning. so, when the captain was reporting to another crew member, instead of just excusing myself and heading to my room to make my liver and kidneys fail, i dropped below the counter and listened.

i didn't gather much except that shit was bad. they were several hundred miles off where they were supposed to be and they didn't know where they were now. somewhere near the bermuda triangle or something. not only that, but the fog and rain was so bad that they couldn't see three inches in front of their faces. on top of that, they were thinking that they were in shallow waters, due to something scraping the bottom of the ship. so, in other words, shit was fucked and we were probably going to die very soon.

i grabbed four more bottles.

& & & & & & & & & &

"oh my god, oh my god! has anyone seen my daughter?! lacy! lacy!"

"crystal! crystal, where are you?!"

"someone help, my baby isn't breathing!"

"john, please wake up! don't leave me!"

ugh. could people be any louder? honestly. who the fuck cares that your daughter is being eaten by a wild animal. no one gives a shit, jennifer. circle of life. get used to it.

peeking open my eyes, i looked at the sky. pretty... peaceful... if it weren't for the screaming dumbasses in the background, i probably would have been able to enjoy it a little better. probably would have gone back to sleep, actually. i was vaguely aware of the blood trickling down my forehead and in to my eyes, though i was too focused on the smell to really give a damn.

fire... off in the distance. probably around five miles away. someone else was on this island.

sitting up and rubbing the blood out of my vision, i looked around. it looked... dead. like chernobyl but without the snow. something wasn't right. i was made incredibly aware of that fact when i watched a bird - or, what i had previously thought was a bird - swooped down and straight up snatched one of the people who were on the cruise ship. the damn thing looked like it was out of a zombie movie; decaying, rabid, mutated, gigantic... i think i was gonna like being stranded here.

the screaming continued again when more of the giant birds began swooping in and i pushed myself to my feet. my heartbeat was echoing in my ears and i found everything growing quiet; only hearing my own breathing and blood pumping through my veins. my eyes trailed over to the left of me, towards the ocean, where i saw one of the birds coming at me now, as well. i was still drunk, so my perception of time made it seem like everything was slowed down, so i bent over, grabbed a rock, and waited.

and when the bird wrapped its disgusting claws (though i couldn't call them claws, they were literally human fingers) around my arm, i swung my other one forward and bashed its skull in.

the bird screeched and let me go, but was too disoriented to fly away right afterwards, so i grabbed it and continued bashing it in the head until their skull was the consistency of pancake batter. well... that was one way to sober up, i suppose.

dropping the bloodied rock and glancing at the blood that splattered my hands, arms, face and torso, i couldn't help but grin and chuckle - looking at the other birds scream and fly away as best as they could. my attention was brought back down from euphoria at the sound of people gasping and backing away from me. icy blue eyes looked at them and i tilted my head, smile growing wider.

"what? you didn't think that you guys crying like pathetic bitches was going to save you, huh?" no one answered. just stared at me and gawked. smile growing more sinister, i looked at the person closest to me. "you're all a bunch of fucking pussies." this wasn't my first rodeo. not my first time being stranded in a life or death situation. so, instead of waiting for a thank you for driving off the birds, i simply trudged off to see if i could find animal tracks. i was hungry and sober, so i might as well make myself comfortable now, rather than try to do it later. i didn't do well with other people, so i didn't care if they lived or died. honestly, i'd have a lot of fun watching them get torn apart. i wasn't planning on sticking around them for long, anyway.

(( whoops it's graphic
but hey that's jagger for you
also sucky post but??
at work and all

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Re: two heads and one heartbeat && private
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 11:05:05 PM »
bodhi "bo" lennon
i always knew that i was different from the other kids in my neighborhood. it had started to become startlingly obvious the older we got that i had always been the odd one not, nobody knowing what was different or what could be done about it. nobody really even paid much mind to it. they just knew i was the black sheep, that i was different. some chalked it up to the reason that i was just so sheltered in life that made me so weird, while others simply decided that everyone was a little unique in their ways. if more people had paid attention, maybe they would’ve realized that i was just a little… crazy. it just took some coaxing to truly unlock my full potential in the crazy department. and the last thing i had expected was to find my fix on some random cruise set to travel the world. i had gone with a friend of mine, she wanting to get laid and i wanting to explore the world i’d never had the chance to see.

oh, how things had taken a sudden turn. the last thing i remember would’ve been laying in my bedroom, absently reading a magazine, knowing my friend had already found someone to sleep with for the night. suddenly, though, everything had seemed to teeter and the lights had gone out-- by the time my eyes finally opened again, i was laying on the room floor, a cut right beside my left brow. i brought my finger up to the cut, touching it lightly before looking at my fingertips. coated lightly in blood. that had to be the first moment i’d truly felt the deep-seated craziness move in my heart. i put my fingertip lightly on my tongue, running it down my tongue and tasting the iron in the blood. delicious. the only thing that could make it better was if it was someone else’s-

the door abruptly opened, my friend krista strutting in hurriedly. “bo! bo we have to go! the ship wrecked, we have to find a way out of here before something happens, please!” she was so desperate that i had to do as she said. i stood up and followed her, reaching the top deck just in time for her to get swept away by some- fuckin’-- bird? not-bird? “krista!” i followed the bird to the railing of the ship, listening to krista screaming for help. but there was nothing that i could do to help her. instead it was time for me to try and save my own fucking life. for the most part, it had been simply docking and trying to go unnoticed by the birds, sometimes using someone else’s body as a human shield so i could get away. the sound of a loud shriek was the first thing to catch my attention, and when i turned to the noise to see a bloodied man, holding a rock…

well, i might as well have just found my soulmate.

everyone had stepped back from him in fear, but i had taken a few steps forward out of sheer curiosity. how could people be scared of this killer man? it was sexy, how he’d just beaten that thing to a pulp right in front of everyone… i caught my tongue between my teeth for a moment, swiping it over my lip. who was this guy? i just had to know. he was the kind of person that i had been searching for my whole life. never before had i actually seen blood shed, before. my parents would’ve fainted if they’d even thought about me seeing an r-rated movie, let alone watch some mutant bird get brutally killed in front of my eyes. the other man’s killer personality had me drawn like a bug to a fuckin’ light, and just like that i was hooked.

perhaps that was why, when everyone turned to move further away from the other man as he trudged away, that i immediately started following suit. it wasn’t the first time that i had stalked someone - stalking was only normal, though, especially if you didn’t have the guts to talk to someone, like i did - but there was something about this that made it all the more exciting. what if i ended up surprising him? would he try and hurt me? the thought was all-too thrilling. i couldn’t help but snicker to myself as i walked after, hands shoved in my pockets.

i waited until we were further away from the ship before calling to him, “hey!” i caught up to him, then, perhaps a few feet away as i searched his gaze. oh, how i loved the eyes of a killer. the mystery and the unknown that hid in those depths were so enticing. i felt my lips twitch into the slightest of smirks, shrugging casually as i decided to say, “i’m not a pussy." a remark made on the other's previous insult to the other passengers of the crew. i could prove i wasn't like the rest of them, if he at least gave me a chance.

i shifted the weight onto one leg, bending the other leg's knee slightly as i peered at him curiously. "have you killed anything else like that, before? didn't look like your first time.” had he killed another animal? cat, dog, bird-- human? i’d never seen a dead human before, not since today, and i could feel the excitement of it all slowly taking over my entire being. this was the kind of high i’d been searching for my whole life.

“oh. i’m bodhi, by the way... but you can call me yours if there’s more where that came from~” i liked to lay it on thick, and i was going to let my intentions be known right away by this other man. he deserved to know that i found him undeniably attractive, especially when he was caked in the beautiful scarlet red of blood…